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message 1: by George (new)

George Wilson | 2 comments Need beta readers for 4th draft, edited to best of my ability

Willing to swap

On the surface, 'The Bay' is the story of a war between the generations and includes the typical teenage narratives of drama and romance. However, on a deeper level, it is the exploration of a young man's mental deterioration.

Toby Labell, a 16-year-old introverted, Gerontophobe is forced to relocate from his big city home to a small seaside town titled ‘The Bay.’ Upon arriving he is introduced to many zany and enigmatic characters including the main antagonist Ronald, an elderly man who possesses a strange radiance that frightens Toby. Along with his new friend Syron, the town's estranged loner, Toby investigates the activities and appearances of Ronald who seems to be at the forefront of the town's sudden tragedies.

Set on the beautiful Bay, Toby, and his new friends are to discover that something sinister lurks behind this seemingly innocent, seafront facade.

George :)

message 2: by Sharon D. (new)

Sharon D. (tossacoin) | 24 comments Hello~
I am willing to read this for you.
I don't have any stories of my own, so a swap won't be possible, unfortunately.

message 3: by Cathy (last edited May 22, 2018 09:43AM) (new)

Cathy Tully (ectully) Hi,
I would be willing to swap with you, if you would like to read a cozy (amateur sleuth) mystery, 80K words.

I'm kinda in the same boat as you. 4th draft, proofread and edited to the best of my ability. As in, no gross spelling or grammatical errors. Whether it's "which" or "that"; gerund or past tense, I will leave for an editor to decide.

If you're interested, please message me.

Liz Tully

message 4: by Solace (new)

Solace Nightshade (solcacenightshade) | 16 comments I would be interested in either a swap or just to read. I have a book that's 80K about a secretly female Merlin growing up beside Arthur and helping to advise him. please message me if you're interested.

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