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message 1: by Buffy (new)

Buffy | 13 comments I've completed a 85K work YA Fantasy novel and am interested in finding another author for a swap. The story has been workshopped and edited (but not copy edited). I had an agent ask for the manuscript, but she passed on it without any suggestions. I was hoping to get more feedback cover to cover.

I have a general guideline for reading as a beta and would prefer feedback covering those areas, but it's certainly not strict.

My story's synopsis is:

“A border is the last relic of the clash between sorcerers and mages. An 11-year-old llama herder with mages powers save a sorcerer’s life and choses to become the sorcerer’s apprentice. Learning to harness his powers opens up a new and exciting world but at the cost of hiding his identity from a world that fears him.”

I've worked with an author's group here in San Diego for several years now. I can provide helpful critiques considering your needs, whether it be a general reader point of view, suggestions for areas of concern, or following your specific instructions. If your genre doesn't match exactly, that's okay. I believe in supportive feedback!

Thank you all so much for considering a swap with me. I may be messaged here or shoot me an e-mail at:

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1167 comments Sencha an email.

message 3: by W.D. (new)

W.D. Visalli | 35 comments I'd be up for a swap. I've got a YA Urban Fantasy 80K complete (not 100% finalized or copy edited).

Synopsis (blurb I'm working on because I want to start the process of trying to get published):

When Allissa's childhood friend is murdered under mysterious circumstances, she begins to see the world differently. As she attends an academy for the musically gifted she begins to see and even feel the rhythms and harmonies of the world. Even stranger is that she can manipulate them, changing the world around her, making it better when the notes she plays are harmonious and worse when the notes are wrong.

As her gift begins to manifest she quickly discovers that the world is not all harmony and rhythm, Discord lurks among the song that shapes the world and that force may not only be responsible for her friends death, but may now have set it's eyes on her.

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