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message 1: by ArmyVet (new)

ArmyVet | 493 comments Mod
Just let me know which anime topic you want me to put up....but, only rule is to keep on the topic please

message 2: by Tomago (new)

Tomago I know no one will post for it, but Dragonball (feels sad knowing no one will rp it)

message 3: by ArmyVet (new)

ArmyVet | 493 comments Mod
No this just a topic that we can talk about that certain anime

Plus I use to only watch the first three season if I recall correct

message 4: by Tomago (last edited May 22, 2018 06:15PM) (new)

Tomago It's okay I like doing original Stories anyways, some times it follows what's in the anime but most of the time it does not. So the story is flexible. And I must of miss read it or something lol, I thought it was for rp.

message 5: by ArmyVet (new)

ArmyVet | 493 comments Mod
No no but I can make some changes but at the moment 1x1 is popular at the moment but my favorite right in m x m and I like doing were cat or wolf. Or nekos

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