The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad, #2) The Likeness discussion

tying up loose ends

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Kitty How did our mystery girl who wound up being Lexie, happen to find out that she looked like the person who used this identity before (Cassie Maddox)? Did she know this identity was just created for an undercover police job, and that there was no real Lexie Madison?

Katja Grace had run into Vicky (a fellow student/chatterbox) who mistook herfor Lexie, that's how Grace realised there used to be a Lexie around the campus who had gone away, and figured she could take her place. She did not know Lexie was a made up identity; she herself bought a story of there having been a Lexie who had a nervous breakdown and left the country.

Kitty Thanks I must have missed that!

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