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fᎪᎬᏒᏒᎥᏁ ᏁᎥᎶhᏆshᎪᎠᎬ (faerrin) | 5 comments *Rules*
⊛ No shitposting my rants (but criticism is welcome)
⊛ Swearing is fine
⊛ Literally zero judgment about my friends please (we're pretty gay and toxic)
⊛ I'm super weird, no judgment please

fᎪᎬᏒᏒᎥᏁ ᏁᎥᎶhᏆshᎪᎠᎬ (faerrin) | 5 comments So I've been thinking about writing a fantasy book called "Regicide", a book about a female teenage elf mage who was raised her entire life to hate humans. Her mission since she was born was to assassinate the human princess and sole heir to the throne of Solaris. She was placed as a sleeper agent, parading the castle as a servant. But the more and more she spent time there, she began to notice the lies her people were telling her. She begins to scheme against her people, but can she protect the princess with the date of assassination fast approaching? It's a book about sisterly love, family, friendship, expectations, and going against standards.

Q for questions | 10 comments I like it :)

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