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Kailey Kinker | 3 comments what are you reading

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I'm about to start reading Shameless by Nina LeMay and Crossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux :)

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Kailey Kinker | 3 comments what are they about

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Shameless is about a girl who goes to college in Canada and has to live a double life in order to make ends meet. No one she goes to school with knows about it...until the professor for one of her classes finds out about it.

Crossing the Ice is about a couple who wants to go to the Olympics for ice skating and are competing against another couple for a spot on the team. However, they are slowly starting to fall for each other which will get in the way of their dream.

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Kailey Kinker | 3 comments those sound good

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They do! I can't wait to start them :)
If you'd like, the group "YA and NA Romance" is offering ARCs of Crossing the Ice.
You can check it out here:

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