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Sydney Taylor Paper Towns Paper Towns by John Green
Paper Towns, a story about adventure and finding yourself . Margos life is full of adventure and exciting events, she loved mysteries so much that she became one. One night margo disappeared and left clues for her childhood neighbor to come and find her.
Margo Roth Spiegelman is the protagonist in the story, she is a very dynamic character. At the beginning of the book Margo is very popular and really cares what people think. She is all wrapped up in the middle of high school. But as the book goes on she begins to realize that people aren't always who you think they are, and that sometimes they will do things to hurt you behind your back. One night she goes to one of her childhood friends Quintin, and asks him to go with her. She tells him that she has nine things to do that night and she needs his help. After that night of getting revenge on people that have done her a disservice she goes missing. Margo went missing a lot but she always came back after a couple days, so no one was too worried. But as the week went on her neighbor Quintin started to find clues to come find her, so he did. After a lot of clues and a long trip he found her and she was a completely different person she was humble and just trying to find herself. She was looking for a fresh new start with new places and new people.
John Green the author of this book, puts the story in Quintin’s point of view. Quintin has secretly been in love with his neighbor Margo since they were kids. In the book it tells us about him trying to get her to notice him. Until one night she notices him and asks him to go on some adventures with her. Throughout the book it tells us Quentin's thoughts about Margo or the situations that they are in. It also helps the story line to have it from his point of view because he is looking for clues to find her and it makes the book more interesting.

I really enjoyed this book, it kept me on my toes and always wondering what would happen next. I really liked the storyline because in our lives we get a little confused and lost, but we need to take time to find ourselves and look at things from perspective, not so zoomed in. This book really inspired me to live on the edge and always do what makes you happy because the town might be paper but the memories are not.

Mona sure is an amazing book

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