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Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
An unusual place, in this massive City. For someone had a bright idea to mix a bar and a library in one. Where many people find this place strange a select few find this place to be the place to hang.

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Kyle Kuntz (k2vworld) | 12 comments Form the outside it doesn’t look like much, just like every other five store building that surrounds it. Except a wooden sigh that hangs over the side walk with, what looks to be a creature with wings and a tail panted on with a metallic pant. Over the doorway green neon letters spell out “fairytale” while the door itself is a panted red, completely normal looking into you walk in. The first thing that people would notice is the maze of bookshelves that seems to be in chaos with one in other. The next thing they would notice is a desk to the right of the entrance and on some days a gothic librarian with platinum blonde hair. On the desk is three signs, “must be a member to check out books,” “25 dollars a month for membership,” and “please if you find a fairy ask politely if they have a tail.” Opposite of the desk is a set of stairs with a sign over the stairs that says “bar this way” that go down to the basement. (It is also worth to note there are only five doors in this building that are locked with weird keys that looks like a Star. Also the library is all five stores.)

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