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The Life of Moses
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Gregory of Nyssa: Life of Moses > Book II. par. 231-240

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Ruth P234
"Therefore, he who thinks God is something to be known does not have life..."

This is just so true! In many respects our attempts at fully grasping and understanding some phenomenon will close our eyes to the very essence of it.

I really think that this is also (partly?) the reason why Adam and Eve could no longer live when they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

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Nemo (nemoslibrary) | 1503 comments
You cannot see my face, for man cannot see me and live.

234. Scripture does not indicate that this causes the death of those who look, for how would the face of life ever be the cause of death to those who approach it? On the contrary, the Divine is by its nature lifegiving. Yet the characteristic of the divine nature is to transcend all characteristics. Therefore, he who thinks God is something to be known does not have life, because he has turned from true Being to what he considers by sense perception to have being.

To put it differently, the Cause (of all things) cannot be comprehended by the effects. Therefore, the Creator cannot be comprehended by mere knowledge of the creatures.

It also shows that Gregory is not an Annihilationist

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