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message 1: by Nick (last edited Jul 30, 2014 08:23AM) (new)

Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments

Blur studios that created the footage has finally released the HD version of the leaked video.

I confess to only a high level knowledge of the Deadpool character and story but the more I learn and see in different media the more I want this movie to happen.

Everyone happy with Reynolds as a "good" version of Deadpool and not the crap version from the Wolverine movie?

One of my coworkers voiced a complaint about Reynolds siting that Reynolds doesn't act but just does a really good Reynolds impression. I think he is smart ass enough to possibly pull it off myself.

message 2: by Sean (new)

Sean O'Hara (seanohara) | 2365 comments They're remaking The Dead Pool? Huh. But I don't think this new guy can compete with the original.

message 3: by Trike (new)

Trike | 8291 comments Slight note, there's no S at the end of their name; it's Blur Studio.

I hate Deadpool, because you have to be really adept to break the fourth wall, which has never been successful in any of the Deadpool stories I've read. He's also not funny.

But Blur Studio, who managed to make both Star Wars The Old Republic and DCU Online look cool have done it again with this.

I think someone should give Blur all the money they need to make an amazing movie. I don't even care what it's about, those guys are great.

message 4: by Nick (last edited Jul 29, 2014 09:16PM) (new)

Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments Trike wrote: "Slight note, there's no S at the end of their name; it's Blur Studio."

Mi sinserus apogolees ef i off ended u wid da xtra ss.

message 5: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 6186 comments Jim Carrey didn't like The Dead Pool.

message 6: by Nick (new)

Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments

Thought that article meant they had officially released but looks like it was taken down again.

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