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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Hi!
So, doubles?

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Sure, if you want! Do you have any questions? I know I made a few typos on the plot thing.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Mostly concerning the chaos. How are we going to ensue it? Like, what's gonna happen with them that is chaos?

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The fact that they are enemies or are supposed to be causes difficulty in communication between the four. I was planning that maybe multiple pop up murders happen to the refugees that the Angelic Troop are keeping this causes almost an instant war between the Fae and the Vamps. The chaos can also be the internal conflict between what they were raised and trained to believe and do and what their hearts want them to do.

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NAME: Alysia-Celeste Everwine

AGE: Human Years: 1,456 Angelic Years: 17


HISTORY: Alysia-Celeste, who only let's few people call her Aly, was raised up in Heaven and rarely came down to Earth.  She has trained her entire life with her father who used to be the leader of the Angelic Fae Forces (AFF). Her mother is an Angel and Alysia-Celeste rarely gets to see her.  Her father,  Gabriel, died when he was sent down to Earth during the Red War.  He had been down to Earth multiple times and was a successful General but his time came.  Alysia had been waiting for his return but when he never came back her heart was crushed and crumbled.  Alysia is the best, most high-preforming soldier there is and now she takes the place of her father as Leader of the AFF. Alysia has her second-back, which is the next high-preforming Fae in the Force, and she has 12 other soldiers.  Together they roam the world searching for survivers and giving hidden refuge to the prosecuted. Not to mention the daily battle with the enemy. The Vampires.  

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NAME: Ethan Zinn

AGE: Vampire Years: 18 Human Years: 1, 675


AGE: Vampire Years: 18 Human Years: 1, 675


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[ Hitomi Sarachi // 18 Angelically // 1,865 Humanly ] -- angelic fae

(view spoiler)

[ Trianche Leopold // 17 Vampiric // 1,637 Humanly ] -- vampire

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Okay. So how do you want to start?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 434 comments Well, I think you should start. I think you'll know how to start best. ^-^

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Alysia stood at the peak of a dark and barren mountain staring down at a world she no longer recognized. She remembered as a child coming here with her father, but it was so different back then. There was bright skies and gorgeous plants and animals. Everyone live in harmony. Everything was good, until those animals came and destroyed everything. Blood streaked the wind and painted the sky in dark and heart-tearing somberness. There was no escape. Alysia broke from her day-dream. She looked back at her soldier guarding the newly found refugees. They were going to bring them back to the Hidden Camp. Tomorrow at the break of dawn they were going to be teleported to Heaven, or at least that is what she plans to do. She has to have at least ten refugees to open to portal, she's four down. She must find the four new refugees before the break of dawn or they'd have to stay down here under the protection of the AFF. "Let's get a move on, the sun is about to set, it's going to get very dangerous," she says sliding down the slop and helping the refugees down.

Ethan looked down at the ground as he kicked pebbles aside. He hated this life. He didn't think this was right, everything his kind is doing to the original inhabitants. He heard a distant screech of the Human being tortured in the Torture Chambers. He cringed ever so slightly.

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Hitomi had yet to fully understand the new partner that she had been paired with. The girl, at most, was usually off in her own thoughts, and then she was focused on the work they needed to do. The blonde figured that the girl would have to decide on what had to become a priority at some point, but she didn't let the way she was being commanded by the younger girl bother her. Most people saw her as far younger than she actually was, and she supposed that could be a compliment of sorts.

She snorted softly as she followed after the winged fae. She'd happened to be part of the faction of wingless fae, but that certainly didn't slow her any. "Maybe if you stop getting that distant look, we could get a move on," she chirped, folding her arms behind her head with a soft whistle when they'd reached the bottom of the slope. "It's honestly gonna be nothing we can't handle."
Trianche had never been in favor of the whole torturing scenario, but there wasn't much any of those who thought it wrong could do. They had simply to shut up, lest they be devoured by those stronger than them. That's what the world had come to; the strong feasting on the weak. He didn't see that a way a world should be, but there was no stopping them now. He could only hope to keep from dying himself.

He glanced over at Ethan, seeing how distraught his friend was. Who wouldn't be, when they felt as helpless as they did. Maybe they should join the rebels. It would ensure that they were at least doing something and not just simply cowering from those who were stronger than them.

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Alysia looked back at her Second-In-Command, with a spiteful gaze. Both had some difficulty understanding each other and communicating with one another but Alysia never let that get in her way. "Watch it, Second, I don't appreciate that loose tongue of yours," she said with a bit of a snap at the end. She was always up in her mind, thinking, calculating, analyzing everything in her path and mind. It was just the way she was, even if she looked as though she day dreams a lot, she's actually far more aware of everything around her. She had "eyes behind her head." It wasn't like her and Second were against each other, it was just the fact that Alysia was Commander and she was younger than all of them and most of them disagreed with that. But, Alysia can take down over six of the best men on her own. She admired her Second-In-Command, she was a spiteful young woman with raging fire and a free will. Everything Alysia wished to be.

Ethan looked up at her friend, "Would you Kike to go for a walk in the woods? I don't feel like remaining here any longer." He said his voice it's natural stern tone.

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Hitomi rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Oh, hime-sama, did I offend you? I thought you liked when I was honest." She didn't exactly like the way Alysia was so full of herself. She had to guess that being commander was going to her head. There was a reason Hitomi had turned down the position, and most people had questioned it. She didn't quite like having to make all the important decisions, and being commander would have meant that she'd also have to keep a decorum she didn't feel up to keeping as it was.

The world had gone to shit, and they were responsible for cleaning it up. It wasn't the idea of it all that disgusted her, just that it had to happen is what did. If humans were better at co-existing with others, they might have stood a chance on their own. But, they hadn't, so they didn't. "If you don't want me to give my opinion, you could really just shut me up yourself, y'know? Unless, you're not as strong as your position says you are."
Trianche's brows rose in thought, but he nodded after a moment. A walk would be a good distraction and would put a distance between them and the Chambers. "Sure, any specific direction intended," he inquired, cocking his head to the side.

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Alysia smiled and looked back at her with a soft chuckle, "You amuse me. And the truth is, I don't give a shit about my position, all I feel like doing is helping," Alysia said slowing down a bit. The soldiers stayed quiet and watched them and the four refugees they had with them. "You know, I admire your free will, Hitomi." Alysia had a sweet and soft voice but everything she said was true. She only accepted the position because of her father. He was the last commander but died in the Red War and now she felt obligated to finish the work he had strived so hard for.

Alysia listened to every single sound. Hitomi was probably the closest thing to a friend she had as ironic as it sounds. Alysia had always been the daughter who was pushed aside and suppressed and she kind of grew up in her head that's why she's more comfortable thinking than speaking. She was a wildflower and very curious. She would sneak out at night to just...explore this barren and destroyed world. She knew people thought she was too serious about her job but the truth is all she wanted to do was help people who relied on the AFF to save them from the barren.

Ethan looked up, with a mischevious grin, "The Ruined City down by the Brook Forest."

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Goodie, sentiments. Hitomi rolled her eyes, glancing back at the refugees to be sure that they were still in walking condition. She wondered how the humans survived out here like this. They must have been going crazy. It was like those zombie apocalypse ideas that they used to have, and the way they'd intended to survive. Only, now, it wasn't zombies they had to feared, but creatures that would bleed them dry. Leeches, really--overgrown leeches.

"Save it for when we're about to die," she replied, forcing a scowl onto her face. While she didn't exactly like Alysia, she didn't hate the girl either. She saw her as someone useful and worthy of the cause, despite choosing not to believe her sometimes.
Trianche frowned at the answer. He'd always been the more cautious of the two, and he wasn't sure that going to the Ruined City would be the best thing for the two of them. "Are you sure you wanna go there," he inquired, expression serious, "of all places?" For all they knew, the place could be crawling with AFF looking for human refugees. They couldn't risk that chance. "Why not somewhere else?"

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Alysia shrugged, Hitomi was a hard shell to crack, not that she was an easy one but still. Alysia didn't care much for what people thought of her, it was normal to her. She had been pushed around and shut out most of her life. Hidden behind the shadow of her beautiful older sister, her glorious mother, and her prideful father. She wasn't the "admirable" one in the family and she guessed it was because of her instinct and curiosity that burned so bright within her. She only wished to be a free will like Hitomi, but that wasnt an option, considering her father is dead and is probably roaming Limbo with the rest of the forgotten and her mother and sister are a no show. If she died on this mission there will be no mourning, that's probably why she's still here, because no one cares and no ones going to stop her.

Alysia looked up at the sky, her ears twitching a bit at even the slightest of noise. She looked back at the soldiers and gave them a reassuring nod. They'd be arriving to the pothole that was the entrance to the underground cave, the safest place there is in this world. The world was a cruel place but "In All Darkness, There Is Light."

Once they arrived, Alysia uncovered the pothole and signaled everyone in. "Jackson,would you like to stand guard today? I'm going to search for more refugees, Hitomi would you like to come?" Alysia stood up and looked at everyone. "Below is everything you need, try not to make too much noise and eat well. Dymitrius is on cooking duty for today. Don't wait up on my portion, split it evenly within yourselves. "


Ethan looked over at him with a wrinkled eyebrow, "Don't be such a wuss. If the AFF is there we'll just hide, plus we've never got to see them in action. I've never seen one, only heard the rumors. I'd like to see them with my own eyes. Don't be a drag," he said trying to coax his best friend into coming on an adventure with him.

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Hitomi followed after her commander, regarding her carefully. She had to admit that Alysia was driven, but she didn't know if the girl would crack under the pressure. A father that died so admirably had to be lived up to, and expectations were always high for these types of people. For an orphan like Hitomi, there were none. Maybe it was why people had been so surprised when she made her debut on the battlefield, a slender girl much smaller than her demon opponents. Most people had congratulated her on managing to bring a half injured platoon back from the depths of danger, but she could still see those contemptuous sneers hidden behind their praises. So, she lives like she does now.

"Yeah, sure," she replied, "I could go for some exercise, and you could, too. Don't want you falling behind on your skills." She kicked at a crumbling collection of debris, watching it tumble down. She'd probably put it back together tomorrow, before they were taken back home. It was just too bad for this world, really. She'd stories of it from before it had turned to shit, and it was only just a husk of some great entity that orbited the sun. Hell, if the vampires hadn't come out of hiding and taken the world to its end, the very sun it moved around would have sucked it up nearly a million years from now.

So, was that how things were supposed to go? Created and then destroyed by a dependency on something? People came into the world alone, and she supposed they left the same way. It'd only be natural; the same could be said for this unfortunate world. But, they certainly didn't go out with a bang. They went with a sad, slow whine. Not a whimper, like that one poem she'd read.

"Hurry; we gotta get the others, or we won't be going home," she pestered, beginning to walk away. She'd give out her share of kindness when they all went back.
Ever since their species had forced themselves onto the world, the AFF had been watching. The vampires took over, and they started getting active. He'd been fortunate to not have to take part in the Red War, but he'd heard stories of it. Of the horrors that the AFF inflicted on the vampires. And now Ethan wanted to get close to something of that caliber?

"Even if we do get lucky and hide, our luck could run out," Trianche reasoned, "They could find us at any moment, and take us out. It's what they're trained to do, even if we don't seem like much of threat." This wasn't the smartest idea that Ethan had ever come up with, but it was also the most dangerous. What was he thinking?

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Alysia went back into her consuming mind and made the assumption that Hitomi didn't mind, mostly because the two bicker here and there. Alysia thought about absolutely everything. She had heard stories about romance, and adventures that were nearly fairytales to her. Mostly because Soldiers were not allowed to fall in love, or create a family until after they retire, the Heads Of Heaven only made the exception for her father which she thought wasn't fair. But, she never argued or thought otherwise, she just followed orders and gave them out just like her father did except with some sympathy. She pitied her father, war had hardened him. But, she didn't want that to happen to her. She was still live and bright within herself even if on the outside she looked like a solemn vessel destined to fight and give her life on the battlefield.

Alysia knew that if they didn't find the remaining four refugees, the Heads said that the AFF were going to have to remain in this Hell until the Vampires were gone and destroyed.

They had a plan, one they had come up with when her father was Commander. Once the Vampires were gone, they were going to destroy this planet and create a new one. Rebirth, they had called it. Alysia was fascinated by the ideas and plans, but she disagreed with destroying this land. She knew that they could restore it and bring back its beauty if they only tried and considered it. They were heading for the ruined city.


Ethan laughed, "Come on, I haven't had an adventure in so long, plus it's almost feasting hours, if there are some there, they won't be many. It's not like our fathers would care anyway," he pleaded. He seriously wanted to go even if it was dangerous. What is fun without danger?

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Hitomi glanced back at Alysia, pausing to be sure that she was falling after. She turned her gaze back to the city that awaited them, the Ruined City. She supposed it had once been so magnificent that people flocked to it. Maybe that was why it was hit in the first wave of vampires, and why so many humans were still there. She sighed, and closed her eyes, picturing it what it must have looked like. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was the desolate vestiges of human ruin.

Places like this would likely be destroyed in the Rebirth, and while the idea might have seemed best for this ruined world, she wanted to see what would happen if they picked themselves back up. She wondered if they would be able to rebuild what they lost, maybe even make it grander. She sighed again, before scowling and kicking at another pile of rubble as she walked. If the Rebirth went through, she'd never get to see it.
Trianche sighed, looking towards the city, and relented. "Fine, fine," he muttered, throwing up his hands in defeat, "We'll go. But, just...don't get us into anything anymore stupid than this."

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Alysia kept walking, her mind off in the diatance. She listened to ever noise Hitomi made and she was very aware of her surroundings. She got so tired of being so serious all the time. When they arrived at the mouth of the Ruined City. Alysia stopped dead in her tracks and stared out at the vast deadliness of it. This used to be grandiose. One of the best places to ever exist. Alysia looked over at Hitomi, "I hope we find some people, if not, we're going to have to go all the way through until the war," she said sadly. "Do you ever get tired of all of this and just wish you could act like a person your age with no worries?" She asked leaping up onto the brick gatewall. She leaped over it and stared out the the Ruined City with pity.


Ethan smiled and looked over at him, "Race ya!" And he took off running like the wind, never stopping but he looked back a few times.

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"I already do that," Hitomi replied, lips pursed. She figured that Alysia would have thoughts like that, what with all that she had to deal with. The older of the two sighed, head tilting to the side as they drew closer to their destination. "When you live like this, you have to learn to be loose," she drawled, "Or you'll turn yourself into a black hole."
Trianche frowned, but followed after Ethan. "You're just lucky you got a head start!"

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"Black hole, you say?" Alysia said looking back at her. She walked calmly and quite frankly she thought of herself becoming a black hole. "Must be nice," she muttered referring to Hitomi being able to let loose. Everytime Alysia tried her Mother chastises her mentally and emotionally so she has to stay the way she is. She entered their destination, the Ruined City and she felt different. No one could see her from Above and she was able to get as close to letting loose as she could. Alysia lifted her body up and over large rumble pieces and felt delighted. She had never laughed in front of her soldiers or even Hitomi, but she just did just then when she slide down the slope and if felt like a ride. She bit her lip.


Ethan laughed and kept running and skidded to a stop when he got to the mouth of the Ruined City. He smiled over at Trianche, "Finally, a little adventure!ĺ

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