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message 1: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Heyyyyyy

message 2: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Hiya!

message 3: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments So what's up!? What kinda rps do you like? Cause I do a lot and I like to do doubles.

message 4: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Not much just reading and I do all kinds I'm not a picky person... The only types I'm not really into are mm and ff

message 5: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments The only times I do those are when I do a friendship sorta thing and make it a girl and girl friendship.

message 6: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Yeah that's basically the only time I do those too.. I've tried some but I always feel a little weird with it you know?

message 7: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Yeah cause it's odd trying to...
Anyway what do you wanna do?

Friendship or romance?

Supernatural or normal?

Realistic or based on a book?

I have some great ideas for friendship ones. And romance. I'm fine with anything you choose. Just no zombies

message 8: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments How about we mix the friendship and romance ones. And then do one that's normal and another that's supernatural if you want to do doubles

message 9: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Sure

message 10: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments I can post some of my ideas if you want.. Mine are all kind of on the romantic side

message 11: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Okay mine can have some romance. Depends on the idea. I'll post mine too

message 12: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Alright then we can pick from them.

message 13: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Ideas

1. Girl and guy have been dating for years and are soon to be engaged, girl is pregnant with their second child but the guy works in the U.S Army. One night in an attack, he goes missing and is never found. The girl is heartbroken and is left to look after their two year old son and newborn daughter on her own, until the guy's brother steps in, the kids love their uncle, and the girl enjoys the company and his help. But what happens when they grow closer and soon start falling for each other, and her ex fiancé comes home, after being held hostage for a year.

2. A girl has spent her summer volunteering at an old peoples home, and she grows close to many of the residents. In early autumn, one of her favorite residents dies very suddenly in the night. She was upset but touched to find that she was remembered in her will. However, the gift is somewhat odd. The woman had paid for the girl and her own grandson to take a trip around Europe (or wherever) because she knew they both wanted to travel. The catch? They were traveling together, despite never having met.

4. Girl and boy are madly in love. One day the guy decided to join the army. At first girl and boy stay in touch, but after a month they lost contact as boy was sent on a classified mission. A little under two year later, boy shows up on girl's doorstep, what he doesn't know is he has a son which was born while he was gone.

6. Girl and boy have been best friends since elementary school. They've been through everything with each other and have been there for each other all the way. Maybe they've even had feelings that they didn't tell the other about along the way? When the girl gets cancer, their love feelings shine through. But things are stressful, and they start to fight. What will happen? Love or heart break?

9. Girl and guy are best friends and have been since they were born, but when the girl finds herself in an abusive relationship, it breaks the guys heart and he tries to help her.

10. Two teenagers are both single parents, with different situations, the girl has no support, and has dropped out of school to take care of her little girl and to work her full time job, while the boy stayed in school, his parents helping support him. The boy and girl meet one day, while dropping their toddlers at daycare, the toddlers bond, while their parents flirt, and a relationship blossoms.

There is a kingdom in the middle of a forest. They are tormented by monsters. Most are just colorful animals but some are very beautiful people. There is only one girl monster left and she has killed her father and ran to the kingdom. She falls in love with one of the princes..

The kingdoms of light and dark have been fighting for centuries. They are fairies and elementals. Along the way they have forgotten that at one time the royals would feel drawn to each other. It's like love at first sight.

Arranged marriage between a royal who has already been married but their spouse died suddenly.

message 14: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments 1. A guy and a girl are best friends since childhood. And the girl has a boyfriend. The guy has a crush on her but he doesn't say anything. Then when junior year starts, the girls life starts spiraling out if control and the guy, really helps her out

2. Two girlfriends have known each other since they were very little. In middle school they drift apart. One becomes super popular. While the other one is rebellious and kinda outcastish. And then the popular girl gets dumped by her friends and she tries to earn back her old friendship with the rebellious girl.

message 15: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments I really like your first idea

message 16: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Omg 9 is so cute!!!! I like that! Do you like any of mine. I only have two cause it's 10:50 here

message 17: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments The first idea was basically supposed to be your 9 except the boyfriend gets her involved in a lot of bad stuff along with the abuse

message 18: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Thanks and I liked your first one.. I only have that many because I keep them on my iPod so I can just copy them. That's what time it is where I am too

message 19: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Cool, cool. So what are we doing. Cause I like your nine ( so much) but I also really wanna do my second one.

message 20: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments We can do those I don't mind at all

message 21: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Okay cool! So what do you wanna be? I really wanna be the rebellious girl. If you want you could be the girl for the abusive bf one.

message 22: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments That's absolutely fine with me

message 23: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Okay so characters? Standard Name, Age, Appearance? Cause I like to leave more if the the character to be figured out in the Rp.

message 24: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Yup that's they way I do it too.

message 25: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Cool!

Name: Parker Melissa Cassandra Waters
Age: 16

Name: Damien Belikov
Age: 17

message 26: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Name: Charity Noelle Kelley
Age: 16
Appearance: Emma Watson

Name: Alexis Walters
Age: 17
Appearance: AnnaSophia Robb

message 27: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Kk like them!!! So how do we start for them? I was think for the two girls she can be walking down the hallway with her friends and bullying someone and then my character could like step in.

Maybe for the guy and girl, they could be hanging out at her locker and then her boyfriend comes?

message 28: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Yup that's fine with me.. Although you might have to start because my iPod is dying so I have to go find my laptop

message 29: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments It's fine.

Parker walked through the hallways, she had her hair curled in soft ringlets around her face. Her brown eyes almost a liquid gold when the sun hit them. She made sure to keep a close eye on everyone. She protected her people. Her people being the outcasts. And she took a lot of crap for it. Always in trouble, planting things in lockers. And protecting those who need it.

Damien leaned against his locker that was right next to his best friend, Alexis's. He loved listening to her talk. He tried to forget the fact he was madly in love with her, but couldn't shake it. He instead focused on what she was saying, trying to save himself the heartache

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message 31: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Charity was just getting a few of her books out of her locker as Larked walked by. She turned just a little and sighed softly as a few of the school bullies came up to her and started taunting her about her family and her clothes.

Alexis smiled as she talked about a book she had just finished to her best friend. They had been friends since they were little and she didn't know what she would do without him. Her soft sweet voice carried a little over the other kids talking. Her boyfriend Braden walked up behind her as she talked to Damien

message 32: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Damien nodded along, smiling at her. And occasionally threw in a piece of dialogue. Then he saw her boyfriend and almost glared. He really wished that he could just flip this guy into a table. But that would be wrong. And against everything his father taught him. He nudged Alexis to tell her her boyfriend was behind her.

Parker saw Charity being teased. Did she really wanna get re-involved with her? She shook the thought away. She helps everyone in need. She walked over to them and sling her arm over Charity's shoulder
" hey are these sluts bothering you?" She asked her in a friendly tone, and made sure the girls teasing her old best friend heard her say it

message 33: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Alexis giggled softly as she normally did when she was with him. She liked having his opinion on things it made her look at everything differently, except maybe her boyfriend. She looked over her shoulder a little when Damien nudged her and she smiled tentatively at Braden who put his arm around her.

Charity gulped a little as the taunting grew worse and what they were saying grew more and more suggestive. Her cheeks were bright red as she looked over at Parker," Well... Umm.." She stuttered not having thought her former best friend would come to her rescue

message 34: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Damien tried his very best to ignore him completely. " so are you ready for your chem. test? Or did you bail out on studying again?" He asked her, leaning against her locker, his white hoodie covering his blonde hair.

Parker looked at the girls teasing her. " you know, if your jealous because Chairty here is prettier than you, don't worry. I'm sure your daddy can scrummage up enough money to fix your bad boob job. Oh and maybe while he's at it, he might as well fix that huge zit that sits on your neck. " she peered closer to the girls face. " oh wait that's just your ugly face."

message 35: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Alexis shrugged just a little as Braden pulled her against him a little rougher than usual," Oh I totally studied for it." She said sarcastically. She really hadnt studied at all she had been too busy getting yelled at by Braden.

The girls frowned and one said," Why dot you take your little lover and get the hell out of here." Charity chewed on her lip nervously not talking. She hates being te butt of a lot of the school jokes

message 36: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Parker laughed " Oh honey, are you implying that I'm into Charity. I am not into boobies. But something tells me that if you had the chance, you'd jump in my panties if I offered. But sadly I just don't have enough money for your 'services'," she fake pouted "maybe you can get the football team to scramble some money together for a few blows."

Damien rolled his eyes. " you're going to flunk. Here," he grabbed his thorough notes. They were written in his neat, easy to read script. " take my notes. And cram. The test is 5th period so you better be prepared."

message 37: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments She frowned a bit and rolled her eyes, "Oh... I thought that you were seeing as how you only talk to her when someone is being mean to her... Or are you just her mother?" The other girl who had been making fun of Charity had shut up as soon as Parker opened her mouth. Charity cracked a little smile a t the way Parker was defending her.

Alexis blushed a little, "I might." she said taking his notes, "Youre the best." she said happily moving away from her boyfriend to kiss his cheek, "I have to go study see you later." she said missing the glare she was getting from Braden

message 38: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Damien caught it. And dismissed it for the moment. " kay. Study hard. " he said to her

Parker smiled a very bright devious smile. " no. But I am a concerned citizen. Now you leave her alone. Or I give everyone these," She said pulling a few pictures from her bag. They were of the girl and the coach, making out behind the dumpsters.

message 39: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Alexis skipped off towards her first class waving a little at both of them. Braden glowered and walked after her

The girl's eyes widened a bit and she paled, "where did you get those?" she asked. Charity peered at them and then looked back at the girl

message 40: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Parker smirked " I have a lot of friend in great areas. Now I have the only other photos on my phone. Now I'll delete them if you apologize to Charity."

Damien walked after him. Not liking the look on Braden's face

message 41: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Charity looked at the two other girls still standing a bit close to Parker but not really that close. The two girls frowned and then said that they were sorry and turned to leave.

Braden turned around, "what are you following me for?"

message 42: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Parked smirked in triumph. And deleted the pictures from her phone. Except one. It would come in handy someday. She then took a breath. She turned and looked at Chairty. Not being able to help the look of lingering pain of anger and betrayal. And hurt lingered in her eyes.

Damien glared. " I don't trust you. The only reason I haven't bashed you head in is because you're dating her. Otherwise I would've kicked your ass long ago." He said, a faint Russian accent coming into his voice. It always happened when he was angry.

message 43: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Charity frowned a little as they walked away from the two former friends. She looked over at Parker and flinched a little at the look she was getting, "Parker, I... Thank you for what you did back there." she said softly. She had been about to apologize before but didn't know what to say.

Braden shrugged, "I don't care whether you like me or even trust me. You don't matter at all to me and you couldn't kick my ass if you tried to." he taunted with a slightly wicked grin

message 44: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Damien glared " it does matter. Because if I am even a little bit suspicious I will beat you to a pulp. " with that he turned and went to his study hall.

Parker gave her a slightly cold look. "Dont think just because I saved your ass that I forgive you for anything that happened. I help people who need it. And that's it. " she said turning, her hair flipping out behind her, as she walked to her locker.

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Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Braden shook his head as he watched Damien walk to his class. That kid didn't know what he had gotten himself into. Alexis was sittin in her seat looking over Damien's neat notes.

Charity sighed," I figured as much." She muttered as Parker walked away. She sighed and just walked herself quickly to class

message 46: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Parker grabbed books out of her locker. She looked at one of the pictures taped inside her locker. An old picture of her and Charity. She stared at it for a moment before slamming her locker shut. Never again.

Damien walked to class, alone in silence. He was think about Braden. He didn't trust him at all. And not just because he was Alexis's boyfriend. Because of the way he looked at her sometimes. He shook himself off and walk into study hall, he sat down at an empty table and began working.

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Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Charity sighed as she sat in the classroom. Now she wasn't anybody at the school. Her best friend didn't like her and the other girls she used to hang out with dumped her for the newest girl in the school. She looked at her notes pretending to study.

Alexis was busy studying before her first class started. She didn't see when Braden walked in and sat beside her. Lexi was always happy and ready for anything

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Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments Damien studied his phone screen the whole time. He didn't need to study much, he was a very good student.

Parker walked into study hall and sat down. She pulled out notes from calculus, and studied them. If she didn't get it she'd flunk the class.

(( would you like them both to be in the same school? I find it adds more drama but some people like it more separate.))

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Tinker bell  | 4851 comments Alexis glanced over at Braden a little but then went back to her studying so she didn't flunk her chem test.

Charity was sitting in history studying for her next class. She was an alright student but worked very hard for all the grades she got

((I don't mind if they are all in the same school... Makes it more interesting.))

message 50: by Nik (new)

Nik (anxious-morality) | 519 comments (( I wanted to know before I put Damien and Parker in a conversation. ;) that's good cause I always find that it adds on drama and makes the plot thicker and more opportunities.))

Damien glanced up and looked to the girl sitting across from him. She looked like she was
struggling. " hey you need any help,"

Parker looked up at Damien " that depends you a calculus wizard? Cause right now it'll take a magic wand to get me to understand this."

Damien smiled " as a matter of fact I am in AP calculus," he moved to the seat next to her
" so what you wanna do is..." And he explained the calculus she was having problems with. He was very patient with her.

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