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The Gospel According to Larry (Gospel According to Larry, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA contemporary: boy blogs about society/environment?, lives minimalist lifestyle with only few possessions, has crush on female best friend. [s]

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Susanne | 4 comments I read this book in 2004 - 2008. It was about a boy who intentionally owns only a limited number of things (maybe 30 or 50). He has an anonymous blog/website where he (maybe every week or so) posts a photo of each his possessions, connected with a text about his thoughts on society/politics/philosophy/environment (I don't remember precisely). The blog becomes famous, but his friends & family don't know he is the author.

The boy also has a crush on his best friend, a girl his age. They are both vegetarians. She doesn't know about his feelings and is in a relationship with another guy (whom the main character hates).
The boy's mother died when he was younger, and he lives with his dad and maybe a stepmother (or at least the father is in a new relationship).

I read this book in German, but since it takes place in North America (as far as I can remember) I reckon it was originally published in English.

I'm sorry for grammar or spelling errors and thank you for your help!

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Susanne | 4 comments Thank you so much Andria, that's the book, amazing!

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