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Kendra | 1699 comments Tada! :D

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha! I have a dirty mind. When I read Round 2 I thought of sex terms. XD I'm such a freak sometimes.

But don't change it, it's perfect just for that.

And thank you for making it. :)

So, now that we are here, it's time for you to make a very important decision. Who is who? And I honestly don't care! I have ideas for any combination. XD

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Kendra | 1699 comments Well, to be fair, with our RPs... XD

I'm so torn! I kinda wanna be the alien, but I want to be a girl as well... XD Buuut.... If you wouldn't mind, could I be the female human?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, I know. I love them so much!

You can be both. I mean, I gave you complete customization choices! XD So you wanna be a girl alien?

((I was just saying what I'd prefer so if people had trouble choosing they can just go with mine and it's easier with gender picking. :) ))

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Kendra | 1699 comments No, no. Now I have a totally cool idea for having the guy as the alien! >:D Would you mind making your charrie first?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments No problem. XD And the guy alien, I was always thinking that a guy with that little thing on his hip was gunna be hot as all heck.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Yesssss, that's part of my idea! :D I'm so excited! >:D

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Name: Liefde vir ewig
Human Name: Luke Stillwater
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Alien

Sexuality: Pansexual
"We don't choose what people look like or what body part they have, but on what the heart is like. It's the way of my people."
Birthday: 7/29

He's very down to Earth and is a good listener. He's the perfect person to talk to, because with him still knowing so little about the life here on Earth and not being raised around this world, he is perfect to give an honest opinion on what you should do. Since his morals are pretty perfect speaking as he came from a Utiopian world. He has found many obsessions on this world that he just can't get rid of, like typing. He loves to write because he just loves using his fingers. That's also why he finds a great interest in music, him playing the guitar. He also feels music a lot more than normal humans as he never had it on his world that was like the world's. His favorite being Alternative or Post Hardcore. (Some pop).

He can get mad and he is very protective of the ones he loves. If you get in his way or try and hurt someone he loves, he will hurt you, and you won't do it again if you're smart.


Body Type: He's skinny, yet he does have muscle on him. His arms are nice and toned, but only the perfect amount of muscle. He has a faint six pack. He has amazing hipbones, all over a perfect body.
Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Marking: It's on his right hip bone. (His right) His marking is permanently into his skin, looking like someone put a tattoo in him. But it looked more than just a tattoo. It was perfectly flat on his skin. And when it was touched by someone he loved, it glew blue, and when it was wet, it was purple.

History: Their home, the perfect Utopia started to die, everything that was needed to survive becoming so scarce their whole race was threatened to go to extinction. Everyone had to flee except for a select few that were going to try and help revive it. They did have the technology. The ships were sent out in hope to find a new home that could save them. A few didn't make it, some lost communication, and others crashed. Like Luke's.

Luke's crashed on Earth, the humans meeting them with complete and utter violence. Many were killed until the leader ordered for them to take them alive. When they learned about them, they let them live in a select area until many were trusted enough to leave for some time. Luke was different. He was by an exit and he got out, running away. He didn't want to be murdered, and he didn't want to be kept in a cage until they decided he was okay. Plus even then he'd be under observance.

He found a shed after jumping a few fences. He was still able to go farther, but he thought that this would be safer. He hid out as he tried to figure out what he was doing.

A human girl found him, and instead of being harsh to him, she brought him in. He knew most languages on Earth, and he was a faster learner to learn the others. Right now he knows Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and a few of the dead languages. He also has his own language that was used on his planet.

The two of them grew closer over the years, this being the third year that they live together, and it's been a year and 3/4ths since they started being a couple. And they are very into the relationship. Once they are at the age, he is planning on asking her to be his permanent mate. Or Wife, whatever Earthlings use. She doesn't know this yet. He's waiting until they get out of school, and that's another 8 months.

Other: He has a best friend that knows about him being one of the aliens, but isn't going to turn him in. His name is Randal.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Name: Christine Jiken
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: 6/21

Incredibly bubbily, Christine is the perfect person to have around at a party. She's incredibly outgoing and patient to a fault, more than happy to help anyone through what they're going through, no matter the cost to her. Ever since she was small, she has gotten her energy from being around people and Luke only seems to amplify that, giving her all the energy she could ever need. It's hard for her to get sad, but when she does, it's usually out of fear for those she loves leaving her. When this does happen, she tends to spiral into herself quite badly, almost completely shutting out the outside world, the only exception to this being Luke, since they had been around each other for so long.



Body type:

Body Type: A little chubby, but curvy
Height: 5'4"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Chocolate brown

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Holy cheeze! The first time someone has used a chubby character in a roleplay! At least in mine. She's very pretty. :) I love it!

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Kendra | 1699 comments I like using chubby people every so often. :) Completely perfect characters are fun, but after a while it's fun to throw a wrench in the works. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments I never make perfect characters, they always have flaws. O.O Just depends on what. He's my first somewhat perfect character. And I wouldn't call her a wrench. I still think she's just as beautiful as all the others. ((I'm such a sweetie. XP))

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Kendra | 1699 comments You totally are. :) Would you mind starting?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments If I was a guy I'd just be perfect!

The morning light was blinding as Luke faced the window that had the blinds up. He forgot to close them before falling asleep. He yawned, sitting up, completely shirtless with only boxers on. He pushed himself up, looking out the window and seeing the green grass below. He loved the mornings the best. He went to his clothing, putting on a white shirt with a grey plade button down. His jeans were normal and his socks, not so much. They were neon and mixed. He couldn't wear matching, they were too.... normal.

He walked downstairs and into the kitchen. He was going to make breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs, even though he didn't like them very much. He made them more for his wonderful and completely beautiful girlfriend. Oh how perfect she was.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine groaned when her alarm started beeping. She hit the button to make it stop, then literally rolled out of bed, hitting the floor with a thud. She sighed and rubbed her head where it had hit the floor, then stood and pulled her clothes on. She decided on a summer halter dress, one that was bright blue like the sky. She did her makeup quickly, just mascara and eye liner, then went downstairs. Before she even hit the bottom step, she smelled the breakfast Luke was making.

The only thing that made mornings better for her was her amazing boyfriend. She walked over to him and hugged him from behind, burying her face in his back and mumbling something that sounded a bit like, "Good morning."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He heard the bang upstairs, looking up at the ceiling as if he could see through the walls. He shrugged it off, knowing she was okay, she had done that a lot since they started living together. He had finished a few seconds before, so it worked out well. He set up her plate, just like she always wanted it. He was pouring milk and juice when she hugged him from behind.

He smiled, not looking back, but reaching down to link his fingers with one of her hands. "Dobroye utro." He said back to her, smiling and kissing one of her hands after bringing it to his lips.

((Dobroye utro* Good morning in Russian.))

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine smiled slightly when she felt his fingers twine with hers. She sighed happily, then pulled away from him. "How'd you sleep?" She smiled at the plate and went up on her tip toes to kiss his cheek before she grabbed a knife and fork. She sat at the island in the kitchen and smiled over at him. Since they had first met, she always wondered what she had ever done to deserve someone as amazing as he was and she had still yet to discover why. Honestly, she didn't think she ever would, but she was more than happy to have him anyway.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Would you be upset if I gave him the power to climb walls like spider man with his bare feet and hands? o.o That would be so freaking awesome! He forgets his keys but leaves his bedroom window open. So he just climbs the freaking house. XD))

He watched her, leaning down so it was easier for her to kiss his cheek. "I slept well, did you?" He asked, taking his own and walking over. There was warm maple syrup on the island with her. He sat down next to her, looking out the window again. "It's such a nice fall day, isn't it?" He asked. "We should go for a stroll in the park." He suggested, "Since it's Saturday." He smiled. He loved walks outdoors. It was so nice. And the park reminded him of home which he had told her so many times before.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (No, that sounds awesome! Go ahead! xD)

Christine took her first bite of her pancake and nearly moaned. His cooking was always the best and today was no different. She looked over and nodded, her mouth full at the moment he asked about going to the park. Once she swallowed, she smiled at him. "I'd love to. It really does look so pretty outside, doesn't it? I can't wait for the leaves to fall..." She smiled and put a hand on his leg gently, her smile softening. She knew how hard it was for him sometimes, especially on days like this when it reminded him of home. She leaned over and kissed his cheek again gently, then took another bite of her food, another pleased noise leaving her throat. "Honestly, this is delicious, Luke. Just as always."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((YES!! He'll think it's totally normal even though she's told him a hundred times it's not! XD))

He smiled at her, still looking outside, "I think I'm going to sneak into the gates in a few days to see my brother." He said, "For our normal festival when it's like this." He said with a smile. "I really wish you could come, it's so much fun." He smiled. He ate his food, looking down at some of the strawberries. "Why don't they scream when you cut into them?" He asks poking at one of the chunks. "Do you kill them before you put them in the box?" He tilts his head confused. He had never brought this concern up to her until now. "And thank you!" He smiled, "I love cooking."

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Oh my god... XD Killing strawberries.... Can't stop laughing.)

Christine paused and cocked her head. "Well... Why couldn't I come?" She looked over at him and cocked her head, honestly curious. She had wanted to go last year, but she hadn't mentioned anything, not wanting to impose on him. But at this point in their relationship, she didn't see why she couldn't, especially since she wanted to see what the festival was like. At the question about the strawberries, she laughed, then popped one into her mouth. "No, they don't die like humans or animals do. They're plants. They just get picked like flowers or leaves." She smiled at him, then laughed again softly. "Killing strawberries... You're funny." She kissed his hand, then took her, now empty, plate into the kitchen to wash it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((I love him too much right now! XD))

He smiled softly, "If you're careful you can come with me." He said, "I'd love for you to come, maybe this time." He said, "But as soon as we see trouble we have to get out of there." He looked at her stomach, reaching over and poking the spot where she would have the marking. "And we need to find you yours that would work." he explained. "Shouldn't be too hard."

He was shocked about the strawberries, not sure why she was laughing, "Really? They aren't.... bugs?" He asks tilting his head in shock. He picked one up and stroked it, "What about these little eyes?" He says showing her.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Oh my god, he's so cute!)

Christine grinned and started bouncing. "I'm so excited!" She walked over to him and hugged him tightly. She looked at her hip, then up at him. "What do you mean? Why wouldn't we just give me a mark like yours?" She poked his hip back, but didn't really look. He had told her the first time she had asked that it glowed when someone he loved touched it and she was always worried it wouldn't glow, so she did her best not to look when she touched it.

She let him go, then went to finish her dishes. When he pointed at the seeds, she laughed again. "Those are just the seeds! We don't have any bugs that have that many eyes... At least, none that I know of." She smiled and walked over to him, showing him the inside. "Plus, it has no guts."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((You should see him with blueberries.))

He smiled at her, laughing as she jumped up and down with excitement, always loving to see her so happy. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her back. Even though he was sitting, he still was tall enough to be face to face to her. He leaned in and kissed her lips. "we can't give you mine, unless you want to pass for my sister, but that would be confusing. Especially if I told my brother who you were." He laughed. "So we need a different one. Each family has their own." When she poked it, it was warm, and he knew what it was, it glowed, because he did love her. He had for a long time now. She wouldn't look though, and he let her keep it that way. Maybe she was weirded out by it. Either way, he was fine with it.

He smiled at her as she walked back, his eyes going over her perfect body. "seeds?" He asked snapping back to reality. He looked down, "But they do!" He said walking over to the cutting board and cutting one open, his face a bit sad for killing it. Or so he thought. He pointed to the middle where there was the small air cavity. "See, there's organs." He said pointing to the center piece. "And there, look, it has blood!"

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Oh god, I'm dying! XD)

Christine frowned at the thought of that. "No. Ew. I don't want to be your sister." She laughed and thought a moment. "Well, we have a couple days until the festival, right? I'll do a few designs and you can pick." She smiled up at him and kissed him again before she walked away.

She looked over at him, looking around his arm at hte board before she laughed. "Those aren't organs, hon. That's just an air pocket in the fruit. It's like a peach or an apple. Just a fruit." She reached over and dunked her finger in the 'blood', then sucked it off. "And that's just juice from cutting it. It's not a bug. I promise."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((I'm actually drawing that. The blueberries are hilarious. Wait until he sees someone eating them.))

"Didn't think so." He laughed, "That would make our relationship pretty complicated." He said poking at the fruit, "And yeah, you'll have a few days." He said, "I'll pick the closest one to a family sign."

He shook his head, it being hard to believe that these were just fruit. "On my planet, they walk on the little green things." He says putting the strawberry upside down, "And all those seeds are it's eyes....." He bites his lip, "So... I was wrong?" He said, "They taste the exact same." He explained. "We even did this back home. But they were bugs, and very hard to catch since they were fast."

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine nodded and smiled at him. "I'll get right on it!" She looked over at the 'bug' and cocked her head. "Yeah. They're a lot easier to catch here. I'll take you to a strawberry patch sometime soon, okay? They're already out of season right now, but next year." She smiled at him and popped another piece in her mouth. "At least they taste the same. Good, right?" She turned and smiled going to get a pencil and a piece of paper. After a few minutes, she had come up with a few designs. She rushed back to Luke and showed him. "What about these?"


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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((The first one didn't work.))

He kept poking at the other half of it, tilting his head to the side, then picking it up with his fingers, "A patch?" He asked her looking up in shock. "We just have farms where they like the iron trees. They like iron." He said. He didn't understand this world, everything was so backwards. Their metal wasn't in the heart of their trees. It looked the same on the outside, but inside? Nope.

He walked over, biting into the 'fruit' carefully and looked over them. He thought for a second, the bird looking familiar.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (I turned it into a link since it was being a butt as an image.)

Sometimes, Christine love the way he looked at these things. It was almost like showing a child how the world worked, only more fun, since he explained how his world worked at the same time. She looked over the drawings, then back up at him, hoping she was at least on the right track. The only familial mark she had seen was his, so she was just trying to keep them simplistic as possible. "Any of them? Even a little right?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Sweet.))

He thought for a second, "The little star, or sun, I don't know, my sun looked like a diamond! Either way, that one is a rare one, so we could get away with that. The bird is actually one of the more rich families. And the heart.... "I don't even know what the heart one is.... I mean, what is that sign in it?" He asked. He looked over at her, "I mean.... that's no where on my planet so that won't work..."

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine grinned. "Great! Do you think you could do it on my hip?" She smiled at him. "We can try after we go on our walk." She looked at the last one, the heart, and smiled. "It's a treble clef and a bass clef. They're from music!" She grinned, then put the paper down and hugged him tightly. "Come on, we can go on our walk now!" She grinned, then rushed off to get her shoes.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He nodded to her, "Sure thing." He said, hugging him back. He laughed when he didn't realize it, "well, that's probably because we didn't have music on my planet." he smiled. "It's okay though, we have it now and it's amazing!" He let go of her so she could go to her shoes, him following after cleaning up some last minute things. He quickly went and met her, slipping on his shoes as well. He reached down and took her hand. "Ready beautiful?"

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Kendra | 1699 comments (I love how quickly you replyyy! :D)

Christine blushed and smiled at him. "Whenever you are, handsome." She went on her tip toes and kissed him lightly, then took his other hand and stood in front of him. "Anywhere in particular you want to go? There's the trail through the forest that should be really pretty right now." She smiled at him again, then started to lead him towards the door. "Oh! We can go and see what the little grove is like if we got through there, too!" It was one that she had shown him when he had first arrived and had, since then, before something like a special place just for them to share.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Haha, thank you! And sorry I'm not replying to the other ATM. I'm focusing on this one right now. I'm drawing at the same time too. And, well, I'm getting a bit tired since it's already 1 in the morning. XD))

He kissed her back, stroking her beautiful soft hair before dropping his hand down to clasp hers. He was glad he had her. "You're amazing." He complemented. They started to walk out, him locking the door behind them. "That sounds great!" He chimed in, happily. He was always happy to be able to go and see the trees. "I still think it's weird you don't have metal in the middle of them. I mean, just wood? That's a lot of wood!" He said. He was excited to go to their special place. He wanted to ask her to be his wife there. He hoped she'd say yes when the time would come.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (No, no, It's totally fine! :D)

Christine shook her head and laughed. "No, it's weird you *had* wood in your trees." She looked up at him and smiled, leading him towards the path. "I mean, how did you build all your houses? And what about energy? Or heat! Did you guys not have fireplaces?" She grinned, firing questions off at him left and right in her excitement. As they got closer and closer to the path, she got more and more excited. She loved having him around and she had been the first to find the clearing, so sharing it with Luke was already incredibly special.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Alright! That one will probably be replied to tomorrow!))

"Most of our houses were actually made out of metal that were heated by the sun, and when we needed it cool, we had special magnetic fields that caused the houses to be cool. It's hard to explain. Very advanced technology..... And wood was precious, only the richest people had it." He smiled. "Energy was again by the sun, kinda like solar pannels but much more powerful." He explained.

He sighed, "Before my dad was killed coming down here, he used to work on them all the time. It was pretty great. He taught me how everything worked." He frowned, sighing softly before breathing in quickly and getting that out of his head. He was good at controlling his emotions, he'd rather focus on the love he felt for the girl next to him.

He looked around the trees, reaching up and touching the yellowing leaves, "Ours were yellow year round, and the red trees were precious, they were never cut down, not for all the money on my world."

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Shweet!)

Christine listened intently, grinning. She loved when he told her about his world. It was entirely fascinating to her, sounding like a sci-fi story, only better since it was reality. When he saddened, she bit her lip gently and gently tightened her grip on his hand, wanting to remind him that she was there for him.

She looked up at the trees and smiled. "Well... You've seen ours. Almost all of them go red, but a couple are red all the time... We should get one." She smiled at him and grinned, bouncing along as she walked and looked up at him. "Then you can have your very own red tree!"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((I'm going to have to reply tomorrow. So I shall see you then! Night!))

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Aww! Night! :) )

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He looked over at her, smiling when she squeezed his hand, moving over to kiss her cheek. "I'm so lucky to have you." He said softly. "You saved my life." He reached over and stroked her face with his free hand. He was so in love with this girl, she was amazing. He couldn't believe he was so lucky to find his true love on another planet, when there was a rare chance he would ever have met her. "Did you know, on my planet, only one person in the universe can make us glow?" He asked, "And destiny always brings them to each other." He said, kicking a rock to the side. "It's kinda amazing. No one ever ends up alone when from my planet.

He looked down at his marking, smiling softly even though it wasn't glowing or even showing. He knew the meaning to his mark, yet he had never told her yet. It was pretty similar to what it would mean to humans.

He looked up at them, reaching up again to catch a yellow leaf that was falling. "A-A red tree!?" He asked shocked, "Aren't they endangered here too? And really really expensive?" He was in complete shock, "We can't afford that." He was panicking, yes, he still hadn't caught onto this world just quite yet. There were still so many things he didn't know.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (I freaking love him! <3)

Christine blushed when he kissed her cheek, then looked up at him. "What're you talking about? I am the lucky one to have you, you traveled lightyears to get here and you still ended up in my backyard." She smiled at him and rested her head on his shoulder. At the mention of one person in the universe making them glow, her eyes flicked down to his hip, biting her lip. She wasn't certain if she made him glow and, honestly, it terrified her now. What if I don't make him glow? What... What if I'm not the one who was destined for him...? I'm not even from his planet...

She shook off the thoughts, trying to stay happy, and looked up at him, though her smile was tinged ever so slightly with sadness. "Some of them are, but there are others that aren't. We can get one later today, if you'd like." They were approaching the clearing now, hidden behind the bank of trees on the left.

She took Luke's hand and lead him through the trees, smiling slightly as she walked backwards. "So only one person makes you glow? That's amazing..." She smiled and kissed the back of his hands, looking over her shoulder to make sure she didn't trip. "We don't have anything like that here. You have no assurance... You can end up completely alone, even if you found the person who you thought you were going to spend forever with..." She swallowed hard, trying to stop herself from going completely down the spiral she knew she was already on. You can't ruin today with this... You can't make Luke feel bad just because you don't know if you make him glow. That isn't fair.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (Oh, I'm heading to the doctor soon, so I may disappear for a few hours. Sorry in advance! D:)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Alright. Have fun! And haha, as do I! XD))

"Well, I may have ended up in your backyard, but if you were to have turned me in or started screaming, I could have been shot." He said, "Or taken in and experimented on." He sighed, "Your humans aren't that nice to people that are smarter." He commented. He blushed, "I- I don't mean humans aren't smart, just that we're ahead of you in technology.... and stuff.... It scares them." He sucked with social situations usually, but he always tried to save himself.

"Okay, I would love to have one!" He said happily, clapping his hands before putting them back in hers. He looked through the trees, stepping over roots, glad to be able to go to the clearing where it was only the two of them.

He watched where she was going for her, making sure she didn't trip. "Yeah, everyone does. But only for one person. THat means my mother won't have her husband. And she can't get another." He said, "But that's okay. Because when we die, well all go to the same place, so we'll see each other there. Back to our sun, and live in our heaven." He said. "Us and our true loves." He squeezed her hand, kissing her forehead. "Humans seem to have it a lot harder... WE didn't even make these things for ourselves, we're just born with them, and our family has their own specialty which is what the sign represents.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine laughed at the comment about their intelligence as a species. "No, you're right. Overall, we're morons. There's just a few of us who are actually decent." She smiled and kissed his cheek, pausing for a moment to do so before she started walking again.

She smiled up at him when he talked about going to their sun, then blushed brightly when he kissed her. She smiled even wider, the realization dawning over her that he must think she was his true love. All evidence of her earlier sadness was now gone, her usual bounce back in her step as she looked down at where she knew the birthmark was. "What does yours mean, then?" She looked back up at him and smiled, then turned around when they finally reached the clearing. She grinned and took a deep breath, taking in the smells of the flowers, before she rushed over to a patch of shade in the middle of the clearing, under a single, large tree, then beaconed for him to join her. "Come on."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He nodded to her, sighing, "Yeah, I kinda got that when your kind started shooting at the only ship of ours that survived for all we know." He sighed, "But either way, at least they're not still killing the good ones off anymore."

He looked up at his sun, "Do you guys go up to your sun when you die?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Or does that do with the different religious beliefs?" He tilted his head, following her to the spot. "My marking means eternal love, that's why there's the eternity sign around the heart. It also means strength of heart, and we are more intacked with our feelings." He explained.

He plopped down on the ground, his fingers going through the long green hair under him. He looked at the tree, "Hello no iron tree."

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine looked down, having been trying to keep the subject light. She looked over at him apologetically, as if she could make up for her entire race. "I'm so sorry, Liefde..." She bit her lip, hoping she had pronounced his name right. She had never tried to say his actual name before, at least not after she had given him a new name, since it was kind of hard for her. Through the last few months, though, she had been practising saying his full name and, hopefully, she had gotten it right this time.

At the question about where they went when they died, Christine shrugged. "We don't know for sure. We have lots of different faiths that say lots of different things. A few of them thought that we went to the sun, but they mostly died out a long time ago..." She looked over at him and cocked her head. "Do... Do you think I'll go to your sun when I die? Or, since I'm not from your world... Will I not be there?" She cocked her head. It was an odd thing to think about anyway and adding an entirely different world only made it stranger for her.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He tilted his head, smiling as she almost pronounced it right. He corrected her on one of her letters. "Very close though! You've been working on it, haven't you!?" He was very excited now, knowing that his girl was trying so hard to learn his name when it was very difficult. He hugged her tight, "That means so much to me! You don't even know!" He says, a small tear of happiness going down his face. "you're so perfect."

He nodded to her, smiling softly, "Well, that's interesting." He thought for a second, then heard her other question, "It doesn't matter what world your from. If you marry one of our kind, you go with them to the sun, so they aren't separated. And you can take all that's important to you.... Even though it won't matter. When the sun dies, it moves the spirits to another planet, where everyone, and I mean everyone lives together in harmony...." He smiled, "And you're coming with me, right?"

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Kendra | 1699 comments Christine smiled at him sheepishly as she hugged him back tightly. "I'm sorry I got it wrong... Yeah, I've been working on it for the past few months..." She smiled up at him and reached up, wiping the tear from his eye. "Don't cry, hon..." She kissed his cheek

She sighed happily when he said she was going to go with him, even if she wasn't sure if she would. She smiled up at him, then nodded slightly. "If you'll have me there, yeah. I'd love to go with you." She leaned up and kissed him gently, her hand resting on his chest so she didn't fall over. She broke the kiss and rested her head on his shoulder and smiled, curling up with him.

Suddenly, Christine took a deep breath. She gathered up all her courage, then looked up at him. "Hey, Luke...? Can... Can I touch you mark, please?" She took a deep breath and bit her lip, hoping he would say yes. She wanted to see if his mark lit up for her, trying to get over her fear.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments "You make me so happy." He said as she wiped the tear away, tilting his head cutely to the side. "It's alright, I'm glad you're working on it, and you weren't that far off. Just one letter that's very hard to get the pitch just right." He said with a laugh, "Sorry that my language is so much different and complicated."

He smiled, hugging her and just holding her, one leg bent so his knee was closer to his chest, the other leg, the one she was closest to, was laying flat on the ground. He leaned his head over, "You will be with me forever." He whispered, smiling down at her and kissing her forehead.

He watched her, raising an eyebrow, "You've touched it many times before." He smiled, "You don't have to ask permission." He moved his shirt up, the heart and infinity sign showing. "You can touch me as much as you want, my love."

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Kendra | 1699 comments "I've touched it, but I've never looked..." Christine looked up at him, then bit her lips gently and took a deep breath. She tried to stop her hand from trembling, but she couldn't, the nerves getting to her, as she reached forward and lightly touched the black mark. She slowly traced the design, always having been fascinated with it.

For the first moment or so, she couldn't look, still terrified that nothing would happen. After taking another deep breath, she slowly opened her eyes, hoping the blue tinge to her vision wasn't just her eyes playing tricks on her. Finally, her eyes fell on the mark, glowing brightly, as she rested her fingers on it. She let out the breath that she hadn't realized she had been holding in as she grinned, on the edge of tears.

"Thank god..." She whispered to herself, then hugged Luke tightly as she cried silently. Though the tears were happy, she still didn't want him to see them, not wanting him to realize just how terrified she had been.

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