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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Eisenmeier (carpelibrumbooks) | 41 comments Do you guys know any businesses with furry staff members? A friend of mine owns a bookstore in Big Stone Gap with her husband, and they have several permanent feline and canine staff members, and a rotating cast of temporary feline staff members.
I have Stan Lee, my feline assistant at the bookstore. He's great with the customers, and they mostly love him. He's a bit of a ladies man, though.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (shelld79) | 9 comments I run my own business and sometimes take my dog to client's premises with me if I know they are ok with it.
My dog is the inspiration for my business name (Beagle Bookkeeping Services) so a lot of clients think it's cute when they see my driving around or turning up with an actual beagle by my side. She's nine years old now so really well behaved and likes nothing more than sleeping at my feet while I work :-)

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Priester (jenniferpriester) | 207 comments Loganberry Books in Ohio has a bookstore cat. I haven't been lucky enough to meet him yet but maybe one day I will get to.
The barn I used to ride at, Summerwind Stables in Chesterland Ohio usually had two West Highland White Terriers in the tack shop. I love those two dogs. I got to take the older one out for a walk once and had fun with him.
The printer I use for my promotional material, Pip Printing in Mentor has a German Shepherd who is always there. I got to go behind the fence he usually stays behind with the workers last time I was there and I got to find out that he thinks he is a lap dog but I didn't mind and let him stay as long as he wanted...or at least until my mom said we had to go.
That's all I can think of at this time.

message 4: by Barbara, Founder and Moderator (new)

Barbara (lv2scpbk) | 1257 comments Mod
We have a place around where I live that is a glider plane business and they have a dog there all the time.

I went into a book store once that has a cat there. Although, I'm allergic to them so upon finding out I didn't spend much time in there.

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim Hampton | 180 comments East by West in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has working bunnies! They hop all around the store, and when you buy something, they will give you back your change. You can see a video of one here!

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