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This dormitory is for Alyssa Whitaker ((Mya)) and Daphne Hamilton ((Abbigail)). Alyssa is studying Education and Daphne is studying History.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

Woodrow stoped at Daphne's room and turned around, "Well, here it is." He smiled and moved out of her way to the door.

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(( Woodrow.))

"Thanks again." Daphne responded as she found her key and opened the door. Daphne was shocked to see the room behind the door. It was bigger then both her room and her parents room combined.

"Wow," Daphne said as she slowly walked inside her room, looking around at how spacious it was. "Is this all for me and one roommate?"

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

Woodrow chuckled, "Yup. You and one roommate." He watched from the entrance of the door and watched the hallway. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Daphne," he said. "If you ever need any more help, I'm always free." He turned to go.

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(( Woodrow))

Daphne continued to look around at the room still stunned by how large it was. When she heard that Woodrow was about to leave though she knew that she'd have to take in her room later. She was on the rugby team but she had no clue when the practices were.

"Do you think you could answer a couple more of my questions first?" Daphne asked as she turned around. "They are about the rugby team."

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

Woodrow turned back around, "Sure. Ask away." He looked at her as she asked her questions.

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(( Woodrow.))

“When are the practices for rugby?” Daphne asked. “I forgot to ask earlier.”

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

"Um, we don't really have a set practice yet," he said as he scratched the back of his head. "Since I am the only other rugby player in the school, I can't really practice with anyone." He gave her a half smile as he waited for her response.

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(( Woodrow))

"Oh..." Daphne responded, obviously disappointed. She came all this way to play rugby and now she didn't even have a team to play on. It also didn't help that she had to take math over the summer to catch up and she was already panicking. It hadn't even started yet.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

Woodrow saw that she was disappointed. "But," he started. "I am going out today looking for players and I think it would help if the ladies out there knew that there was a female team looking for players as well." He gave a reassuring smile and waited for her to respond, hoping to bring up her spirits.

((It will be a little hard to see who all would want their character to play Rugby but I think we can do it.))

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(( Woodrow))

“I guess I could help. It could be a good opportunity to meet new people.” Daphne responded without thinking. She immediately regretted it though. She was very nervous. She was worried that she would get lost and she always got shy and new people. She knew she was going to do terribly.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

"Okay," Woodrow pulled out his phone to check the time and saw that it was getting late. "Actually, it is kind of late. How about we go tomorrow and I let you get settled in your dorm?" he suggested to Daphne.

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(( Woodrow))

“Sure.” Daphne said. “Could I meet you at the gym? I don’t really know where anything else is yet.”

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

"Of course," Woodrow said. "How about noon?"

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(( Woodrow.))

“That works.” Daphne replied.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Daphne))

"See you then!" Woodrow waved then shut her door.

((Do you want to move on the gym or wait a minute before we move the relationship along lol))

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(( Woodrow))

(( Let’s move to the gym.))

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Okay. You want to go first or me?))

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(( Can you?))

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((sure))

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