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A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership
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Nicole D. | 1497 comments James Comey is pompous, exceedingly self-righteous and sanctimonious yet, I was fairly fascinated with this book. The fact that he was fired by Trump makes me kind of like him, but then there's the whole Hillary email thing, which he tries to explain in this book, which makes me dislike him. But his wife and daughters were Obama/Hillary supporters, so there's that.

In other words, my feelings about Comey are complicated.

This book is not just about Comey's career in recent months, in fact that's just the last couple of chapters. This is about his career from the start (and what a great leader he is. Just ask him.) He's been around for a long time, though I never knew his name until he hosed the election for democrats.

He was involved in a number of high profile situations including a mob trial, I think Whitewater, the Snowden stuff, etc. It was an interesting insider look at the inner workings of justice in its many forms.

Is it a spoiler to talk about anything related to this book? I'm thinking not. Comey does a fine job of explaining why he came forward at the 11th hour about the Clinton emails. He felt he HAD to because she was going to win the election and couldn't have this black cloud hanging over her. Conversely, the Trump campaign was (at that same time) being investigated about Russia, but he didn't feel like it should be public because it might impact the election. So, do tell about Clinton, because it might impact post-election, don't tell about Trump because it might impact the election. Sounds like a lot of flawed logic to me. Regardless, damned if he did, damned if he didn't, and he ended up damned.

I actually do recommend this. Overall, I found it more interesting than What Happened.

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KateNZ | 2672 comments Fascinating - thanks so much for the review. I’ve been thinking of reading it. I won’t ever forgive Comey for the double standard (he should never have commented on a current investigation let alone still be trying to justify the comment with an argument that wouldn’t wash in a pub debate, let alone in a court) but he’s had an interesting career... Whether he continues to have an interesting career is still up for question, of course ...

Nicole D. | 1497 comments Thank you Kate, you said that so much better than I! Totally agree.

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7784 comments I want to read this book but I just am not in the political book mindset. I still have Hillary's book to get to.

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Amy | 9384 comments Loved your review! I love it when a review comes along that makes you feel like you got the gist of it without having to read the book itself. That was a perfect job. I’m enjoying following the discussion too.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6755 comments Thanks for this review. I subscribe to a speaker series, and James Comey is the first speajer in the fall. I dont really like reading books about politics while they are still current . . .but it is nice to have some idea about the book before I see him speak.

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