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So, I will describe what the zombies in this Roleplay are going to be like.(They're going to be a lot like AMC's Walking Dead zombies/walkers :PP HAHA I love how in the show nobody even calls them Zombies...*starts laughing*)

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{The Zombies}

The zombies in this Roleplay will be flesh-eating monsters. Yup. Lovely, right? They will be walking dead. Living dead. With exactly no memories of when they were alive...and not zombies ._. They don't talk. Just grunt and moan in-human, in-animal sounds. They show no mercy, and just go for the blood and flesh. The humans.

Loud sound attracts them. GUNSHOTS. It'd be smart not to use a gun as much as possible, unless you really needed it.(Aka surrounded by hungry zombies.)

After you are bitten, scratched, etc, by the Zombies, you will turn into a zombie in less than a day. The turning is painfully horrible, and you'll burn up, see illusions, and go crazy.

{Almost Done Turning}

{Shooting a Zombie}

(I'll post more pictures later)

The best, efficient way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the head. But like I said before, the noise attracts them. And soon, they'll be crawling all over you..feeding on you.

You can hit them with a baseball bat many, many times until you bash their head in and make sure they're totally dead.

Stab them in the head, decapitate them, set them on fire(sometimes it doesn't work though)etc. Ripping their arms off, by the way, does not work.

Survival Hint: Zombies don't have the best sight..they can still see, but they usually just follow the scent of yummy human...there's a way to walk among them without getting eaten...(anyone figure it out? ._.)

Um, I'll continue later.


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I already now hoe, but that's because I play the walking dead :P

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There's a game for the WD? O.o I watch the show :P Wait of course there are probably video games and stuff for the WD it's so popular...*facepalm* Duh ._.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- There's a few different games actually(:

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Yea, also I've watch pewdiepie play it as well, so it's kind of cheating :3

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вℓσσмιηє¢єηт wrote: "Yea, also I've watch pewdiepie play it as well, so it's kind of cheating :3"


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Denver {The Ice Queen} wrote: "http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Vid..."

oh cool O.o

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Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments i know how to walk among them without getting eaten.. >:)

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dany (elothwen) You sure?

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Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments yup

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dany (elothwen) Well, guess that's a skill you'll never have to show

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Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments i guess

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