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Cheryl Coppens | 380 comments Jack, a 5 year old boy, ad his mother live in ROOM. ROOM is an 11'x11' space that is their whole world. The book is told from Jacks' perspective. This book got so many good reviews I was anxious to read it. I found Jacks telling of the story annoying and hard to focus on. This was one of those books that I had to keep forcing myself to read. Somehow through the entire book I kept waiting for the moment I would start seeing what everyone saw in the book. It never happened.

Karin | 7468 comments Interesting. I liked it, but hadn't paid a LOT of attention to the reviews, just a bit. The reason I liked the way Jack told it is because it's very much how a little boy born in that situation might see it.

However, no book is for everyone!

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Meli (melihooker) | 3682 comments I loved the film adaptation, and found it to be a harrowing tale of survival, but I haven't read the source material.

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