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Post here your completed selected for the Prince.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 15 comments Full name: Esther Kalani Baker
Age: 17
Province: Likely
Caste: Six
Occupation/Rank: Baker
Personality: Esther is very compassionate and warm towards pretty much everyone. However, she is still very fiery and has a tongue on her. She hates injustice and will stand up for what's right no matter what. She's also fiercely loyal and will protect her friends and family to the very end.
History: Esther has lived in Likely her entire life, big shocker. Her family owns a bakery in Likely which is actually very successful. Esther's been taught by her Aunts, Grandmother, and Father how to bake ever since she was little and is very talented. They often do catering events and other big orders like weddings. When it came time for the Selection, Esther never expected to get chosen. Nor did she really want to. She wanted to stay with her family and live a simple life in her bakery, get married one day and have a family of her own. There wasn't any person she had in mind she wanted to marry yet, but she knew she wanted to marry for love. However, she promised her mom that she'd do her best and make the most of staying in the castle. While she knows it's a competition, she wants to get to know the prince and everyone else as simply herself, not as a competitor.
Iwalani Baker(her grandmother)
Evangeline Baker(Her Great Aunt)
James Baker(her father)
Elizabeth Baker(her mother)
Conor Baker(Her older brother, 22, married and doesn't live at home)
Geneva Baker(her older sister, 21, doesn't live at home)
Cassidy Baker(her younger sister, 15)
Thomas Baker(her younger brother, 14)
Other: Her Grandmother and Great Aunt live with them and help with the business.
Selection Gown:

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She's approved!

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Madison (thegalpal) (view spoiler)

Gizelle ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ Rogers

FC Adelaide Kane

POSITION SelectedHRBlack
SERVINGThe RoyalsEYBrown


Gizelle was born a 3, she lived a happy privileged life up until she was 7 years old. She had the perfect family, her Mom and Dad were incredibly loving and supportive, her baby sister joined the family when Gizelle was 4. They were a picture perfect happy family doing well in society. That is until a rebel attack took her parents and separated her from her little sister. Her sister was saved by a man and his family but Gizelle lost them while searching for her parents and ended up alone on the streets. She became an Eight, searching for food ever night, praying for decent weather.
Over time she accumulated enough scraps to form a small camp by the time she turned 17. She took in other young orphans who struggled like she had and made sure they would be able to survive until they could care for themselves. She often woke from nightmares, and there was another camp whose leader was rather fond of Gizelle and tried to win her over with brute force. Though her circumstances weren't ideal, she made the most of them and tried to enjoy life.
Treck, The rival camp's leader, and Gizelle found themselves at the same camp for a few years when they were young, Gizelle was 12 and he was 14. They had become friends but Treck clearly had a need to have control over others and that didn't sit well with Gizelle. When she had just turned 16 and he nearly 18 he declared he was in love with her and insisted that they got married the second she turned 17. His persistence drove her out of the camp, and to create her own. Gizelle had been running her camp for a little over 3 years when Treck finally gained control over their old camp, and almost instantly he sent his second in commands to her camp to steal her supplies. This continued to go on until she was selected, at that point she took her supplies and the kids she cared for to Treck's camp and then left for the palace.
Gizelle knew that being apart of the selection would earn money for her camp that she could use to care for far more kids, she may even be able to get a house, that would be so helpful in her pursuit of giving eights a better life. She didn't really know how the selection worked but she was sure she could figure it out, and if not at least she gets money and stories to tell the kids. She was looking through the trash outside of a store when she heard an announcement about the selection on the tv in the display case and she knew right away she had to apply, and to do so she had to look nice enough to get the prince's attention so she snuck into a nice store that was mainly for upper caste citizens and used the sample makeup they had out and went to put her application in, her photo looked like someone she wanted to be. She spent the next week camped in front of the tv display until they called her name.


Emily Anne Rogers- Mother- Deceased
Joseph Antony Rogers- Father- Deceased
Adele "Delly" Josephine Rogers- Baby sister- Unknown


Gizelle was a very happy go lucky girl growing up. She was carefree and bubbly, there was never a moment she wasn't smiling, laughing, telling a joke, or even all of the above. Her father was her best friend and they would make up the most incredible stories at bedtime.
While she was jumping from place to place on the streets after her parents passing she was a very quiet girl. She was visibly broken 60% of the time and was very jumpy. As time went by there would be moments where the old her shined through but more often she was just sullen and silent.
When she began building her camp she took the responsibility of caring for the kids very seriously and was very mature and maternal. Being around them brought the old her to the surface again,she would play with the kids to distract them from the sorrows of their situations, and acted as she remembered her mother would. She hid her continuous nightmares from them and kept up a happy, goofy persona for them while maintaining her maternal position.
As Gizelle began the early selection process she got a new sense of wonder and curiosity. As she filled out her application she sat by a fire and talked with the kids about what they imagined the prince and palace to be like. This gave her an eagerness and a new found energy upon being selected. She was determined to memorize everything she could about the palace, make the most out of her time there, and experience as much as possible to take the memories back to her kids.

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I would like it if you added a little about how and why she applied to be part of the selection into her history.

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Madison (thegalpal) I added as much as I could, I ran out of characters lol

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That's better haha But you need to pick one province please ^-^

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feat. Maria Amanda


L A U R E N ❉ M A R I E ❉ E N D I C O T T
female of nineteen and one half years

 ⊹ Lauren is thinly muscled and slim. Her platinum blonde hair is long and generally straight with just the smallest curl at the ends. However, she does often curl her hair into waves or real curls just because she likes that style better. Her eyes are a light and clear blue, surrounded by already naturally long and dark lashes. Despite this, she does often use eye makeup so the color will stand out more. Not to the point of decoloring her delicate skin tone, however. She's on the taller side, standing at five feet and nine inches, which suits her just fine though it makes finding men taller than her a bit more difficult. Her clothing style consists mostly of black and dark lace. Never would anyone suspect that this nearly gothic girl is studying to be a great doctor one day. But one mustn't simply look at the clothes to make a judgement. She's far more than the cloth on her body.

 ⊹ Very compassionate, hating to see anyone in pain or in danger. She will always do her best to keep others from getting hurt or in trouble, even if she gets hurt or scolded instead. In that way, she's very selfless. More often than not, she's very calm and doesn't start arguments or anything, but she does have a good sense of humor too. She loves to joke around and play, especially with her younger brother because they're so close like that. She's also been told she's a bit of a tease because she loves to see her guys frustrated when they try to take her out. But that's about the only evil side she has. That aside, she also doesn't take any crap from anyone. She'll call out stupidity on the spot and start acting like a less overbearing mother. Lauren isn't afraid to tell someone they're doing it all wrong, unless they're really lost and are upset over it. Then she'll just take a more gentle approach. Lauren tries to be optimistic about most things, but unfortunately she's almost a pure realist. She prefers to take and deal things as they really are. She's not a fan of outrageous dreams, and so if someone she knows is trying to pursue one, she'll usually prepare them for their failure. Gently, mind you. She is very much a worrier and the person who gets the most of it is her younger brother. She loves him to death, so she's made a point to make sure everything he does turns out with him coming out alive and unharmed. That's why she's constantly worried for his impending eighteenth birthday...

 ⊹ Lauren Marie Endicott was born in the deep of winter in Bankston, which is why she's such a winter lover to this day. Her parents have always had to force her into a coat while she was younger, but now she doesn't care much. She would toddle around in the snow like it was nothing when she was younger. She even used to drag her little brother into it after he was old enough to walk. The poor boy used to get colds all the time because he would follow his sister like a little sheep and not even wear a coat. The two siblings were bonded from a very young age, and his frequent colds were what spurned Lauren's first interests in disease and medicine. What caused it, how to make him feel better, things like that. Her father, being a doctor himself, started to teach her then. Her interest just grew and grew to the point that she didn't care much about her other schooling anymore. Luckily she was smart enough that she still got at the least, high B's. This frustrated a lot of people around her who tried much harder and were good kids, but Lauren didn't care about it much. She got a lot of judgement, not just for her medically minded brain, but also for her clothing style. Since she constantly looked like a punk, people would judge her even though she was never really rude. Needless to say she was never really popular in school, but she was fine with that. Her brother was always her best friend and the only person who's opinion mattered to her.

As she got older, her interests and goals solidified. But after she graduated, she was faced with the reality that even though she knew what she wanted to do with her life, her brother couldn't be a part of it because of the plans he had of his own. She didn't want to be without him, because they never had been before, so she chose to work in a medical clinic in Bankston as 'training' rather than going off to school. She worked side-by-side with her father for almost two years before word of the Selection started to spark....along with the schedules for the drafts. Not only couldn't she believe that the prince was finally going to get married, but her brother could be drafted within a year! She was scared, and since her parents wouldn't allow them go for the easy out, Lauren decided to go for a slim chance and registered for the Selection. If she could win....if she had any chance....then her brother would be safe, or at least she could pay his way out herself. And hey, the prince is cute anyway, she just hopes he's not actually a jerk or something too.

 ⊹ Family - Arthur and Isabelle, Nate


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