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{Out of Character}

►Be kind and respect ALL members of this group. Including moderator(s). If somebody is being an asshole, or is totally pissing you off, notify a moderator(preferably the head moderator) immediately(or whenever you want to..)and we'll sort it out. But do NOT be an arsehole back to the person, okay? That's not how we sort things out here ._.

►Cursing and swearing..fine by me. I use bad words frequently, myself, so, go ahead! Just, don't talk like
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Okay I don't know, but you get the picture..yeah? :P Yeah. But, please don't go around calling other fellow group members shitheads and stuff...so, summary: You may swear, but don't swear at other people. 'Kay? Mkay.

►Do not post threads, polls, or pictures without the Head Moderator's consent. Alright? Sorry.

►Don't spam threads! Chat threads, introduce threads, fine, but important threads like, the Suggestion/Comment/Question thread thingy, or any thread under the "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" folder, NO SPAMMING! Spam will be deleted -_-

►Try not to start unnecessary drama, okay? -_-

►No whining, complaining, and acting like a three year old. This one should be easy :3

{Character Creation}

►Don't copy other people's characters..we all should know this. It's illegal, stupid, and just shows how un-creative you are.

►Following the rule above...Be ORIGINAL. A little bit of creativity is nice, alright?

►Be descriptive and neat. One sentence or two will not work..just follow the dam template rules..if it says 4+ sentences, please do that.

►Correct spelling and grammar. THIS ISN'T HARD! You all should know the difference between "you're" and "your." "They're" "Their" and "There" "Our" and "Are" "Too" "Two" and "To" Okay..if you don't..well..i'll teach you? ._. Please spell things as close to correct as you can, use a spell check thing online if you have to. A few typos is alright, but tlking like dis is unacceptable. ...No text talk either. Please. Thank you.

►Wait for your character to be approved by a moderator before roleplaying.

►Do not make your character invincible; every human have weaknesses, fears, and flaws.

►If you want your character to have a relation to somebody's character, ask first.

{In Roleplay}

►AT THE VERY LEAST, post THREE sentences of text.
"She smiled." will not be allowed. Be descriptive, people! It's not too difficult. Add what your character is wearing, what she/he is thinking, etc and you'll have your three sentences in no time. If you can't do it, then why are you in the group? ._. It's an advanced roleplay @__@

►Third person, past tense. Please.

"I walked across the field."
"Sarah walked across the field."

►Do NOT make your character invincible, know everything, or have no weakness in roleplay. Don't make your character a sudden badass during the freaking zombie apocalypse. Not everyone can be a f*cking badass like Daryl Dixon, okay. It just doesn't happen xD But in all seriousness, don't make your character be a sudden expert on using a sword or gun or whatnot. Or have perfect aiming and a great shot. Just..no. Struggles man..make your characters struggle..>:D

►Sex..um..well, keep this RP PG-13, okay? Sorry. Kissing, yes. Sex...eh..they can do it, but take it into PM. I don't want this group deleted D:

►If 2 people are RPing in a thread, don't take your RP partner there too..it's confusing. Either wait or go somewhere else.

►If you need to talk to your RP partner, use BRACKETS "[These are brackets]" But don't have, like, a random conversation with your RP partner. It's RP, not chat time. Or you can use parenthesis..whatever :P

►If you have a MAJOR plot twist or change or addition, please tell me..sorry..but i'm open to ideas! Just tell me :P

►Swearing in RP = Fine.

►Fighting in RP = Fine. But don't make your character dodge every move, and hit spot on all the time. No POWERPLAYING OR GODMODDING. It sucks when people do this -_-

►No spamming ._.


Please agree to these rules below ;P

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- I, Denver, promise to abide by these rules

≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) | 59 comments I, Alex, The Vampire King, have read and will abide by these apocalyptic laws

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I,Wind promise to follow these rules our amazing and beautiful mod,Meiyu has put for us to uphold and obey,If I dare to disobey or unintentionally break these rules,I accept the punishment of my actions.

P A N ( is back ) (millieevemarie) I, Millie, agree to the rules.

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Sorry I can't follow the rules .___. I'm from the streets, I don't obey rules, I'm not being cool nor rude I just can't ._____. I'm sorry, I made a promise to my beloved friend who died, so I can't for his memory .____. But I will be a nice dude :) Or I can leave the group *shrugs* Sorry pudding ._.

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I,Leilea, promise to obey the rules and if not will take full responsibility if need be.

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Yep I had to, I can't brake it, I promised him as he died in my arms..

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somebody I, um, sure. I can do that. I think. Probably. Maybe a little. Well somewhat, no half what (Half what's not a thing is it...) Na, mostly. Alright so I probably would have done that anyways. :)

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☥Kɪɴɢ Tᴜᴛᴀɴᴋʜᴀᴍᴜɴ☥ wrote: "@TomydadAkhenaten

Yep I had to, I can't brake it, I promised him as he died in my arms.."

I don't even want to remember ._. He was my only true real friend .___. That's the only reason why I have the picture of all of us dudes, because that's the last pic I have of my real friend ._.

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Yeah =/ Yeah that's him alright.... Thanks bro :') or dad lol. You've been a great dad and I'm glad you're back in my life, I love you dad. I buried him in our backyard...in LA... but I was barely 12 so I wasn't so mature ._.

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Oh right texting ok!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

And yeah definitely :p

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments I'll probably find some creative way to break the rules, yeah, I'll abide by them.

message 15: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) I agree to the rules posted above.

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I agree to the rules above - why wouldn't I? I want to be part of this group, so of course I'll agree to the rules.

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I Bloom, Agree to these rules that are posted before me, if I break any of these rules, kick me from this group, chop of my head, and then go back in time to the dinosaurs, and feed the rest of my body to them, all I ask is that you return my head to my family XD

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I, Aliya, hereby agree to these rules and I don't feel like adding any of that other fancy stuff so I'll just leave it at that

message 19: by Nathan (new)

Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments I agree to follow the rules

message 20: by Daemon (new)

Daemon I agree to follow the rules.

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I agree to follow the above rules :)

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georgiabread | 22 comments Mod
I, Gibble Gobble Gabble, agree to these rules and solemnly swear to follow them beside my having seen these rules in another group, however they might have stolen these for themselves.

[ ᴊ ᴏ ʜ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ ] "ᴍᴏsᴛʟʏ ᴠᴏɪᴅ ; ᴘᴀʀᴛɪᴀʟʟʏ sᴛᴀʀs" (acciokeyboard) I, Caden, agree to the rules set. *Insert funny sarcastic comment here about rule breaking*

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