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message 1: by Scythe (new)

Scythe | 1 comments Hi! I am currently working on my first manuscript and I NEED HELP. DESPERATELY.

My book is one in which Demons and Angels exist and are within a feud, but God and Lucifer do not, so if I offend you by bending the Christian faith into my fiction work, then I ask for forgiveness.

The story follows a girl who becomes the centre of attention from the Queen of Heaven and the King of Hell after her cousin's suicide. She sides with the King of Hell under the belief that Angels should not be in charge of their world, and leads a revolution against them, but her new life as the Queen of Hell is messier and much more dangerous than she could ever expect. Even the man she loves is not what she expects.

I am 20 chapters deep, and if anyone is interested in beta reading this, I would love your assistance. Contact me at if you have queries :D

message 2: by M.G. (new)

M.G. Darwish | 32 comments Hi Scythe,

I'm interested. Will send you an email in a bit!


message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin | 7 comments I'm interested! I can send you an email! Sounds really interesting. :)

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