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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew (thataleech) | 40 comments Mod
What are your thoughts on the terms that describe blood in the wizarding world?
- Is it right to refer to one’s self as “Muggle-Born”, “Halfblood” or “Pureblood”? Or is it better to refer to one as a “witch” or “wizard” and leave it at that?
- Is Malfoy still “too young” to understand the impact and consequences of his use of the word “Mudblood” or is twelve old enough?

message 2: by Jem (new)

Jem (fandompatronus) | 8 comments Mod
I think it's okay to refer to yourself as Muggle-Born, or Halfblood. As long as you aren't using it for others in a negative way! But Pureblood is awful, as it's clearly meant to be superior. I wonder what an alternative word for Pureblood could be?

message 3: by Elisa (new)

Elisa (ravenclaw_patronus) | 29 comments I think that people have a right to identify their blood status if they, even if blood status doesn’t matter. People should in theory just refer to themselves just as “witch” or “wizard”, so as not to attract attention to themselves, but there are many people who would like to identify their blood status. In that case, using the words “muggle-born”, “half-blood” and “pureblood” aren’t bad to use if witches and wizards used them correctly in correct contexts.

message 4: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Wells | 24 comments I think that it's fine to refer to others as 'muggle-born', 'halfblood' or 'pureblood' because I don't see any other way that people could identify themselves. Admittedly it would be easier to refer to yourself as a witch or wizard but I guess some people like to know the specifics. I feel that Draco may be too young to understand considering his childhood and upbringing, obviously it's not a good term to use but as 12 years old he's too naive to understand the harm it would cause

message 5: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chlochloreads) | 13 comments I think it’s okay to say that you’re Muggleborn, Half-Blood or Pure-Blood. It’s part of who you are and you should embrace it. However, you should not embrace it to the extent that you start discriminating towards others. Blood Status doesn’t determine whether you are good or bad at doing magic.

As for the question about Malfoy, I think 12 is definitely old enough. He’s surrounded by witches and wizards his age, all with different blood statuses. It’s obvious that Blood Status doesn’t matter, yet he still chooses to discriminate against Muggleborns.

On the other hand, you can’t really blame him for how he turned out. He comes from a family that despises Muggleborns and thinks their superior to everyone else because they are a pure-blood family. Even his friends think the same thing and Malfoy wouldn’t even dare go against his family’s beliefs because of the approval that he seeks from his Father.

So while Malfoy is old enough to know not to discriminate, he carries on doing so as he is worried he will disappoint and infuriate his Father.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne Herondale (ravanneclaw) | 6 comments A wizard is a wizard whether he is Muggleborn, Half-blood or Pureblood. Blood status shouldn't matter. But I think identifying yourself with your blood status is alright as long as you don't use it to look down on others (like what the Malfoys do) or discriminate anyone.

As for Malfoy, 12 is old enough to know what is right and wrong but since he grew up with that kind of family, imposing on him their views abiut blood status, what do we expect?

message 7: by Farzana (new)

Farzana (farzanasa532) | 3 comments I feel like blood status is one of those things where its part of who you are and you should embrace it but you must never use it to discriminate against each other but rather use it so witches and wizards can learn from each other like a muggleborn can teach a pureblood how the internet works and stuff like that

As for malfoy i feel like most of us at 12 dont really understand stuff as we do when were older if you take his upbringing into account he was taught to call muggleborns mudbloods and was told that it wasnt wrong where as if you take a household like the weasleys who were taught that it is a slur and shouldnt be used they dont end up using it because they know they should where as with malfoy he was taught it was alright and was just a word to describe muggleborns

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