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message 1: by Sarbi, Opheliac (new)

Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Great, so any ideas?

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Well, would you want realistic or fictional? I can do either (:

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
I like the idea of fictional, what do you have in mind?

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Okay (: Would you want to use supernatural beings like vamps, werewolves, angels?

message 5: by Sarbi, Opheliac (new)

Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Sure, your pick :)

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Maybe we could have Girl A's parents be like vampire hunters or something like that and the vampires get angry with them and kidnap their daughter (AKA Girl A) and hold her hostage. And the leader of the clan, Guy A, begins to fall in love with her and helps her escape?

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Sounds good to me, who do you want to be I`m good with either.

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Could I be the girl?

message 9: by Sarbi, Opheliac (new)

Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Yes. Can you start? :)

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Sure... do you want to do character sheets or just jump right in?

message 11: by Sarbi, Opheliac (last edited Jul 29, 2014 06:18PM) (new)

Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Umm, how about just jump in? We`ll go creating details as we go along.

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Okay (:

Cassie quickly said goodbye to her parents as they headed out, weapons strapped across their backs. She slouched back on the couch in her sweats and a cropped tee shirt. The TV cast colorful shadows across the walls.

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
They were driving to their destination and after many hours Ian finally had notice that they were close. It was dark outside and he wasn`t really sure who they were going to pick up, he just new it was important for the sake of his kind. "Just how will this help? He asked again suspicious, the driver answered. "Hostage." He wasn`t fully on board but it was neccesary. Getting out of the car they ran to pound at the door.

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Pounding sounded throughout the house. "Hold on!" Cassie yelled, pulling herself up off the couch. She slipped a pocket knife into the back of her pants like her parents had taught her. She opened the door, an innocent smile on her face. "Hello?"

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Ian experienced a first second feel of suprise, this target was just a girl that she was attractive was besides the point. Without a seconds hesitation his companion grabbed at her attempting to drag her out of the house, as he struggled Ian joined easily restraining her as she was tied up. He continued to pcick her up and headed towards the car.

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Cassie screamed as she tried to fight against her captures. She threw her elbow back smacking one in the face. Soon, she was restrained and being carried to a car. "Put me down!" She shrieked thrashing against the man carrying her. The knife was completely hidden out of sight, but she felt the slight pressure of it pressing into her back.

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
"Quiet." Ian proceeded to get in the car quickly checking that there were no witnesses. He put the girl next to him as the other man got in the car and started it ready for the long drive. After some time the girls scent became too strong he had the desperate urge to drink from her but restrained himself... at least for the time being. "You might as well stop resisting."

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Cassie waited until the car was moving. She glared at the man next to her the knife digging into her back. She shifted her weight, her knees bumped against his as she interlocked her fingers together. She took a deep breath and forcefully swung her hands at the man.

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His attention was caught as her knees bumped with his, he turned to look at at them ans saw her attack which he easily blocked, sighing. They always tried fighting, reaching out he pulled the girl to him restraining her. "You should know better." His voice cam out slightly bored.

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She struggled against him. "Let go of me." She sneered. "I'd rather be dead than have you touch me." She hissed, trying to pull out of his embrace. She wished she could reach the knife, but she knew it would draw too much attention.

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A cold smile spread over his face, his dark eyes held amusement. "Be careful what you wish for." He set her hair aside exposing her neck as he got closer and hovered for awhile. After a few minutes he let go of her and stared out the window.

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Her body tensed as he brushed her hair away from her neck. Vampires. She had no doubt about it now. She immediately moved back, leaning her head against the window. "Why am I here?" She asked, not looking at him.

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Ian didn`t answer, he wasn`t about to spill all of their intentions and reasons. For the sake of not hurting the girl he stayed quiet for the remainder of the drive until they finally arrived at the mansión. Getting out of the car he went to the girls door and got her out, grabbing her shoulder as they went to the entrance.

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Cassie had undone the tie on her wrist, during the ride. Her heart thudded wildly in her chest when they pulled up to the mansion. She allowed the man to pull her out of the car, but shrugged his hands off her shoulders. "Don't touch me." She kept walking, her pulse was thundering in her ears when they came to a large door.

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Sarbi | 3818 comments Mod
Opening the door he led her inside, hw still wasn`t really sure about this he had to talk about what came next with the Elders but in the meantime he stuck with the assignment. For the time being he went to a room that had no windows and made her get in while he followed. Ian stared at her as he leaned against the door. "What`s your name?"

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"None of your business." She said, walking around the room, searching for anything that could aid her in an escape. She trailed her fingers along the walls, trying to find any unevenness that might be a window boarded up. "What's your name?" She said, finally turning to face him.

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Smirking at her snarky response he watched her as she circled the room, no doubt looking for an exit. His eyes narrowed at her. "Ian. I`m just going to go ahead and ask, where is it?" Crossing his arms he raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

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"Where is what?" She asked, leaning back against the wall. The knife was a comforting pressure on her back. She was waiting for the right time to attack, she knew she would have to wait for a situation where she had the upper hand. There was no way she could take down vampires by herself.

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Chuckling he pushed off the wall and walked towards her slowly. "The weapon your hiding which you no doubt plan on using." In the rush of the moment he had forgotten to check her back at her house. He wondered if she was instructed in fighting, the visión of her slender body in combat entered his mind.

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Her mouth twitched as she pressed back into the wall. "You think I have a weapon on me?" She barked out a laugh. Her body tensed as he neared. "Don't come closer." She warned. Her fingers twitched at her thigh as she prepared herself for a fight.

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He chuckled at her laugh. "I`m pretty sure you do so if you don`t want me to move closer just hand it over." Extending his hand he waited for her to deposit the weapon, some part of him that it was in vain but he was trying to be nice about it.

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She swallowed her disgust and stepped forward sliding her hand into his. "Are you sure that's all you want?" She asked, smiling seductively. Her free hand slowly extracted the knife, readying it.

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Momentarily taken by suprise he looked down at their hands, he closed his pulling her toward him. Some part of his mind flashed in alert but he ignored them as she came to stand in front of him her eyes mesmerizing.

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She stepped forward, her chest almost touching his. She kept the knife hidden from him as she pulled her hand from his, trailing it across his cheek. "I'm sorry I tried to his you earlier." She whispered, raising to her tip toes. Her mouth hovered a breath from his as she raised her eyes to his.

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Her sweet smell was overwhelming him making his fangs start to emerge but them hidden, her finger left him with goosebumps his eyes ablaze. "Are you now?" His voice was husky as his visión was filled with her eyes, inhaling he bent down to kiss her soft lips his hand snaking around her neck.

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"Yes." Her lips met his and she momentarily forgot about the attack. Her lips moved in sync with his and her body shivered in delight. She pressed herself closer to him. Her hand pushed into his hair, bringing him closer.

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Ian lost himself in the kiss forgeting about any missión just enjoying the contact of their lips, when she responded he groaned. His other hand snaked around her waist raising her tank top and touching her warm skin, stepping backwards he pressed her against the wall his hand going through her hair.

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Cassie gladly follows his lead, her body flush against his. Her hand traveled down his neck, as she pushed her hips against his. A small moan passed her lips and into his. Her mind blanked on the attack, all she could think about was the feel of his body against hers. The knife slipped from her grasp and clanked on the floor.

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Grunting as her body responded to his as he pressed closer, his lips moved against her taking in her moan. His hands slided on her side until they reached her thighs grabbing them and pushing her up against the wall as he stepped between them, his mouth turned to place a trail of hot kisses on her neck as her hands coursed through his dark hair, she felt amazing. Suddenly he heard a clanking noise he turned to the noise and saw said knife lying on the floor.

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"Dammit." She whispered looking from the knife to him. "What did you do to me? I've never blanked on an attack before." She shook her head, wanting to know how he had distracted her so well. She let out a breath, her legs still wrapped around his waist

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Ian turned his head looking back at her, it was actually he who never lost focus but with her he seemed to be making to many slip ups. "And I`ve never been more careless so I guess that makes us even." He gave her a smirk as his gaze swept over her to end on her red pouty lips. "What? Didn`t you enjoy it though?" His fingers trailed over her lips.

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She smiled. "That's like asking a kid if they enjoyed Disney World." She lightly kissed his fingers as they trailed over her lips. "How about you? Did you enjoy it?" She smiled, looping her arms around his neck.

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He chuckled. "Good point." He took an intake of breath as she kissed his fingers. "Hmmm, more than I should actually." He smiled back as he leaned forwards to kiss her neck. "You also smell to good for your own good." He muttered drugged on the heavy scent.

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Cassie smiled and ran a hand through his hair. She lifted her chin giving him better access to her neck. "My name is Cassie by the way. I don't think I ever told you that." She said with a small laugh. Her thumb moved absently across the back of his neck as her mind was clouded with thoughts of him.

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Granted with more access to her silky skin he ran his nose on all of it`s length gently nibbiling. "Cassie." Ian hissed her name. "I like it, yeah you were somewhat... unwilling to tell me. How old are you Cassie?" He went from one side her neck to the other never getting enough of her.

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A small moan escaped her parted lips. "Eighteen." She whispered, wanting more of him. She pulled her head back slightly and dipped her chin down, her mouth colliding with his. She gently trailed her tongue along his bottom lip. She tugged at his shoulder, trying to get him closer.

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"Perfectly aged." He whispered back his eyes half closed in pleasure. Her mouth met his her tongue tracing his lip, growling he rewarded her with a gentle suck of her bottom lip. Pressing his whole body against her and as quickly as he could he got rid of her tank top, he muttered. "So beautiful." His eyes feasted on her body before returning to her lips.

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She smiled and kissed him hungrily. A shiver ran down his body in response to his touch. She broke the kiss only for the time needed to pull off his shirt. Her lips immediately returned to his as her hands roamed his bare chest. Her teeth grazed his bottom lip, her knees weak from pleasure.

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Her warm hands made him hold her more firmly. Their shirts both lay in a heap and as quick as ligtening he grabbed her laid her on the floor his eyes full of desire. His fingers trailed over her body while he kissed her in a frenzie, his knee was in between her legs as his lips went down to her stomach as he kissed her in an upward fashion.

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Her back arched as her body shivered in delight as she felt his lips touch her body. Her hair was splayed across the floor above her head as she ran her hand through his hair. Her eyes slid closed as she enjoyed the feel of his touch.

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