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message 1: by Helene (new)

Helene (gande) | 10 comments I am about one year from handing in my bachelors thesis in education. The topic will be English as a second language and more specifically I will focus on the culture meeting we are obligated to introduce to the students. Most of the time this includes short stories or texts from their books of a maximum of a page, but I would like something different (for all ages between 6 and 15). I would love something that introduces more aboriginees, tribes in africa, LGBTQ families (maybe even a text where it is no big deal that the MC has two moms or dads), or other parts, but where it also introduces the kids to the culture around the tribe, country or the like.
I do not have the biggest bookshelf regarding this and getting these books would mean I would purchase them from around the world, but I need suggestions on where to look. Preferably from people that know whether or not it is representing of the cultures they claim to talk about. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if people are curious, I could share the results when I am done, even if it will be in relations to the Danish school. I am currently looking through the texts from the rebel girls books and the Secret love lives of geek girls books.

Please help a future teacher in need, to create a country of greater acceptance :D

message 2: by Ginny (new)

Ginny (ginny83) | 6 comments The Binti books by Nnedi Okorafor might fit your bill. They're scifi but explore some of the main charcter's Himba culture.

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