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The Norm Dimension is an average size, It is ruled by Two Queens (Who wants to create them?) The N/D is just like Earth except a lot of the place is dull. Each person in the N/D has one weapon that can create any element at will (Earth,Wind,Fire,Water) and one small transportation. It is easy to survive in.

To create characters
Weapon and what weapon does:
Transportation appearance and name:

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Alexa Key
Can be pretty annoying with the fact that she says everything with song/rap
She is the daughter of a famous actress/singer. She passed away when the meteor struck because it struck the building she was in so Alexa always sings in honor of her mother.
Sound blaster, can temporarily make a person or creature deaf
Teleportation headphones.
Music,acting,her mom, people,talent
The meteor that killed her mom,

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just my input, but you can't see much of her face in that picture...

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Yeah I know, just imagine her face to be perfectly symmetrical XD

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i mean... yeah, but it's still hard to see who she is...

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overview: creative, awkward, stubborn, procrastinator, impulsive, and passionate

Since he was a child, Min Soo had always been aesthetically inclined. As you'd assume, photography quickly became his main focus once he entered high school. It allowed his creative juices to flow. His creativity also led him to experiment with his hair color and style in general. Of course, like most people, he procrastinates on small things like doing the laundry or finishing an assignment. His biggest problem is with delaying, though; when it comes to confronting someone or something, it takes him a while to do it, and he often puts it off to the last minute. Min Soo neglects to think before he speaks or does an action. His impulsiveness can lead to many awkward moments. Unfortunately, he can't hide his embarrassment. He'll just mumble incoherent words until his face heats up. Min Soo can never accept when he's wrong. In arguments, he acts sore when he learns that he's incorrect. He goes out of his way to care for people. He's easily persuaded by pitiful stories that tug at his heartstrings. It's really not that hard to get him to do something for you.

Min Soo was raised by his grandparents for most of his childhood, due to his absent father and his mother's hectic work ethic. His grandfather was one of the only reasons that photography became his main passion. When he was a child, he and his grandfather would go out to the beach to take photos. The fond memories prompted him to pick up the hobby when he reached high school. He saved up all of his money to buy an expensive camera, which he still owns to this day.

The passing of his grandfather left him a somber mess. At the time, he was struggling with his sexual identity. He could only watch as his grades started to drop and his once-thriving passion for photography diminished. Not only did his academics and hobbies hurt, friendships started to as well. Eventually, he received a lengthy speech from his grandmother that put him back on the right tack.

His passion for photography led him to become a professional photography after he graduated high school and spent two years in college. Now, in the midst of studying for his bachelor's degree, the meteor has hit. Min Soo has been separated from his grandmother, and is now alone in the dystopia that is his life.

↳ Uses a bow and arrow often. When he releases the arrow, it wields fire at the tip.
↳ Prefers to not use a transportation device.
↳ Likes photography, baggy clothes, aesthetics, and archery
↳ Dislikes cats, his current situation, and discrimination

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