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message 1: by The Void (new)

The Void of Abyss (thevoidofabyss) | 6 comments Northwest Independence Novels Series (4 books)

Title should be 5 books, not four.

Description below should read 5, not 4:very

"There are 4 primary works and 4 total works in the Northwest Independence Novels Series."

This book, the 5th, Freedom's Sons should be included and linked to the list:

message 2: by Fajriy (last edited May 19, 2018 08:17PM) (new)

Fajriy | 123 comments Done.

Please post requests concerning series to "Serieses!" folder in the future. :)

message 3: by The Void (new)

The Void of Abyss (thevoidofabyss) | 6 comments hi, thank you. and yes, I will do on the future.

however, the book that you have added is an old edition of only 1 volume that is out of print, the edition which should be in the lost is this one which is the proper book and full volume 1 and 2:

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