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Elthea's Realm by John Murzycki John Murzycki

Title: Elthea’s Realm
Author: John Murzycki
Genre: Fantasy / Magical Realism
Formats Available: Mobi (kindle), Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks


A new race emerges in a faraway land.

A computer virus threatens civilization.

A magical world where islands are suspended high above a blue ocean.

A blend of science fiction, techno thriller, and fantasy combined in an imaginative debut.

Five students were best friends in college, united by a rigorous course called The Utopia Project. But they drifted apart after graduation, pulled in different directions by life's demands.

Now someone is after them, demanding more information about their nearly forgotten college assignment.

They come together again for the first time in years, seeking answers. That's when events turn deadly, both for them and for the rest of civilization. But a benevolent force saves them from certain harm, spiriting them to another land.

They find themselves in a place filled with islands, each supported by a single base, held high above the ocean; a kindly race of people called the Astari, who had their beginnings in Earth's technology; and stars that float down from the night sky, bestowing a rare gift to those on the Raised Isles.

Known as Elthea's Realm, the land is enchanting. That is until they find themselves pursued by evil creatures. They learn the creatures are called Bots, who are now waging war on Earth's technology.

The members of The Utopia Project and their Astari protectors band together to stop the Bots before being killed by them first, and before the Earth is left in ruins.

What ensues is a harrowing tale of magic and survival, set against the backdrop of what makes us human. Ultimately, it's a tale of friendship and brotherhood, without which none would survive.

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The Haunted Reading Room - Mallory A. Haws

Bedrooped Bookworms (bedrooped_bookworms) | 4 comments Nick Miller
Mobi please!

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sent in your requests Mallory and Nick

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John (johnmurz) | 5 comments A copy of the book has been sent to Mallory and Nick. Thanks!

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