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Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 165 comments Mod
The love dimension is the easiest dimension to live in, but is the smallest dimension. It is ruled by One Queen and One King (Who wants to create them?). Most people there are super nice, but some are the total opposite, they were supposed to be in the death dimension, but somehow ended up in the Lo/D. Each Lo/D character has one weapon that can only help and one transportation.

To create characters
Weapon and what weapon does:
Transportation appearance and name:

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Adeline | 68 comments Mod
Name: Queen Jules Wingdale and King Tristan Wingdale

Age: 20 (Jules) 23 (Tristan)

Personality: Jules-cheerful, stern, adventurous, caring, quiet
Tristan-stern, caring, loving, peaceful, curious

(Jules on the right, Tristan on left)

History: Jules worked at a coffee shop as a waitress and Tristan was a professional athlete. They got married two years before the meteorite hit Earth. Jules is pregnant and expecting the baby in a few weeks (they are so proud).

Weapon and what weapon does: Jules-crossbow that will allow the enemy to become blinded by love and stop fighting.
Tristan-sword that cuts all the hate from a person.

Transportation appearance and name:
Black one (Storm) is Tristan's and white one (Loveday) is Jules's.

Likes: They love each other, they like chocolate, and their Pegasus's.
Dislikes: war and death

Baby- Name: Emmaline Wingdale


Weapon and Transportation: katana that essentially makes everyone feel very peaceful and at home.
Transportation- named Fury

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Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 165 comments Mod
Approved! You can only make one royal character but I will except this because it wasn’t in the rules yet

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quq  (190511) Name: Deion Jackson
Age: 17
Personality: Deion is serious and hardly ever smiles. He is smart, and a complicated person to get to know. He thinks a lot, but is always grounded. He’s very caring inside, but he doesn’t really show it.
History: Deion lived with his family for about two years before they gave him up because they couldn’t afford him. He was adopted by a white family who constantly discriminated against him. He was out of the house as much as he could be, running. He was a track athlete, and a good one at that. Eventually he just ran away, and was living on his own or abouta month before the catastrophe.
Weapon and what weapon does: he has a water bottle that instantly refills.
Transportation appearance and name: he runs
Likes: running, books, the beach, water
Dislikes: taunting people, discrimination, fire

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Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 165 comments Mod

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Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 165 comments Mod
Kylie Morgan
In love with love, super nice (sometimes too nice for people to handle), joyful, delicate/sensitive,doesn’t know when people fall in love with her
Kylie was a news reporter, but quit because her boss did bad things to her. She became a model and was interviewed during the meteor strike. Once being sent to the Lo/D she became obsessed with love, but totally blind when people fell for her
Herself. She distracts people easily
Love, her daughter Sarah
Hate, the D/D and the N/D

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Name:Sacha Mills


Personality:Sacha is quite firey and pretends not to notice when she does. She is a very active person and expresses herself in many different ways. She falls in love easily, sometimes without knowing, but always denies it, too scared to face the truth.


History:Sacha never knew her parents, but she lived with her best friend and her best friend’s grandmother. They were both sent to the light dimension when the split happened. She misses them, but is thing, as always, to make the best of it.

Weapon and what weapon does:Necklace that allows the wearer to see who or what they love most.

Transportation appearance and name:


-people who see her for who she is

-rude people
-people who underestimate her
-extreme arrogance


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Cameron Durant (x1f49c) | 165 comments Mod
Dash, what’s the name of your transportation? Everything else is fine

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Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell
Nickname: Yukino means "to be like snow."
Age: 15
Personality: She's sweet and energetic. She's a bit random and forgetful. She spaces out a lot, but despite that she's actually considerably smart. She's enthusiastic about her dream, and despite being in the Love Dimension, She seems to have no Interest in love.

description (Her hair is Red and her eyes are light red.)
History: Unlike her old friend, Kazu, she has always been an orphan. Her mom died giving birth to her and her father abandoned her. Seeing as Yuki was a premature baby, she was kept in the hospital nearly 5 months longer than she was originally supposed to. After her time in the hospital, they placed her in a safe orphanage. Growing up, people teased Yuki for her red hair, but she never seemed to mind, In fact she seemed to ignore them, always lost in her own little world. Yuki grew up loving Idols and Detectives and soon enough found herself wanting take in those two careers. When the earth split, she lost her only friend. She didn't really mind, they weren't that close, in fact they had only known each other for a day, so it was easy to forget her.
Weapon and what weapon does: Yuki has a small microphone. Whenever she sings into it, it enchants the listener and essentially calms them down. She could also control the listener if she wished, like the sirens from the stories she adored.
Transportation appearance and name: A Horse named Snow.
Likes: Detectives, Sweets, Baking, Idols, Animals, Mysteries, fire, Riddles, Puzzles.
Dislikes: Love, Water, and Bitter things.
Other: She cannot swim, hence why she hates water. She often dresses up as a detective.

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Adeline | 68 comments Mod

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That's a good one!

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Cameron wrote: "That's a good one!"


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