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E M M A  | 2244 comments Name: Jonah Rhys Deighton
Age: 24


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Height: 6'2
Weight: 174, most is muscle mass
Eyes: soft brown- hazel
Hair: brown, scruffy

Jonah has no idea how to socialize with other than his ship mates, having never interacted really with any one else. Women? Strangers. He had been to few bars before after returning from a particularly long fishing trip, and slept with a woman or two here and there, but there was never love, never an interest. He tends to attract several women with his mysterious shady character, but in truth, Jonah just is clueless. The fisherman tends to keep to himself, his heart being at sea. Often in down time, he is seen scribbling in a tattered journal and wondering about what is beyond the murky dark waters. He is still a young boy at heart, his curiousity usually getting the best of him. Jonah does what he pleases, knowing no manners with his fisherman attitudes.
-rude at times

Jonah was abandoned as a single child when he was four. His father, a fisherman, had disappeared at sea, and his mother couldn't handle being without him. She "disappeared", and Jonah never saw her again. At such a tender age, Jonah had no way to take care of himself. In the small seaside town of Kemp, his fathers fishing company took the young boy in and raised him as their own. Jonah grew up on boats at sea, helping with the reel and baits. Being at sea for weeks at a time and never engaging in proper schooling or social interaction with other children his age, Jonah became a sheltered man. Even after he turned a legal age to leave and find himself work, Jonah stuck to the fishing trade. He holds on to the hope that he would be able to find his fathers shipwreck, or at least a sign. Jonah has grown a strong bond with the sea, and knows it better than land. His ship captain and four crews men have formed a tight knit relationship, and they are the closest thing he had ever had to a family. The crew always passes along stories of myths of pirates and mermaids and sea monsters, but Jonah never believed it. It was stupid, he thought, and he had never seen proof. However, after one of his ship members had disappeared with an eerie note about sailing off in one of the lifeboats to follow what was described as a mermaid, Jonah was curious. The sea was enchanting, and he had begun to become extremely curious about its depths and secrets.

Jonah continues doing what he knows best, his usual fishermen duties with only few visits to local shops or bars.


He is a fisherman, and picks up other odd jobs when he is on land

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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments  photo tumblr_m5nsfb8Svh1rtoo07o2_500_zps6c99a5c6.gif
It's such a privilege to slip beneath the surface and soar along the silent bottom of the sea, agile and shining in water honeycombed with light. But is the privilege worth it if you were to live that life over and over again? To some, it's a privilege to get away from that life, away from that bottom of the sea. At least beyond the sparkling waves, lies a world where people are aware that you exist.

Name: Dinah Nichole

Age: 19

Date of Birth: November 14

Gender Female

Species: Mermaid

Sexuality Does not know what that is

 photo tumblr_my65oom6Nh1slfmh3o1_400_zps132d8e19.jpg
//Hair Color// Turquoise
//Eye Color// Purple gray
//Height// 5'3
//Weight// 115 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale
//Skin Texture// Smooth

Dinah's scales are green at the top, but as it nears her tail they turn into a green-silver sort of color and continue on like that until the very tips of her tail, where they are silver.

Unlike the others around her, Dinah is very closed off and very much in her own little world. The other mermaids are very talkative and very loud. She doesn't like loud noises at all. She does not seem to get along with them very well, since many of them like to talk about men. Dinah is kind and friendly, but she doesn't often get to show it with no one to talk to. She only talks to her sister elder Brianna sometimes, before she goes off to converse with the others. She is also a very curious person, she likes to go exploring, just not with everyone else. She prefers to do so alone. She is easily scared as well, and does not know how to properly stand up for herself.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments Okay ^^


Dinah sat in the small cave that the group of mermaids had inhabited. This particular cave was actually her favorite among all of the others that they have been to the past few years. Though the other girls may not know this, considering they mostly staying this little section of it, was that there were many places that you were able to get into, many holes in the small cave that you could swim through, and it would open up to another area that was similar to this one. While the most of the girls were out in the afternoon, Dinah spent her time swimming and exploring around the caves and under the water, excited whenever she found a new place to swim to and explore. She had no idea just how many of these small things there were, but if they were staying as long as the others made it out to be, she was sure that she'd have plenty of time to figure that out.

The sound of talking and laughter caused Dinah to snap out of her thoughts and look towards the water, seeing the girls begin to come back from their swim. Her sister Brianna was one of them, though she was all the way in the back of the group. The few mermaids that stayed behind greeted them kindly as they approached, though Dinah remained silent. Instead, she slipped into the small pond of water near her, smiling shyly from the feel of the water around her, and she just stayed there while the others began to chatter away, talking about what they had found. But honestly, it was in no interest to Dinah. The other girls loved finding things on the ocean floor, but they missed so many things so often. They were just looking for the fancy jewelry. What about all of the other interesting things that were to be found? The girl completely missed those while they swam. Dinah seemed to be the only one to take the time to look at everything.

" Hey, Dinah. I got you something," the sound of her elder sisters voice caused Dinah to look over at her. Her sister slipped into the pond with her, offering a smile at her. While her sister looked so much similar to Dinah, they were also so much different. Brianna's hair was blonde, with streaks of blue and green going through it. And it was much longer than Dinah's, going down to at least her hips. Her figure was more mature as well, her waist and hips more define, her breasts much larger. Dinah was rather petite compared to her sister.

" What is it?" Dinah asked her, hoping that it was not something like what the other girls had. Brianna was well aware that Dinah had no interest for such things, at least, she thought she did. Brianna opened up her hand then to reveal what it was, and Dinah was surprised when she saw it. It certainly wasn't like anything that the other girls were going on about. It was made out of woods, though the woods wasn't damaged in any way. It was a necklace, a large one, possibly belonging to a man. On the very end of it was the shape of a dolphin, carved out of wood. The condition of it was so good, Dinah doubted that it was found at the bottom of the ocean.

" Oh, it's so pretty," she said happily, taking it from her sisters hands and slipping it on her neck," Thank you Brianna." She wrapped her arms around her elder sister in a hug, which Brianna returned with a small laugh. Their hug didn't last too long, since the girls called Brianna over to them once again. She left the small pond and went over to them, Dinah watching as she went. Once she was gone, she continued to look down at the necklace that was just given to her, smiling brightly and looking at the band on her arm. It was also of a dolphin, but it was made out of metal, shaped to look like a dolphin, and it clasped onto her arm. Little things that this just warmed Dinah's heart, glad that her sister was aware of what she liked. Dinah didn't think that any of the girls knew what she liked, they were all in their own little world. But, then again, so was Dinah.

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E M M A  | 2244 comments ((Love it! Typing))

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Jonah was shaken awake by one of his cabin mates in the fishing vessel, his soft brown hazel eyes opening once to be blinded by the morning sunlight. They were supposed to be arriving that day to Harbus Island, which boasted a beautiful mystical island, with sightings of mermaids off the coast. Whenever they were finished with their catches for the month and had free weeks to spare, the ambitious captain and anyone else of the crew who had a taste for adventure would follow him on these ridiculous quests to find hidden treasure, the Cyclops, or discover rare fish that could be worth millions. Needless to say, the captain was always a bit... Crazy. But Jonah loved this man, who had raised him since age four after his father was taken by the sea in a massive storm.

Nobody ever believed the captain when he said one night during dinner that he knew where to find mermaids, those beautiful scales maidens that sang beautifully and lured you off your ship. Someone who had recentt been to Harbus Island had released a map of how to get to the place, describing it with full detail. This other traveller hadnt been able to catch a mermaid, but rumored that there had been many. A couple dozen, at least. Jonah was skeptical and never believed these kinds of stories, as nowadays, Hollywood had gotten to people's heads. The mermaids could have simply been fish, whales, dolphins, seals.... Not mermaids.

Regardless, the crew of fifteen had agreed to come along with their dear old captain, interested in what this new adventure had to offer. Although thy were usually disappointed by not finding their main objective, they alway had fun with the adventure and enjoyed seeing what Mother Nature had to offer them. Besides, more than half of the men lived on the ship, had nowhere else to live, like Jonah. The crew was all men, ranging from ages as young as 17 to as old as 53. All were experienced seamen, and their ship was one of the fastest and finest. Some over their crew members had retired from the navy, which was always an asset when they were at sea. Jonah learned from experience, now on his twentieth year on the water. Being in land just didnt suit him, and these crewmen were his family. He fought with them like brothers, sought their advice as friends. He never could remember much of his parents, only that they were great people and loved him. Women werent a part of Jonah's life, as he didnt really know what love and lust was, what several ther men on the boat sought after when ever they returned to land.

Jonah groaned, stretching his sore muscles from laying on his stomach with his limbs outstretched on the mattress like you were supposed to, his chin in his pillow. Why did it have to be so much earlier than usual? Today was te day he was supposed to be able to sleep in. "Get up! Land ho!" One of the shipmates shouted giddily, laughing as he used an awful lot of pirate slang for the morning in his excitement. Nobody could see the mermaids yet, but the island was there alright. With his far they were, they had a good hour before they reached the point where they could lower the smaller motor boats, drive them towards shore. Some were even courageous enough to vote on setting up camp there at night if it seemed safe enough.

He sat up in his bed bolted to the wall, rubbing his eyes groggily. His roommate was already up, bed made, clothes tucked away neatly in his chest by the foot of the bed, also bolted to the floor. Jonah wasted no time changing his old tshirt and flannels for his day clothes. A striped long sleeves shirt that hung on his broad shoulders, some soft cloth pants layered underneath thick fishing overalls, and a pair of black rubber boots were worn immediately, his fingers fumbling with the zipper on his bright orange jacket. Even in the morning with the sun well up in the sky at nine am, a man overboard had to be seen from a distance. He brushed his teeth briefly and splashed water on his face in the bathroom, before rushing out into deck with his boots clomping heavily on the deck floors.

Being Jonah, he went up to the decks very edge railings I get a good look, his hands gripping the cool wet metal. He stood by himself, admiring the rather small but lush island, with a mountain or old volcano surrounded by lush vegetation. The place was absolutely beautiful, tropical. What would they find there? Jonah had his suspicions, excited chatter buzzing in his ear as the crew scurried about the deck in search for mermaids. Jonah only wated the adventure. Breakfast was an anxious buzz, every moment the commercial fishing boat sailing closer to the island. After breakfast and through the haze, they could make everything out more clearly, like the big rock in one of the coves, along with an entrance to a cave off to the side. Tey didnt see the mermaids, however, and an hour later, 8 men including Jonah and the captain were in two motor boats off to the island.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments Dinah remained in the small pond as she had before all of the others came back, except now she actually had something to do, which was examine the necklace that Brianna had gotten for her. The other girls kept on talking and going on about the finer jewelry that they had found and taken from the bottom, even though they didn't look all that interesting. The only part about those type of things that Dinah found the least bit interesting what how shiny they were. She seemed to have a rather soft spot for shiny things, but nothing beat something like this. It was crafted without machine or lazy work. Someone at some point had made this necklace by themselves, actually putting a lot of work into making at well. Dinah dreamed at she would someday be able to do the same.

" Dinah! We found some food, why don't you come over and eat with us?" one of the girls, a younger one at that, called over to her, waving. Her name was Annaliese Marie, and she was one of the few people that Dinah actually enjoyed conversing with. She was the younger sister of 5, all of her elder sisters being the ones that Dinah would not prefer to spent too much time with.

" Thank you Annaliese, but I ate just a little while ago, while you were all away," Dinah replied politely, though that wasn't actually true. She hadn't eaten anything for quite some time, since the morning when she first awoke, and she was always the first one to wake up. Annaliese seemed like she wanted to say more, like she was going to argue, but she instead said nothing, and then continued chattering with the girls. Dinah turned her attention away from them and dipped her head in the water for a moment, getting her hair wet. Looking around the small pond, she ran her fingers through her hair, getting out any sort of tangles she may have before surfacing once again, feeling the need to go out and swim, but she didn't. If the other girls figured out about all of the places in this cave, they'd probably make it their new swimming spot rather than the open ocean.

Not wanting that to happen, Dinah remained where she was, moving her tail lazily back and forth throughout the water, listening to the calming sounds of the waves hitting the rocks around her. She had learned throughout the years how to easily block out the conversation of the girls and instead focus on what she wanted to. But a strange sound caught her attention, forcing her to stop her listening to the waves, and instead on that sound. It was almost like...a small buzzing of some sorts. Getting out of the small pond, she moved over to where the water was deeper, and there was a waterways over towards the front of the cave. She dipped in there, trying to hear the sound more clearly. Apparently, she was not the only one who heard the strange sounds.

" What's the noise? It sounds like it's coming from the ocean." one of the girls, Jasmine, announced, causing the others to turn their attention towards the sea. Dinah, keeping her head above water, swam slowly towards the sound, trying to see what it was. Once she got a bit closer, she was able to see little things that gradually began larger, heading towards their cave. She did not know if that was a good of a bad thing, if it would hurt them all of not, but she certainly had never seen those before. She was awfully curious as to what they wee, but also very scared of what it might be as well.

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Jonah took over the rudder, steering the black motor boat easily through the relatively calm waters, with the second boat following along a few hundred meters back. He said nothing as he looked to the island in eager anticipation, the three others on board with him also talking with whoops of laughter on between. They'd brought nets and small plastic containers, if they eer found anything, as well as other small assortments for the trip. The mothership hung back, and Jonah could just make out the rest of the crew waving obnoxiously. Grinning, Jonah turned back to fact the front of the boat, his hand firm and steady on the steer.

The captain was looking through binoculars, the boat slowing down now on the edge of the cove. It seemed empty to everyone else, but the captain, looking through binoculars, suddenly looked extremely pleased. Everyone knew that look, and it hardly happened. "Mermaids, boys, mermaids," the captain whispered reverently, the other boat drifting close to them with both motors cut off. "Mermaids-?" Several gasped, incredulous. The captain couldn't be serious. Where? Where were they? Some got a little upset, until they started to look a little harder. Then they could see them, several beautiful girls with their long vibrant hair cascading down their shoulders, and the shiny scaled tales that reflected light from the surface.

Looking down, there were a few dozen at least swimming under their boat, with some up on the cliffs with their tails draped in the water as they watched the men with big eyes. Some began to seeing with their eerie voices, calling out to them in a mystical tune that pleased everyone's ears. The younger of their crew, Samuel, had completely lost it, staring blankly at a particular blonde who was inching closer with a companion to their boats. The captain fumbled with his disposable camera, flashing pictures left and right being the madman he was. "To the beach, go Jonah!" The captain shouted, wanting to get onto stable land as soon as possible. Who knew what these women would do to their precious boat.

Jonah wasted no time pulling the engine, the boats motor beginning to make little wakes as thy moved along, turning to te side of the cave where a bit of a beach showed, before it turned into a dense jungle. Once the boats were safely pulled up onto dry land, the crew men experimented walking on the sand with their boat shoes. Jonah took his off, growing them in the boat resting tied to a stake in the sand. "Follow me boys, and don't get close to them!" Te captain hollored, the crew venturing past a few tropical trees and shrubbery, before they were looking out oer the water again, the cave to their right.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments " What in the world...," Dinah said to herself as she looked out at the small things that were getting closer rather quickly. Some of the girls moved closer to the entrance of the cave, some of them even going down into the water, probably to go and get a better look. But Dinah? Dinah stayed in the small area that she was in, still getting closer to the entrance of the cave little, by little.

" Men, girls...they are human men," Jasmine said finally, a small smile appearing on her face. Human men? Dinah had heard of the men before, but had never seen them with her own eyes. She was aware of all the stories, of men trying to find proof that mermaids existed. Brianna told her a story a few times about how their parents encountered men before, when Dinah was still very young and not able to remember it. They hid until they men had all gone away, or until the other girls taken them deep, deep under the water. At Jasmine's words, the girls began to chatted quietly among themselves, some seeming scared, others, like Jasmine, seeming quite joyous. Dinah remained quite, terrified of what these men were doing here. What did they want?

The sounds of the girls singing began to fill the air, it starting off with a few girls at first, but them more and more joined in, the girls in the cave, the girls in the ocean, and the girls on this cliff side all singing. Brianna looked over to Dinah for a moment, a look of concern clear in her eyes. But that didn't last too long, for one of the girls, Jasmine's sister Chasity, dragging her towards the water. With just a little bit of struggle at first, Brianna finally went into the water with her, probably going to get a look at them from up close. Dinah held onto her necklace tightly as she watched her sister swim towards the boats, staying a safe distance below the water, as they were taught by their parents. One of the boats had changed course, and Dinah struggled to hear where they were going.

" Dinah...," a small voice said to her, and she looked to see Annaliese. The girl looked rather terrified. It was to be expected, she was one of the youngest ones out of the group. Dinah let go of her necklace and held out her arms, which Annaliese happily moved into, resting her head on her shoulder, arms wrapping around her small waist. Dinah began to slowly move back away from the entrance, towards the small pond where she had been previously, not at all knowing what the men were going to do to them. From the stories she had heard, however, things today wouldn't end good for the mermaids. But also wouldn't end very well for the men either.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( i hope I am still Rping to your expectations (: Let me know if I'm not, I'll try to change whatever might be bothering you. ))

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E M M A  | 2244 comments ((I think you're good so far! Let me know If I start sucking >.< kind of brain dead this week so))
((Any ideas what the captain should do??? Try and capture them? Should that teenager guy go into the water because he's lured in and Jonah tries to save him?)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( It's okay, happens to me a lot ^^ You're doing good! :D And maybe that guy could go into the water, and maybe he actually can't swim. Jonah tires to save him, but he doesn't think he can get there in time. So, Dinah goes and helps him instead, only to be taken by the captain because of it? (: Sound good? ))

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E M M A  | 2244 comments ((YOU'RE AWESOME! I'll try my best!))

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Ethan, the love stricken teenager, had begun to wander along, not really paying attention to where he was going. These women were goregous, fairer than the school queen bee at his former high school. As he tripped and stumbled along the edge of the pond, his blue eyes lost in the eyes of a particular brunette, Ethan lost his footing on the slick mud. The pond dropped off suddenly, like the edges of a cliff into this watering hole. He cried out, and suddenly all the voices stopped singing. It was an eerie silence, and everyone seemed to freeze in time. The mermaids were all watching Ethan, waiting for him to resurface. Some looked to him with a greedy look, eager to add Ethan to their possession of skeletons at the bottom of the sea.

Ethan did resurface, with the entire crew watching over the watering joke a good distance back. "Don't get close! Them mermaids, they'll pull you in for sure!" The captain barked, peering over his glasses curiously. Jonah's heart sank to his stomach, upset that this was how the kid would die. Not if he could help it. "Ethan! Ethan, come on!" Jonah shouted, crouched by a rock for protection from anything that would leap up. Ethan's blonde head of curly hair surfaced, his arms flailing as he gasped and kicked furiously. "Come on! Swim!" Jonah shouted, quickly joined by a loud chorus of shouting. They all thought Ethan could swim, that was what he had told them. Ethan was supposedly his schools top swimmer, and a lifeguard. Turns out, he lied.

"H-help! Jonah, help!" He yelped, gasping madly for air as his head dipped under several times, his body being carried further from the bank because of his flailing. Jonah couldn't let him die like this. Despite captains orders, he stripped his jacket and shirt, down to his pants, and dove in head first. The cool water refreshed Jonah, taking a few moments to adjust to the current. He could hear te muffled flailing of Ethan, before it stopped suddenly. Jonah resurfaced for air, looking around wildly while he floated in the water, the captain liking at him wildly. "Jonah! Get back up here son! Ethan's gone for, there's no saving him! I'm not losing another man-!" The captain demanded, gesturing sharply for Jonah to come back.

Jonah looked at the captain sadly, feeling in his guy that this was more than a crew, they were family. If he died saving Ethan, so be it. He wouldn't just stand around. Ethan was nowhere to e seen, so he assumed that Ethan had drowned already, and time was running out. With his eart pounding in his ears, Jonah dove back under to leave behind the captains angry yelling, his yes opening to see the blurry underwater landscape of a dimly lit cave. There! Jonah could see him, Ethan with his curly hair. He had sunk extremely deep, and Jonah had his doubts about how far he could make it. Jonah swam with his strong arms, his fingers catching hold of Ethan's yellow jacket. He tugged the limp body upwards, struggling as his ears popped and his lungs burned, quickly becoming light headed.

Jonah pushed Ethan up to the surface to float, losing strength in his own arms. He felt himself giving up, sinking with the weight f his wet clothes. Jonah's nostrils burned as the first snort of sea water entered his desperate lungs, quickly losing consiousness as he sank to the bottom again. While Ethan was brought to the bank by the crews strong hands, Jonah never resurfaced. Some began to mourn, upset by the loss of one of their brothers, best friends.

((Switched it up a bit! She saves Jonah!)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( Thanks (: And that's fine, I like it this way :D ))

Dinah was completely unaware what was going on with the teenage boy, too busy paying attention to the others that she began to see as they came onto the beach. She held a tighter grip around Annaliese's small form, the girl shivering slightly with fear. Dinah wanted to calm her as much as she could, but she honestly had no idea what to do to try and help her. so, she just stayed with here and stroked her long, black and red hair slowly, keeping a close eye out on the men on the beach, as well as her mermaid friends.

Dianah only became aware of what was happening when the girls began mostly quiet, looking out towards the water. Dinah gasped when she saw a boy, probably just a few years younger than herself, he lured into the water. She had a feeling that this would happen once the men came to the island, the mermaids were well known for taking men underwater, killing them. When the young boy did not resurface, she began to panic, wondering if one of her friends had gotten him. Thankfully, he finally got to the surface, but he was flailing around. He could not swim! A man from the beach tried to read him, but he was not successful, and ended up diving into the water instead. When neither of them came up, Dinah placed Annaliese on the rocks, earning a confused look from the small mermaid.

" Stay here, okay? Do not go out into the water...I'll be right back," she spoke to her with what she hoped would be a confident smile, but she was sure it was rather scared and helpless looking instead. Without waiting for an answer, which would probably be a protest, Dinah dived under the water, moving her way through the underground rocks to get to the ocean, which took her little time. She saw the man grab the teenager, than swim up, only to begin to sink once more. At least the younger boy was safe, he had been under for quite a longer time. Chewing on her bottom lip, she looked at the mermaids that were around him, not even lifting a finger to help him. Once of them was her sister, Brianna. Brianna saw Dinah start to swim towards them, a look of confusion on her face, then what appeared to be shame.

Gritting her teeth, Dinah quickly swam past the other mermaids and towards the man, reaching him soon and tugging on his arm, pulling him closer to herself. Though it was hardly the time to think about it, Dinah couldn't help but think how strange he looked, yet, at the same time rather beautiful. She had never seen a human after all, but he looked rather similar. Without the tail of course. She was not sure if he was conscious or not, but she was sure that he was running out of air quickly.

Not really hesitating, she pressed her lips against his own and breathed some air into his mouth, hoping that would help it. It seemed to, so she put her arm around his bare waist, using her other arm to assist her in swimming. It didn't take her long to get to the surface ignoring the looks from all other mermaids, including Brianna, taking a deep breath once there, not realizing just how close she was to the men's boat however, and she brought the man up with her, making sure that his head was well above the water. To her, he seemed not shaken up, but not in the best place either. With, of course, was understandable, he nearly just drowned after all.

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Jonah ha seen the green haired mermaid bullet towards him in the water, his hazel eyes already widened in panic because of the fact that he knew he was going to die, but my before one of these viscious creatures attacked him and ate him alive. He whipped his arms and legs about in a desperate attempt to float back up to the surface and somehow escape, but there was no hope for him. The water began to fill his throat as he let it come, accepting his death with open arms. He had saved Ethan, and the boy would grow to be an excellent fisherman and adventurer, he'd learn a lesson or two. Jonah's overgrown brown hair and pants billowed about him as he sunk deeper and deeper, with the mermaid closing in on him.

He didnt fight it anymore, closing his eyes as the girls arm wrapped around his chest, under his arms. She seemed to be... Helping him, something Jonah didnt register as they neared the surface. The girls lips was pressed against his open ones, breathing a puff of air into his burning lungs. That might have been what saved him. Jonah was unconsious as he emerged from the water, close to the bank where he had left his crewmen. Half of them were tending to Ethan and giving him rescue breaths, the others stayed close to the water in event that Jonah ever did resurface. The captain looked close to tears, having lost the little boy he had practically raised as his own. Jonah Deighton, their most loyal and hardworking crew member, gone.

Ethan was revived, choking up gallons of sea water with burning eyes, but nobody could celebrate. The boy was fairly new, only four months wih the crew, and they preferred Jonah to the shrimp. Who was gonna pull up their catches? Who was gonna take over the morning shift an hour early because he was just that nice guy? The sensitive blunderbuss, a twenty seven year old named Jackson, began to sob at the idea that he'd neer see his best friend again. All seemed to feel annoyed and upset wih those mermaids, that they ever lured Ethan in the first place to cause Jonah to go back in. Just when all faith had been lost, the captain pointed sharply into the water.

"Look out! It's one of them!" He shouted, the entire crew backing away from the bank frantically in terror tha they'd be next to be taken under. It was a green haired mermaid with pure fair features, with eyes that shone like the sea. In her arms was their precious Jonah, his head dipped unresponsive. It was silent for the moment, before everyone broke out into cheer. The captain knelt at the bank cautiously as the mermaid looked to them curiously, struggling under Jonah's weight. Jackson and Erik stepped forward to grab the drenched fisherman, dragging him out of the water into the mud. Immediately, they began their second rescue breathing for he day, while two others looked on at the mermaid with greed in their eyes. These men had come last week, and were particularly untrustworthy.

Brian and Michael, their names were. They were a pair of swindling homeless thiefs, who went from profession to profession to take things that werent theirs, and abuse their roles. Without warning, Brian's muscular meaty arm had shout out, taking the mermaids arm by surprise. "Got her," he grinne devillishly, lifting the wriggling mermaid from the water with his brothers help. Thy quickly secured the girl and brought her away from the reach of the pond, noticing uncomfortably how many mermaids began to hiss. The captain started off after Brian and Michael, arguing with them out of earshot by the boats. Then the captains eyes widened, and he quickly backed down from the argument. However, no one had seen, and the mermaid was held captive by the motor boats.

Jonah sputtered as the water was expelled from his throat, sitting straight up before fainting back onto the sand again. Where was he, what happened? Why was he so cold, why did his chest burn? The blurry fces of his crew surrounded him, the captains hopeful fce shining in front of his. "J-Jonah! My dear boy-!" He rejoiced, embracing Jonah's limp shirtless body. He attempted to speak as the memories came flooding back, looking around wildly. Where was Ethan? And that... That mermaid? When he looked past the captain, e could see Brian and michaeld with the girl gripped tightly on the sand. "H-hey! Put her back! She s-saved me!" Jonah protested, pushing the captain away. She had gone and sved him despite her nature, and yet they were dragging this mermaid on land? How soon till she grew legs? Jonah crawled on the sand a bit lightheaded and extremely weakened in the arms and back, to where the girl sat squirming several feet away behind the crew. Brian and Michael only grinned at each other, their fingers curling and causing bruises on the girls frail arms. They had plans.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( Sorry, but I'm a little bit confused as to where they are ^^; Are they on the beach, or on the boat in the water? (: ))

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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( Haha, okay ^^ ))

Dinah looked over at the man that she had just pulled from the water, sure that he was unconscious now. His eyes were closed, and it didn't seem as though he was very responsive at all. She touched his face gently with her free hand, then spotted when she felt as if people were staring at her. Turning, she saw the human men from earlier, looking at her with surprised eyes. Her own eyes widened as she stared back at them, wondering what in the world they were going to do to her. Were they grateful? Were they angry? They seemed fairly tense at her presence.

Then, they suddenly began to cheer, causing Dinah to flinch at the sudden loud noise. The man, even though they were still partway in the water, was beginning to get rather heavy to her, so she was grateful when some men took him from her, appearing to be helping him. She remained where she was, tense because of all the strange men around her, but at the same time she wanted to make sure that the man she helped was okay. Most of the others didn't seem to give her much of a second thought after they had pulled the man out, except for 2 of them, which Dinah realized were looking at her with hungry eyes a moment too late.

Dinah gasped when she was pulled from the water suddenly, flapping her tail in an attempt to have them release her, but one of the men were holding onto her upper half, while the other was holding onto her tail, preventing her from moving anywhere as they pulled her up onto the sand, far away from the water. Even if she got free, if would be quite the task for her frail form to move back towards the water, especially after just helping that man. She heard the mermaids around her begin to hiss in disagreement to the men's actions, but she knew that as long as she was on land, no one would be able to help her in time. Mermaid's tails took a little while to turn into human legs, and she'd never even seen it done in person.

An abnormally loud hiss came from the direction of the sea, and Dinah stopped struggling for a moment to long. There, close to the land, was Brianna, looking at the men with glaring eyes, the glare so strong it could kill. Of course, she remained in the water, there was no sense in her coming onto the land if she knew she'd be just as useless there as she was in the sea, as long as the men were on land anyways. Brianna looked at Dinah for a moment, before finding the man, who seemed to be the captain of the boat and the men, and hissed once again, followed by another chorus of hissed from her group.

Again, Dinah began to fight, wiggling around as much as she could, but she was afraid that it was no use. The men's grip was just too tight, as she was just too weak and frail to do anything about it. She could feel the heat from the sun beginning to dry up her scales, she was in direct view of the sun after all, and she began to panic. She had never before lost her tail for human legs before, she'd be even worse with those! Not having an idea how to use or move human legs, at least with her tail she could flop around a bit!

" Stop!" she yelled, her voice cracking, and she felt as if she was going to cry. The thought of loosing her tail, even if it was just until she got water on her once more, terrified her. The grip the men had on her tighten as she yelled, knowing for sure that she was most likely going to bruise rather quickly. Brianna seemed to sense her sisters fear, and once again she hissed at the captain. Movement from a little ways next to her caught Dinah's attention and she turned, seeing the man that she had helped awake, and looking at her, seeming to try and get to her. She looked at him with desperate eyes, eyes that silently asked him for help.

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Jonah flinched as his bare hands touched the scorching sand, out of the shade and protection of the palms over head. His bare shoulders and back were fully exposed to the humidity of the tropical island, sweat beading across his brow as he struggled to his feet. The sea water still in his stomach wished for him to throw up, his mind slipping in and out of consiousness as the scenes became blurry, clear, then blurry again. He could faintly make out the silhouettes of the two men and the mermaid, before his vision cleared up completely and the pounding sensation in his head passed. Brian and Michael. Faintly, he could hear the hissing of what sounded like several snakes, oblivious that they were in fact the mermaids.

Jonah struggled to sink his bare feet in the sand, hardly taking more than two steps before stumbling in the soft land. He was one of the sea, hardly going on land for more than a few days at a time if he could help it. The vast open ocean and the gentle rocking of the boat was what he was used to, all that he could handle. Like most got sea sick, he was land sick. His legs were absolute jello, particularly after drowning in a deep sea pond. Jonah finally managed to get the few feet to the two men holding the mermaid hostage, already seeing their bad fortune. If they took one of the mermaids, the others would no doubt do anything to get their own back. Including sinking their ship and leaning them stranded. Forever.

"L-let me have a word with her," Jonah demanded, breathing heavily as he held back a vomiting sensation. He just didnt like inhaling gallons of sea water. Nobody did. It was an absolute miracle he was alive, all thanks to the girl in green with her arms pinned above her head by two losers. Brian and Michael didnt listen, only smirking as they held her defensively from Jonah. He switched tactics, trading his authoritative figure for a tender one. "P-please, she-she saved my life," Jonah begged, putting on his best act to save the girl. "Try anything, and you'll regret it," mike snarled, dropping the girls arm rudely. The mermaid was practically thrown into the scorching sand, and he knew that all this heat and solid land couldn't be too good for her.

On unsteady legs, Jonah jogged to the girl, before collapsing on his knees at her side. Despite the fact that he was sweating buckets, his skin felt cool and clammy to the touch, and the urge to upheave became stronger with every passing moment. The girl, similarly, like rather pale, her scales taking on an odd dry texture. How soon before she had legs, turned human for good? "Hi," Jonah breathed, taking in the sights of this rare creature. A real live mermaid, in his very own eyes, when he had thought such a thing impossible. Brian and mike looked on as well with the rest if the crew, looking uneasy as the mermaids hissed from their perches on rocks or peeking out of the water. They'd destroy the boats no doubt, but they still had the girl.

"Th-thanks, for saving me... But why? Why did you do it?" Jonah asked, mesmerized by her beauty. He was stuck on her, gazing like a lovesick puppy at the beautiful maiden that sat suffering because of him in front of his very eyes. Several of the crew held their breaths, anticipating than the girl would certainly kill Jonah, or somehow hurt their recently revived team mate. The captain reported to the boat the situation in a low tone, refusing to reveal the fact that he had been threatened and lost control if his decisions by two of his very own crewmen, who were very inclined on having their mermaid, wether it killed them all or not.

Jonah eyed the shore of the beach, then the pond uncertainly. He could make it to either one in a matter of seconds with the girl in his arms, help her escape. But if he angered mike and Brian, no doubt he'd be suffering in some shape or form. Even if it meant being thrown overboard in his sleep, with no mermaid to save him. But it wasnt right, and it would only jeopardize their ship, their crewmen. Jonah would rather him suffer than the entire crew be lost at sea because he was too selfish to take action, and save everyone yet again. The mermaids would no doubt find a way o get back at them, someday. He had to return what was theirs. Jonah didnt see the gun hidden in Brian's jacket, or the knife slipped into Mikes waistband.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( Sorry, again ^^; How do you view the whole mermaids loosing their tail thing? i know that there are different saying from different cultures all over. My guess is that if their tail gets dried up, she could get legs, but her legs will still have scales on them. Then, if those dry up as well, she'll turn into a human maybe? (: Or she could just be like mermaids from the shows, and every time she's in water, she has a tail, but if her tails dries up enough, she's normally, but as soon as she gets wet again, her legs turn back into a tail. ))

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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments (( Okay (: I'll have to reply later on tonight, I'm babysitting at the moment until late tonight. ))

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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 18682 comments Dinah's eyes stayed on the man that she had just saved, it being obvious that he was trying to come to her. Hopefully to help her, and not aid the two men in holding her down. She squirmed a bit more, her tail flapping a bit, until one of the men held it down firmly, it hurting quite a bit, especially from being so dry, and on the hot sand like it was. She bit back tears, looking towards her sister again, who was continuing to stare and watch the captain with a death glare, not going to give in at all. Dinah was glad that she cared so much about her, but she feared for her life. If she lost her scales, she'd never get them back.

Dinah was suddenly thrown rather harshly onto the sand, it automatically burning her fragile shoulder. Letting out a short cry, she sat up quickly and held them her her hands, feeling the burning already. That wasn't good. The man that she had saved was suddenly by her side, and she jumped when she saw him there, backing up a bit, but them seeing him. He looked rather sick, very shaky and sweaty. She couldn't blame him though, he had almost just drowned. He looked at her for a rather long time before be spoke, asking her questions. It appeared as if he was not going to hurt her, but, of course, she wasn't planning on letting her guard down, her shoulder and body tense. Well, as tense as they could be with all this heat weakening her.

" I don't like seeing people hurt...You were drowning, so my natural response was to save you. Nobody deserves to die," she replied to him in a puffy voice. Getting air for her was quite the challenge by this point, seat going down her body, her tail feeling like leather at this point, as well as the bright green color becoming rather light. She ran her hand down her tail, bits of her scales coming off. She felt like crying. She needed to get back into the water.

" Please...please help me...If...if you want to take me, then that's fine. I'll tell them not to hurt you, or to break your ship. I just need water, I don't want my tail to go away," Dinah begged the man that was sitting by her, eyes eyes pleading, as well as a few tears coming to them. If she had to spend her life without her tail, she would be miserable. She'd rather die than have to do that. But if she could keep it, she'd do anything, even go with these strange men, leaving her family behind. At least she'd still be here. Brianna's hiss came once again, drawing Dinah's attention to her.

" Let my sister go right now, or we will sink your ship. Trust me, we can. Captain, would you rather give her back to us and live another day, or wait around until you and the rest of your crew are dead? And if the island doesn't kill you, we will. You say how easily we lured your boy there into the water, and we have no fear of doing that to every single man until you are all dead," Brianna said to the crew, mainly the Captian, in a loud, booming voice, followed by loud hisses from all the others. Some of the girls had their eyes on the crew, some had their eyes on Dinah and the man. Dinah bit her lip at her sisters words, looking back at the man that she had saved.

" you want what my sister said to happen to all of your friends? Let me go...or keep me, and let me keep my tail. None of you will get hurt," she begged the man once again, the tears finally spilling out of her eyes and down her cheeks. The loss of her tail was the thing that terrified her the most. Even more than having to spend the rest of her life with these men.

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E M M A  | 2244 comments Hearing the girls voice was surreal. Jonah had never heard anything sound so pure and pretty, her words echoing in his head. E was naturally captivated by the mermaids beauty, even when the sun seemed to be harming er more than he realized. Jonah's green hazel eyes looked down at her tail, at the shimmery green scales that had once been shiny, now rough and coarse. Some caled even peeled off, showing peeks of pale fresh skin. The girls hair was matted to her forehead and neck as beads of sweat formed on her skin, her lips dry and cracked as the sun shone down on them.

By this point, the hissing had become extremely unbearable, the crew set on edge. They were uneasy about the unfamiliar noises, and just wished their captain would let the mermaid go. However, he seemed adamant that Michael and Brian have their mermaid. The cptain had lost control over his crew, and slowly but surely, Brian and Michael would crippled him until the ship and fortune was theirs. And the mermaid. Jonah turned his head back to the girl as she spoke up in ragged breaths, his forehead crinkling with stress. Brian kept his beady eyes trained onthe two, fiddling with his weapon hidden in his jacket.

"Okay, okay! I'll get you to the water, just make sure they don't.... Hurt me," Jonah pleaded softly, gingerly out stretching his bare arms towards the girl. He managed to scoop her up into his arms, shivering at her clammy skin and scraping scales that continuously peeled against his touch. Now Jonah was worried, concerned that the one who had saved his life would die this way. And t was all his fault. Jonah stood up on two feet, swaying slightly as he became lifjtheaded, shifting the rather light and petite figure in his arms. "Hey-hey!" Brian and Michael shouted angrily, a wild look in their eyes at Jonah's offense. Michael held up a loaded gun in Jonah's direction, and Brian's meaty hand gripped a long dagger like knife with jagged edges, te sunlight glinting off the blade.

"Put her down, Deighton! Put her down, put her down now!" Brian growled threateningly, their eyes glowing with fear. They couldn't lose their prize mermaid! The girl would be worth thousands, maybe even millions. They'd be able to afford anything they wanted, they wouldn't have to live the life they did. The mermaid was their new life, anything could be possible with her, and there would be no way they'd let some fisherman ruin their plans. "Woah woah woah!" Jonah shouted in defense, one of the several of confused cries as the crew all cowered to the ground in fear. Now Brian and Michael's true colors were showing, and everyone was tensed up. Who would get hurt?

"I won't release her! I won't! But she needs some water, her tail is coming apart!" Jonah argued, clutching the girl protectively to his chest while the sand burned his bare feet. He could hardly see straight with the sunlight burning his eyes. His heart pounded in his chest,with the mermaid dying every second that passed. "She could die, if she doesn't get water!" Jonah panicked, practically shaking facing the wrong end of a gun in his face. The captain was turned away from the scene with shame, pretending to examine a strange plant. The mermaids were hissing uncertainly, breaths held to see what would happen. "Fine! Fine! Make a move, Deighton, I kill everyone here," the burly man snarled nastily, doing whatever it would take to keep the girl safe. Jonah knelt slowly on the beach by the lapping shore, with the girl held tightly in his arms. The water reached only up to his knees when he was standing up, by his chest when he knelt in the water. "Better?" Jonah asked her softly.

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