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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (TheRainyReader) (therainyreader) | 54 comments Mod
With ACOFAS being a shorter book I decided to make just a spoiler discussion for the whole series here instead of breaking it up in chapters.

message 2: by Erynne (new)

Erynne | 6 comments I really enjoyed this because I like the characters, and it was good to get some different perspectives. I can't help but feel like I didn't need to read this though. I don't feel like I got anything out of this that couldn't just be in the beginning of the next book. Does anyone else feel that this was a little unnecessary? Still super fun though

message 3: by Clint (new)

Clint Read-Brittian (readsreaders) | 6 comments I really enjoyed this because of the fact I get to spend more time with some happy fluffy moments with some of my favorite Characters, which is why I gave it a 4 star rating. I know there were a few issues with the book but overall I knew going into this book it was going to be character driven over plot driven. Also I would love to point out Of course Characters are acting out of character for themselves they just went through something extremely tramatic. It was refreshing to see characters not acting like themselves after what happened. After my Sister passed away I went through some similar things as Nesta so I don't like how people online have been bashing her. I generally understand why each of the sisters are acting the way they are with their grief. That being said Can she stop trying to force Nesta and Cassian to be a thing? We get it but until Nesta is ready and has had some character growth she is not worthy of Cassian.! Also Elaine and Azriel thing, I hope they at least start out as a brother sister thing which is what I think both characters need before they become lovers! Just saying.

message 4: by Clint (new)

Clint Read-Brittian (readsreaders) | 6 comments Also can't wait to hear you gals thoughts on the book!

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