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message 1: by Eleonor (new)

Eleonor Ortiz | 1 comments Title: Keepers of Fate: The Beginning of an End
Author: Eleonor Ortiz
ISBN: 9780692125380
Publisher: Eden Elements Publishing
Publication date: August 14, 2018
Format: digital and paperback

When the universe depends on the balance of life, and dark forces work to take all for themselves, the fate of existence falls in the hands of an unexpected hero.

Adam was on the brink of his eighteenth birthday and longing for his freedom from the foster care system; all he’d known since losing his parents as a child. He was all too familiar with death and loss. He’d had plenty of time to prepare, yet he found himself rushing to land on his feet before leaving the foster home.

Fate had other plans.

When a beautiful girl recruited Adam for immortality as a Keeper, he was forced to leave his life behind for a new one in the realm of Albatess and become Hue. Along with changing his name, his appearance was uniquely redefined, and he was expected to lose his mortal emotions. But he entered immortality differently. To survive in Albatess, he had to blend in. As a Keeper, he was required to decide when and how some people died. Though internally resistant, what other choice did he have?

The cycle of life and death weighed heavily on him. Hue suspected the balance had been tainted. With his new friends, he set out to uncover the truth. When all authority ignored Hue’s allegations of the opposition working against them, it was up to him and his friends to make things right. After all, it was their responsibility as Keepers of Fate.

Page count: Paperback is 196, ebook page count is unknown

message 2: by Hugo (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 732 comments Hi, Eleonor.

Kindle edition has been automatically imported via Amazon -

Amazon lists no paperback edition with that ISBN yet.

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