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Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 356 comments Mod

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Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 356 comments Mod
Name: moonshadow
Age: 209 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: elder
Appearance: white with black back.
Other: none
Clan before death: thunderclan

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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 346 comments Mod
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Name: Nightkit, Bloodpaw, Bloodeye, Bloodstar
Nicknames: Night, Blood
Q&A: He got the prefix "Blood-" for his red eyes.

Gender: Tom
Age at Death: 67 moons
Current Age: 109, 843 moons

Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader
Former Apprentices: Open, ask first
Former Mentor: Open, ask first

Personality: Bloodstar is one of the best liars in the Clan. You can never detect a lie when it's coming out of his mouth, and he never tells anyone unless he has to, wants to. He is wise beyond his eyes and he knows exactly when to strike and is probably one of the most patient killers ever. He has a tendency to do overkill... He is as deadly as badgers and his claws are as sharp as an eagles' talons. It's almost impossible to defeat Bloodstar when he's awake. The only time you can waken him in fighting is if you attack him while he is asleep. He is a merciless warrior who cares nothing about his Clan.

Appearance: Bloodstar is a large, handsome black tom with unusual blood red eyes. Because of his eyes, he has been given a horrible blood-filled past. He has broad shoulders and powerful muscles that are almost impossible to break free from. He is a very heavy cat, but he's not fat at all. It's pure muscle.

Lover/Crush: Open, crush first
Kits: He never had any, but a part of him wish he did.

Father: Whitefoot
Mother: Snowflight
Brother: Waterkit
Sister: Blossompaw

Other: Bloodstar has MPD: Multiple Personality Disorder. His second personality is name Nightkit, his good half.
Cause of Death: Bled to death from his throat.
Likes: Mouse; being left alone
Dislikes: His other half, Nightkit; others getting the history of his name wrong
Fears: Being caught talking to himself

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 9 comments NAme: Talonscar
Age: 254 moons old
Gender: Tom
Clan: MeadowClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Close Combat
Personality( three words): Tough , Mischevious , Can be Friendly when he wants to
Mate: None
Crush: None
Kits: None
Other: close with brother Silverstone

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 346 comments Mod
Again, cats can only do close combat...
Other than that, approved.

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