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Name: Dewspirit
Age: 15 moons
Gender: tom
Rank: Medicine cat
Apprentice: open
Mate: n/a
Crush: n/a
Kits: n/a
Other: none
Appearance: Image result for gray cat with gray eyes

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Name: snowpelt
Age: 35 moons
Gender: female.
Rank: deputy
Clan: shadowclAn
Apprentice: snakepaw( open )
Mate: open
Crush: open
Kits: none
Other: none
Appearance: pure white with fluffy gray tail.

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inspired by brambleclaw and hawkfrost


• • Loner • •

• • Kit • •

• • Apprentice • •

• • Warrior + Deputy • •

• • Leader • •

• • Age : Moons • •
36 moons

• • Age : Years • •
3 years

• • Birthday • •
May 19, 2013

• • Gender • •

• • Relationship • •
Mate: Crush first
Crush: Open, ask first (No love triangles, please)

• • Kits • •
Secretly wishes to have them... (view spoiler)

• • Family : Blood • •
Father: Adderheart (view spoiler)
Mother: Sun (view spoiler)
Sister: Bird/Birdsong (view spoiler)
Brother: Snow (view spoiler)

• • Family : In-laws • •

• • Clan • •

• • Rank • •
Loner / Kit / Apprentice / Warrior / Deputy / Leader

• • Lives • •
(view spoiler)

• • Current Apprentice • •
Open, ask first

• • Trained Apprentices • •
First: Dustclaw (view spoiler)

• • Former Mentor • •
Open, ask first

• • The Warrior • •
Bramblestar is a loyal and brave cat. Sometimes he'll hold a grudge and he is a sensitive cat even though he doesn't seem like it. He's stubborn when he wants to be and would die for his Clan if he had to.

• • The Flirt • •
Bramblestar knows he's attractive and once in a while he'll use his looks to his advantage. He believes everyone should have a crush on him...even toms. He's recently taken a liking to bathing. He doesn't stop until he is happy, which can take a couple hours...

• • The Hidden Side • •
Bramblestar is secretly a romance-loving sweetheart. He adores kits and prays to StarClan that he'll find the right she-cat to have kits with. The she-cat of his dreams would be sweet and shy...that's why he usually flirts with the shy she-cats.

• • Injured Liar • •
Bramblestar would have to be a whisker away from death in order to allow a medicine cat to help him. Sometimes he'll allow his sister to take him to the medicine den if a wound has become infected. He's never tells anyone that his injuries hurt because he doesn't want to be treated like a kit.

• • Sister's Best Friend • •
Bramblestar is a true friend to his sister, Birdsong. He's her guardian, which means he's overly protective. If a tom broke her heart, he'd either kill him or exile him. No one hurts his sister!

• • Description • •
Bramblestar is a large, handsome dark brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. He has broad shoulders and powerful muscles and a white muzzle, paws and underbelly. He has thorn sharp claws, massive paws and a thick, bushy tail. The tip of his tail is black and under it is white.

• • Other : Picture • •
→ Real Cat: (view spoiler)
→ Eyes: (view spoiler)

• • History • •
He was dead. My brother, Snow, was actually dead. It felt like my heart was pulled out of me and shattered into millions of pieces. I was curled up by my mother's(Sun) belly with my sister, Bird, right beside me. Once she touched me, I vowed to protect her, no matter what happened.

A couple moons later Sun had taken us to ShadowClan and soon me and Bird became apprentices. Sun left and Birdpaw became more jumpy than usual, especially around toms. (Not including me!) That's when I started to be...basically a stone wall in front of Birdpaw. No tom would get to her unless the proved themselves to me.

I became Bramblefrost and my sister became Birdsong. My life as a warrior was pretty normal besides the fact that I got my first apprentice early. I was only eighteen moons! I protested that I wasn't ready to take on an apprentice, but Ravenstar(Leader before me) refused to listen to me. I touched noses with my new apprentice, Dustpaw, and I saw the he was just as uncertain as I was. We both knew I was still wasn't ready to have an apprentice, but we were both pretty excited.

Dustpaw became Dustclaw and a about a few moons after his warrior ceremony, I had become ShadowClan's deputy. Birdsong and Dustclaw had become mates. I knew that the two of them were in love with each other, but Dustclaw never told Birdsong that he had come down with green-cough during one leaf-bare. He told me about it, but he didn't tell Birdsong because he didn't want her to worry about him. He made me promise to not tell her, and I agreed. A few days later he died in his sleep. When Birdsong realized, it she was heartbroken.
"How could you leave me now? In the middle of leaf-bare?" Her face was buried into Dustclaw's neck. "We were going to try to have kits again..."
Birdsong had lost her kits a moon before Dustclaw became a warrior. I didn't know who the father was until this very moment. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't want Ravenstar to delay Dustclaw's warrior ceremony.

Three moons later Birdsong had eventually gotten over Dustclaw's death. I, of course, was the only one willing to help her get over it, but I also told her that he'd always love her, even if she decided to find a new mate. He'd want her to be happy, not sad.

Now I am a very new leader. Last moon Ravenstar had died peacefully in her sleep. I'm still not sure I'm good enough to be leader and I feel like I'm too young to be leader. Birdsong has helped me get through some of the problems. You'd think I would've made Birdsong my deputy, but no. I chose a different cat because I know she would never be able to handle the duties of a deputy or leader.

• • Other • •
→ "The Warrior" is based on Brambleclaw
→ Appearance is based on Hawkfrost
→ Family is based on Hawkfrost
→ Name is based on Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost
→ Name History is based on Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw
→ Leader after Ravenstar
© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]

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© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]

Loner: Bird
Kit: Birdkit
Warrior Apprentice: Birdpaw
Warrior: Birdsong

Moons: 36
Years+Months: 3y




{{Current Apprentice}}

{{Trained Apprentice/s}}

{{Former Mentor}}
Open, ask first

Birdsong finds it very hard to make friends and to tell you the truth, the only friend she has is her brother. She's loyal, but she's not sure she'd die for her Clan... She knows she'd die for her brother and her crush, though. She's completely sure about that! Once she opens up to yo, Birdsong is a complete sweetheart. It's hard to be upset with her. She adores kits and she hopes to have her own one day. She'll be a wonderful mother, but she doesn't think she's good enough. She finds it very hard to control her emotions. Even one wrong word can make her burst into tears, which suddenly makes her...well, basically a piece of prey. Easy to catch when you've cornered it. If you can get past the shy side, you'll find a fascinating world that she never shows to anyone but the cats she trusts. She loves playing with kits, but she loves spending time with her brother more than anything. The more you delve into her world, the harder it gets to hate her. She has a very delicate heart. If it is broken, her brother will come to her rescue and will make you pay for hurting her. If she was to ever find a mate, it'd have to be her true love. She once had a mate who died of green-cough, and her brother has helped her recover and kept her from killing herself to be with him again.

Birdsong is a gorgeous, pure white she-cat with sparkling amber eyes. She has long, soft and unbelievably comfortable fur. She thinks she ugly and "not pretty enough" for any tom to love her. Now, what she doesn't realize is that appearance doesn't matter. She needs someone to actually tell her that, and make her believe it by making her feel like she the most beautiful cat he has ever seen and that she is the she-cat of his dreams.

Former Mate: Dustclaw (died from green-cough)
Mate: Crush first
Crush: Open, ask first

Son: Flamekit (died at birth)
Daughter: Dawnkit (died at birth)

{{Family: Blood}}
Father: Adderheart (Dead)
Mother: Sun (Dead; former lone)
Brother: Snow (Dead)
Brother: Bramblestar (Alive; Birdsong231)

{{Family: In-laws}}

Tba... For now, read Bramblestar's history.

Other: N/A
Likes: Kits; being with her brother
Dislikes: Death; talking about her kits; talking about Dustclaw

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I was thinking of quietstream, good on a sec...
Name: branchfall
Age: 24 moons
Gender: female
Rank: young warrior
Personality: she is very shy and sensitive, she only likes 1 cat from her clan. She likes smokefur of Windclan even though they will never be mates. She loves kits and hopes to have
Her own someday.
Appearance: light brown with tan and white spots.
Other: none
Crush: bramblestar/frost
Mate: none( crush first)
Kits: none

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Name: snakepaw
Age: 7 moons
Gender: male
Appearance: white with rough brown patches , the patches have black lines in the middle.
Personality: bouncy, creative, annoying
Mate: too young
Crush: open ask first.
Kits: too young
Other: apprentice of Snowpelt.

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Daisykit, Daisypaw, Daisysong

36 moons



Kit, apprentice, warrior, queen?

Sweet, kind, bubbly, stubborn, proud, friendly

Size: Small/Short
Eyes: green
Breed: Ragdoll
Pelt: Calico

Other pictures: (view spoiler)

Open, ask first


Mother: Featherlight (Alive; FoxClan; warrior; 58 moons; open, ask first)
Father: Firewing (Alive; FoxClan; warrior; 56 moons; open, ask first)
Brother: Crowpool (Alive; MouseClan; warrior; Birdsong231)
Brother: Jayfrost (Alive; MouseClan; warrior; Birdsong231)
Nephew: Bramblekit (Alive; MouseClan; kit; adopted son of Jayfrost; Birdsong231)
Sister In-law: Tiger-rose (Alive; MouseClan; queen; Jayfrost's mate; Birdsong231)

This template was created by an old friend of mine. I give her full credit. I added the daisies, though. © Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]

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Russetfox  | 6 comments Name: Blizzardcry
Age: 42
Tom or She-Cat: Tom

Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Senior Warrior

Appearance: https://www.brit-petfood.com/file/nod...
Markings: Seen in Pic.

Personality: Angry and sometimes cold.
Abilities: He is good at keeping quiet.

History: “My life is like other cats, it was good. My mother died giving birth to me and my brother, he left to be a loner but I’m good.” He huffs and walks away.

Mentor: Crowcry

Relationship Status: Open
Other: He is very kind to elders and kits.

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