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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments :)

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alright, let’s do this!

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments okie dokie!! would you like to be steve or nancy??

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nancy please

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments okay. give me a few mins to make steve

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name: nancy wheeler
age: 17
appearance: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/s...

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments steve harrington
(view spoiler)

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alright, how are we doing this?

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments sooo they're both in school, maybe have a few classes together. maybe nancy can be friends with steve's gf at the time?

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that works!! could you start?

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments sure, here's laurie by the way

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments on a sunny fall day in Hawkins, Indiana, Steve was pissed; enraged. He heard about the rumors of his girlfriend, Laurie, cheating on him with another guy from the football team, Henry. He hadn't heard anything from Laurie all day, and he knew that after school got out, he'd have to confront her. It was 2:00 PM, October 24th. School would be out in five minutes. Steve watched the clock impatiently, foot tapping against the floor. He wasn't paying any mind to what Mr. Tracy was talking about, it was probably something about how fast diffusion can occur with certain substances in water.

"Steve?" Mr. Tracy prodded.

"Yes?" Steve snapped back to reality, looking up at his teacher.

"Do you know the answer?" He raised an eyebrow tauntingly.

Steve glanced at the girl who turned around and mouthed sexual selection. He cleared his throat, looking at the board to realize they were not talking about chemistry, rather biology. "Uh, sexual selection." He said. When the entire class burst into laughter, he scrunched his face up. "Thanks, Kelly." He said to the girl in front of him.

Mr. Tracy shook his head, laughing as well. "It was species biodiversity." He said. The bell rang, and he sighed. "Alright, class... Your homework is on page 342."

Steve tuned out the rest of what the teacher said, standing up and walking out of the room to find his girlfriend. He felt anger building up again, hoping that the situation wouldn't escalate into a full-blown argument.

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(( i’ll respond in a little bit, i’m working on homework ))

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((okay!))

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Laurie stood at her locker, chatting with Nancy about the English project that they were working on together. She smiled brightly, looking over as she saw Steve come over to the two of them. “Hey baby, what’s wrong?” She asked him gently, frowning when she saw that he looked frustrated and upset.

Nancy held onto the straps of her backpack, turning her head to glance at Steve. Steve found out. She had sworn to Laurie that she wouldn’t tell anyone that she cheated, but it was going to be hard to keep her mouth shut right now. She stayed quiet and watched Laurie.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve cleared his throat, forcing a smile and kissing Laurie's cheek. "Hey, Laur." He murmured, turning and giving Nancy a smile as well. "Hey, Nancy." He inhaled through his nose quickly, turning back to his girlfriend. "So." He bit his lower lip. "My buddy said that you were with Henry last night? He told me that you slept with him? Is that true?" He asked, unable to control his emotions. He clearly looked upset, and he was. He wished that there was a better way to approach this conversation, but there wasn't. It had to be said. He was hoping for the best; he trusted Laurie. They've been dating for almost a year, and it would hurt him to find out that Laurie had been cheating on him. He's been cheated on before, and it was extremely difficult to go through.

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Laurie frowned at Steve, looking at him with wide eyes. “Baby, I would never cheat on you. Who told you that?” She asked gently, taking both of his hands in hers. She just so happened to be an excellent liar. That’s what happened when you dated the captain of the cheer team.

Nancy stood back, biting her lip and looking at the ground. She was friends with Steve and Laurie, and she couldn’t just let Laurie go on with this. It was cruel and rotten. Steve needed to know the truth.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve sighed with relief, grinning when she took his hands. He leaned down to kiss both of her soft hands. "Joel told me." He said with a frown. "He said that Henry was telling him all about it. I can't believe he would do that. I thought we were friends." He shook his head in disbelief. "I'm sorry, Laur. I should've known, I should've trusted you. I'm just afraid that I'll lose you. You're so beautiful, I'm sure everyone wants you." He bit his lip before dipping his head down to kiss her softly. "Anyways, you have practice soon, right?" He asked her with a small smile.

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Laurie smiled gently, kissing him back as he leaned in. “Yeah, I’ve got practice in 30 minutes.” She explained gently, her eyes flickering over to Nancy as if to tell her to keep her mouth shut. She smiled warmly at Steve, happy that he believed everything she told him. He was so gullible sometimes.

Nancy bit her lip, contemplating long and hard. She sighed quietly, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she stood there silently.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve grinned and nodded. "Good," he said. "Well, I'll see you after practice? Maybe we can get dinner tonight from the diner?" He asked, rubbing her small arms with his large, strong hands. He had been to the diner with Laurie before, along with many of his friends for football. It was a great hang out spot; they had large tables and a lot of seats. The servers never checked IDs, so anyone who looked about 21 could get themselves a beer without being caught.

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“That sounds perfect, I love you baby.” Laurie smiled at him, kissing his cheek as she gazed into his eyes. “Do you want to pick me up from practice, and we will go to the diner from there?” She asked him gently.

Nancy frowned. She had to tell Steve the truth, but she knew she’d lose Laurie as a friend if she told him. “She’s lying, Steve.” She whispered almost silently.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments "Yeah, sounds perfect." Steve smiled at her. "Alright, see you after practice, babe." He said, giving her another kiss. He stepped back, smiling softly. "Bye, Nancy," he said, not having heard what she said. He walked down the hallway towards his locker, opening it and grabbing his athletic bag with the football gear. He was ready for practice. Tomorrow they'll have a game against their rival school, and he couldn't wait to prepare.

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Laurie smiled brightly and grabbed her cheer bag, walking away. “Bye, Nance.” She told the girl, heading to the gym for practice. She was so grateful for Steve’s ability to believe everything she told him.

Nancy sighed softly, holding onto her backpack. “Bye.” She murmured quietly. She couldn’t do it now. Steve had to be focused for the huge football game tomorrow. She sighed and ran a hand down her face before she walked out, needing to pick up Mike from school.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve was about to head to his locker room when he saw Henry Packer chatting with a couple of his friends and laughing. He sighed heavily, shaking his head to himself. He couldn't start any fight; not now, not here. He walked towards the locker rooms when he heard "Harrison!" from Henry. He turned around, raising his eyebrows. "Yep?"

"Laurie... She's got a smokin' bod..." Henry smirked, his friends egging him on.

Steve's nostrils flared. "Keep your fuckin' mouth shut, Packer." He growled. "Keep spreading shit, it's all gonna come back to you." He shook his head.

"Spreading shit?" Henry laughed. "Did Laurie fool you?"

Steve felt his face growing hot. He stormed over to Henry, grabbing the collar of his shirt and slamming him against the lockers. "You stop saying this shit about her, or I'll hurt you, I swear to god!"

Henry wiggled his eyebrows. "She has two freckles on her right asscheek." He said with a laugh. "Super sexy."

Steve shook his head in disbelief, losing control of himself. He punched Henry straight in the nose, causing him to hit the back of his head against the lockers.

Henry pushed Steve off of him and punched him in the jaw. He tried to get Steve to the ground, but Steve resisted and punched Henry in the stomach, causing a cough.

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Nancy was just about to leave when she heard the boys fighting. She dropped her bag and ran off. “Stop it!” She shrieked. She grabbed onto Steve’s shoulders, trying to pull him back and away from Henry. As she stepped into the fight, she did her best to not get punched or hit.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Henry hadn't even realized Nancy was in between them until he punched her straight in the face. "Oh, my god, Nancy..." He backed up, eyes wide.

"Nancy?" Steve gasped, pulling her back and turning her around to look at her face. "Oh, Jesus." He shook his head. "Come on... Let's get you some ice." He muttered, flipping Henry off before leading her towards the athletic nurse.

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Nancy clutched her eye, feeling it throb in pain. “I’m fine, Steve. I’ll be okay.” She murmured quietly as she made her way to the nurse with him. She turned her head to glance up at him. “Steve, I-I’m sorry.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve frowned, scratching the back of his head. "Is... Is it true? Laurie cheated on me?" He asked, entering the athletic office and scooping a couple cups of ice into a large plastic bag. He tied it and handed the bag to Nancy, then scooped himself a bag for his jaw.

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Nancy took the bag from him and held it to her eye. “Yes, I’m so sorry. She told me not to tell you, but I can’t do that. I can’t lie to my friends.” She explained. “I know we aren’t terribly close, but I’d rather have you find out now than later. It’s terrible timing because of the game, but you deserved to know. I’m sorry.” Nancy explained weakly, holding the ice to her throbbing eye.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve sighed heavily, lowering his head in defeat. "I should've known." He muttered. He looked at Nancy, touching her wrist. "No, don't apologize. You have nothing to be sorry for." He said. "I'm glad that I found out sooner than later. I'll be fine for the game." He bit his lip, wondering if he'd even be able to concentrate during practice. He was so hurt; so upset. He shouldn't even date girls in the first place. It always ends badly.

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Nancy looked up at him sadly, feeling awful about all of this. She saw how hurt he looked. Truth was, Nancy still loved Steve. She cared for him, no matter what happened between them. “I’m sorry.” She continued to repeat. “I’m here if you ever need anything, Steve. I promise.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments ((Wait have they dated before?? I am confusion))

Steve shook his head. “Nanc—“ he looked down at her, shaking his head. “Please stop apologizing.” He smiles softly. “Thank you. I know you’re here for me. And I know that I really don’t know what’s going on in your life right now... For that, I am sorry. But know that I’m here for you, too. Always.” He watched her, frowning. He was unsure of what to do; it felt as if his heard had been stomped on and left on the side of the road.

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(( uhhhh idk just forget that part HAHA ))

Nancy looked up at him, keeping the ice on her eye. “Thank you.” She said softly, curling up in the chair that she was sitting in. “If you want, I’ll join you at the diner tonight. I heard a little rumor that an alcoholic milkshake is the perfect remedy for heartbreak.” Nancy murmured, attempting to cheer Steve up.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments (( lmfaoooo no worries ))

Steve smiled, nodding. “That’d be nice, actually. I would much rather not be by myself.” He said. “Thanks, Nancy.” He ran a hand through his hair, looking at her bloody nose. He stood and got a paper towel, wetting it under the sink. He then brought it to Nancy. “Can I clean you up?” He asked her. “I hope it heals quickly.”

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Nancy nodded gently. “Is my nose bleeding? Wow, I didn’t even realize. I was kinda more focused on my eye. I don’t think I can open it completely.” She told Steve softly, keeping the ice pack on her face as she sat forward, letting him clean up her face.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve nodded. “Yeah, and I’m sure your eye hurts way more.” He said, carefully cleaning the drying blood from her nose, mouth and chin. “I’m so sorry this happened to you,” he frowned. “I wish I didn’t even talk to the guy. I should’ve known what was coming.” He sighed heavily. “I don’t even know how I’m gonna approach Laurie when I see her after practice.”

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“It’s okay, Steve, I promise. I’m okay. Don’t worry about me.” She promised him gently, stopping talking for a moment so he could wipe the blood off her lips that she just now tasted. “And like I said, I’m here. Just make it short and simple. Approach her, tell her you know the truth, and the relationship is over. She’s going to try to sweet talk you back into her heart. That’s just the way Laurie is.”

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve nodded in understanding, tossing the paper towel in the trash can. He looked back to her and sighed heavily. “Yeah, I know. She’s such a good liar. I wish I wasn’t so stupid.” He shook his head, standing up. “Well, I have to head off to practice. I’ll see you soon, Nancy.” He said, clearing his throat. “Oh, uh, I’ll pick you up at your place, alright? I’ll be there around 5:30.” He said, throwing his ice pack away and slinging his bag over his shoulder.

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Nancy nodded gently and tossed her ice pack away as well. Her eye was already black, blue, purple, and swollen. “That will be perfect. Good luck Steve.” She murmured quietly as she stood up, needing to go get Mike. She exited the office and grabbed her backpack from the hallway before she made her way to the middle school.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve watched Nancy leave before heading towards the locker room, changing quickly and jogging out to the field with his bags. He put his helmet on to cover his face; but he already overheard the banter. Everyone knew about what had just happened. He hoped they would keep it down when Coach Kennedy arrived; getting into a physical fight could cause a player to be benched in the next game.

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Nancy met with all of the kids, offering them all a ride home. They didn’t question her face, but they sure as hell gave her weird looks. She sighed softly and unlocked her car, letting them all climb in as she started the engine, staying quite quiet.

Laurie smiled and laughed with her friends at cheer practice, completely oblivious to the fact that Steve knew what happened because Nancy told him. She cheered brightly, grinning as she was tossed into the air.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve walked up to the team, glancing over at the cheer squad. He scowled at the sight of Laurie. She looked extremely happy; as if she was celebrating the fact that her boyfriend completely believed her lies. He caught sight of Henry at the other end of the group of football players, and he gladly kept his distance. He walked to Joel and sighed. “You were fuckin’ right, man, and I wish you weren’t.”

“Oh, I know.” Joel said with a sigh, looking to Laurie. “I mean... Look at what you lost.” He whistled lowly.

Steve narrowed his eyes at him. “That’s a bit low, especially coming from you.” He mumbled before walking away, just deciding to stand by himself.

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Nancy took a glance back at the football field before she drove away, taking all of the boys home. She said hello to Mrs. Byers, chatting for a few since Will was the last one she took home. After chatting for a bit, Nancy returned home with Mike, attempting to hide her face from her mother.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments It was nearing 5:00. Practice had been fine since Steve had completely avoided everyone, even Joel. Even the coach hadn’t noticed he was in a bad mood. When practice finally ended, Steve quickly made his way to his beloved car and drove to Nancy Wheeler’s house. He fixed his hair when he arrived, then walked up to the front door and knocked, waiting patiently and looking around the yard.

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Nancy had changed into a simple sweater and jeans. She opened the door, smiling weakly at Steve. Her eye was only getting worse, despite the medicine that she had taken and the ice she had put on it. Her nose was bruised too. “Are you ready?” She asked him gently, tucking her fake ID into her pocket just in case. Although Nancy had been a goody two shoes her entire life, she had been starting to adventure into the party world a bit this past year.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve smiled at Nancy when she opened the door, nodding. “God, Nancy, your eye...” he muttered as he walked down the sidewalk with her towards his car. “I’m sure it still hurts, huh?” Steve asked with a frown, opening the car door for her. “Maybe we can ask for a bag of ice when we get to the diner.”

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“Not really, honestly. But I think I just got used to the pain.” She explained to him as she got into his car. “And I feel like it needs a break from ice. All I’ve done since I got home is ice it.” Nancy murmured softly, buckling up and looking at him.

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve nodded in agreement. “Ah, I know the feeling.” He said, then closed the door for her and walked around to climb into the car on the other side. He looked over at her and buckled his seatbelt, smiling small. “Alright,” he said, “let’s get out of here.” He put the car in drive and started down the road towards the diner.

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Nancy smiled gently. They just had to convince the diner to make the spiked milkshakes. She had gotten them before with Laurie, and they were great for getting just a bit tipsy and forgetting about problems. She sat back in her seat, staying pretty quiet. She was doing her best to avoid looking at her reflection, as she didn’t like seeing her eye

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mere (meredithhh) | 376 comments Steve parked in front of the diner, sighing with relief. “Oh, shit,” he said. “I never saw Laurie, I never talked to her. I was too caught up in leaving to get you that I completely forgot I ditched her.” He chuckled, then shrugged. “Well, I guess that’s what happens when you cheat on someone.” He said. “Let’s go.” Steve opened the car door and climbed out, stretching. “I hope I don’t smell like sweat.” He laughed a bit.

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