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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance, heroine with cancer, hero has a dead wife/girlfriend? [s]

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Steffi Celis (stefficelis) | 40 comments So the book im looking for was published in 2014-2017 i think and its about a hero that had a wife (could be girlfriend) that passed away and hes closed off from love. The heroine manages to break through him and they get together until the heroine does something that makes the hero say that she is not *name of the wife/girlfriend* and never will be, they break up and then the heroine finds out that she has cancer. At the end of the book the heroine is free of cancer and she and the hero are together again

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Steffi Celis (stefficelis) | 40 comments I remebered that the scene where the hero finds out she has cancer is in the beach, she isnt wearing her wig but she is wearing a hat and i think the wind blows it off her head and he questions her about not having hair and that is how he finds out

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Steffi Celis (stefficelis) | 40 comments thats the book, thanks!

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