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T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Hi all!

Below is the prologue to my first book, Amity of the Angelmen. (Below that is a link to my website, where you can also read the first chapter!)

The idea of the series is that 4 young people have lived their lives not knowing they were really members of the Nephilim race (half human, half demon - a breed actually documented in the Bible). God has finally decided to allow them to fight against Satan for the opportunity to receive salvation. In the first 4 books, you will see each of the 4 angelmen (another name for the Nephilim) learn about who they are and what their new powers are from their guiding angels. However, Satan has been alerted to their wakening and is tracking them down so they don't get the chance to reach the final Battle. The last chapter of each book will show the 4 leaders - Amity, Asher, Caedmon, and Malachi - meeting, from their perspective.

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Prologue of Amity of the Angelmen: Amity of the Angelmen (Angelmen #1) by T.C. Slonaker

Prologue of Amity of the Angelmen:

The War began long before anyone was there to stop it. And when it began, only God knew how much destruction would occur.

The beginning was innocent, just as the birth of a child never seems to preclude the sinful nature that will develop within it. Among the heavens, God placed some of His most marvelous beings, the angels. Tall and elegant, these creatures were awesome to behold. Using the unearthly sound of their voices and their winged flight, they dedicated their service to the Creator.

But the angels were still just creatures, not favored by God. Most of them knew the majesty and might of Whom they were serving and would do nothing but. However, there was a stir among the rest of these fantastic beings. They knew things with which perhaps they should never have been entrusted and realized just how great they were, with thanks to the most magnificent of them.

All of the angels stood silently to watch in utter amazement the day God created man. His form was similar to that of his Maker, though nowhere near as glorious, and he seemed so small to the giants in the audience. A mumbling went through the ranks of the discontent that this new being could hardly be more than a pet for the great God of the universe.

The discontent remained when woman was created, whom the angels agreed was most fair. Still, the God they served seemed to harbor a love for these little beings that far outweighed what He felt for the angels.

The good among them had no complaint. God had created for Himself a family. Obviously, man wasn’t perfect—far from it—but he was interesting. Many angels were being called into the service of caring for and sending messages to these people. The good served, because it was what God asked of them, and one just does not question his Maker. His will is accomplished.

There was one who felt he had served the Maker enough. God had His fill of him, and he had his fill of God. Rumor of a coup was rising.

So it was that Lucifer encouraged the mumblings among the discontent. This group fell away from the covering of their God and claimed their allegiance to Him no more.

Seeing he still didn’t have the majority of the angels, Lucifer needed to plan more carefully. He waited patiently for many years, as his army was propagated below on the earth. He only had to keep the whisperings perpetuated among the discontent. Finally, there were enough of the female humans on the earth for the discontent to start their own new race, and so began the brief day of the angelmen.

But Lucifer wasn’t done with his recruiting. A wait for the numbers to grow began. God may have created all, but Lucifer took pride in what he won away. He prepared to take his new army into battle.

Link to read more:

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Prologue of Asher of the Angelmen: Asher of the Angelmen by T.C. Slonaker

Preface of Asher of the Angelmen

A very old-looking, yellowish paper was slipped onto the man's desk. The soldier who brought it couldn't help being intimidated in the presence of such power, and he stepped back quickly as bony fingers raised the page to examine it.

“These are the first four, then?” The yellow eyes lifted from the paper and bore an imaginary hole with his evil gaze into face of the soldier at his desk.

“Yes, sir,” he answered, still unable to meet the eyes of the man behind the desk. “Our spies have come upon no others. The source of spiritual energy is centered around these four.”

The soldier gained some confidence, knowing the information he presented was accurate. The man sensed that confidence and felt the need to squash it to prove his dominance.

“These four are too young. I would hope my enemy would not be so stupid. Children? One of them is even female. Surely I am not so underestimated.”

He succeeded; the minion shrunk back, defending himself and his information from a position recoiled. “But their powers are great, sir, and will multiply in the presence of the others. Energy detectors around them have confirmed that these are the leaders.”

The man stood. “If this is the best they have to offer, I will enjoy flaunting my power over them and taking back what is mine with ease.”

“Where should I tell them to begin, sir?”

The man looked at the paper. “This one is obvious. Pride will make his flaws the easiest to subdue. We only need to bring down one. If the four do not all meet, we have won before we have even begun. That should require very little effort. Is that something your squadron can manage?”

“With ease, sir.”

Pacing carefully to the front of the desk, coming closer to the soldier, the man answered, “Good. For this one, you will only require one female. Bring down first the angelman they call Asher.”

He returned to his seat behind the desk, storing this new information, the discovery of the angelmen leaders, in his brain so that he could mold it into a plan and use it.

“Yes, sir.” The soldier nearly sighed in relief of retaining his life at the exit of the brief meeting with the powerful one.

“And soldier?”

“Yes, sir?” asked a worried warrior.

“Let's send a message about the power of our army. Annihilate him, then the others.” He made his point clear by crumpling the paper into a ball in his hand. After a tight squeeze, the ball burst into flame before quickly extinguishing itself. The ashes drifted onto the desk.

“It will be done, sir.” The soldier was happy to carry the order out on the angelman, and glad it would not be done to him.

Link to read more:

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Caedmon of the Angelmen will be coming in early 2015!

message 5: by Carolyn, The God of Angel Armies (new)

Carolyn (caroheartsbooks) | 9968 comments Mod
T.C. wrote: "Hi all!

Below is the prologue to my first book, Amity of the Angelmen. (Below that is a link to my website, where you can also read the first chapter!)

The idea of the series is that 4 young peop..."

interesting plot!

the nephilim were always fascinating

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Thanks! They've been a lot of fun to write.

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Thanks, Sara! Remember - all my books went through tons of editing. It was very humbling. But I hope you do enjoy them. :)

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 85 comments Are your books in any libraries?

T.C. Slonaker | 566 comments Well, I donated them to my local library, here in PA, but I'm not sure about anywhere else. However, I know at my library, if I ask them to carry a book, they will almost always order it. So, you could always try that! I know they are expensive. My publisher doesn't compete very well. Sorry!

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