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message 1: by huhhuh (new)

huhhuh | 1 comments Need advice on storing my books. Have attempted to research this online, but have found conflicting articles. Eg. Many articles suggest wrapping only the book covers, to allow books to 'breathe'. Yet, there are some articles that suggest wrapping entire books because, oxidization. Personally opted to wrap entire book as this is practice seen in local bookstores, and prevents accumulation of dust.

I own largely hardcover and large trade paperback books, which I assume are printed on acid free paper. Would like advice from collectors who are familiar with the local weather conditions.

Currently storing my books in the following manner :

- the entire book (not just the cover) is wrapped in cheap, PVC plastic wrapper, commonly found in stationery shops. Using cheap, normal transparent tape to seal the wrapping. I tape the wrapper judiciously, so as to allow no 'holes'
- wrapped books are stored in large, transparent, plastic storage boxes, those found in Aeon
- boxes are kept in dark environment

I take out all my books and check them every 1-2 years. Recently observed a number of books where page edges are starting to 'yellow', and stain (foxing?). Some of the used books I purchased were already in less than ideal conditions, but could swear certain titles were in pristine condition previously.

Additionally, noticed that some books were stuck together, as the tape used to seal the plastic wrapper had melted. No damage to the book cover itself, as far as I can see, but wondering if this is cause for concern, if I should be using certain materials for wrapping.

Majority of the books were in good condition, including those I've had for over a decade.

Appreciate any feedback on this, thanks.

message 2: by Bo (new)

Bo Manson | 30 comments I love my books too. I have two sets of encyclopedias. Altho preserved without wrapping, they started yellowing.
1. Store them in a container. Checked.
2. A container is away from the sun/heat of sun. Checked.
3. The book has its own plastic cover. Checked.
4. Yellowing and silverfish. Checked.

I'd like to suggest you to use the double side tape. The one sided tape is not good in a long term. The glue will stick to other book later on.

One more thing is, How about using silica to reduce the moisture? Eventho no sun, no heat, good container bla bla...moisture somehow will get its way. On second thought, use rice in a sock instead of silica. They are doing the same thing I am not so sure who's more absorbent. Please consider other way too

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