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disappointed by thunderhead

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Olivia i honestly feel like i was disappointed by thunderhead... i saw so many five star reviews about the book so i decided to read it after scythe but i was so angry, i had to stop reading it at about 4/5 through.

first, tyger was a scythe's apprentice (yes, i know he doesn't actually become an apprentice but i'll get to that later). then, citra sees her parents for thanksgiving and has the audacity to tell them that even though she's their daughter, they need to treat her like some sort of royal? wtf? she's still a teenager and those are her PARENTS. if she was my daughter, i would never let that pass... then when rowan went to glean scythe brahms and all of a sudden could not fight a couple of guards and had gotten kidnapped (i know he was angry, but he had fought at least five before and remembered what scythe faraday had said earlier about not letting himself get angry when getting ready to fight but still) and then this is the part that really pissed me off.

scythe goddard, who had been beheaded and burned, got tyger's body.

how? it was a bit of a stretch that scythe volta (whatever her name is) was alive but now goddard? then he is running for high scythe and that's when i stopped reading... feel free to tell me below what you think :D i would love to know your guys' thoughts and opinions!

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Madison citra told her parents to give her and her position the respect she and it deserve. i think they kind of took a little liberty with her being their daughter to kind of tell her what she should do in her situation as if they know all about it. They also tried to give "advice" on rowan as if they knew about what he was doing and why. it was an ignorant and misunderstood position on the side of her parents, and citra deserves the same amount of respect any other scythe would get. she's also 18 so "technically" isn't a child; she's not being disrespectful, she's asking for respect as a scythe even though she's their daughter. her mother also held bitterness because citra lived with scythe curie and kind of lost her position as her mother, so to speak. her mother came from a place of bitterness, frustration and sadness at losing citra to "doing something good" as her parents said in the first book, at a cost of not being able to really be her mother.

i haven't gotten to goddard yet; i'd imagine he had people in the inside helping him.

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E Chen Honestly I think all the weird plot shenanigans were exciting, and were better executed than the average YA plot twist. I think Tyger becoming Rand's apprentice made a lot of sense, as she did it on purpose to hurt Rowan. I also think Goddard being resurrected isn't all that much of a stretch, seeing how good resurrection technology is and the fact that his head (if I recall correctly) wasn't burnt.

However, I agree that Rand should most definitely not be alive. If I were Neal, I would've chosen any other of Goddard's (alive) followers to be the one to resurrect him, but I guess he wanted to use an existing character.

The thing with Brahms and his guards... I can't remember now, but if they were scythe-trained guards they might have been harder for Rowan to defeat. Protagonists should get defeated sometimes though, even if they are incredibly skilled.

Oh, and Citra's snooty outburst towards her parents: I think she was meant to seem audacious and kind of a horrible daughter in that scene, to show how being a scythe changed her and alienated her towards her parents and her old life. I don't think Shusterman wants us to think that she did the right thing; I think he wants us to see her new life as a scythe to be a dramatic, irrevocable change, and kind of a depressing one too, since it hurt her family so much.

Danielle Messier I agree with the comment above where they mentioned Citras scene of being snotty. I think it was meant to define her as an adult, because that is how she has grown. I mean, wouldn't you be frustrated if your parents tried to lecture you on a topic they know absolutely nothing about?

I respect your choice to stop 4/5 way through but OMG how did you manage that!! Lol, after page 250 I had to know what was going to happen to Curie and Citra. I could not put it down.

I despise Goddard in every sense of the word, he isn't even a great charismatic villain. He is a pompous jackass. And I don't understand how people followed him in the first book. Within the second book, his "coming out" scene at the meeting of scythes (I forgot the name I'm sorry) had me gripping the book in anger. They put his head on another persons body for Christs sake. Another reason why I didn't like Goddard was because even when he had his own body he acted like a selfish teenager with no manners or respect for anyone else.

In short, I rated both scythe and thunderhead 5/5 stars, I felt that it is a memorable story. The utopian/dystopian topic isn't new but I felt the execution of this book surpassed my expectations and I was left gripping the pages eagerly waiting to see what happened next. However, that being said... I have had my fill of Goddard. I will read book three because I am interested to see the world after the thunderhead abandons humanity for a time. But if not for the other aspects of the book I wouldn't read it, that's how much I disliked Goddard.

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