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farseer vs liveship trader
Michael Ingrassia Michael Ingrassia Jul 29, 2014 04:34PM
So I'm about to finish up book three of the Farseer trilogy and am sad to see the story of Fitz is coming to an end ( at least how it was originally intended assuming Tawny man was an after thought)... I am somewhat tempted to skip over live ship and jump right into tawny man. would I be foolish to skip over it? can I become amerced in it the same way i did the Farseer Trilogy. I seem to see a lot of mixed reviews after reading Farseer and apparently being sadly disappointed to get into live ship.

You would be foolish to skip Liveship. It not only contains a lot of crucial information about the world, but it also is next in the chronology of the series, and stuff that happens in Liveship definitely affects the events of Tawny Man. On top of that, it's a really great story. I didn't like it as much as Farseer, but my wife thought it was better.

They're all great books, but I did find that the Farseer Trilogy was a lot more engaging for me personally, although the Liveship Trilogy was very intriguing as a story. I didn't link it all together until after I read the Tawny Man trilogy! Also, it definitely helps on the understanding front to have read Liveship trilogy before Tawny Man, despite the temptation to do otherwise! It's worth it! :)

Agreed I accidentally read them out of sequence as well - go in order. :)

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The Liveship trilogy are some of the best books I've read and in my opinion are slightly better than Farseer. I was also pleasantly surprised with one of the major characters in these books. Let's just say that it's someone you've seen before and their story is connected to both Farseer and Tawny Man.

I also read them out of sequence, i.e. Liveships, Farseer, Tawny Man.

I would definitely recommend that you read Liveships before Tawny Man. There is a LOT of things that happen in Liveships that have direct impact on the Tawny Man story.

Besides, Liveships is a great story with excellent complex characters.

The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince

Reading the Willful Princess ... could also add to your appreciation of the series ...

I read them out of sequence (Farseer, Tawny Man, Liveship) and there were spots in TM that didn't make sense until I'd read LST. Definitely read them chronologically. As Bryan said, I wasn't as big on LST as the Farseer/TM books, but then Farseer sets a high bar.

Listen to Bryan. He's right. And personally I found the Liveship trilogy to be at least as engaging as the Farseer trilogy. Great characters, great high seas adventure and very crucial plot progression.

Fool's Assassin will be out next month. It'll be the 3rd Fool trilogy.

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