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Private Lies (Jane Avery Mysteries, #1)
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BUDDY READ: Mystery/Crime > Private Lies, by Cynthia St. Aubin - starting June 15th, 2018

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Jennifer | 3551 comments During Jane Avery’s shady childhood, truth was always a moving target. Since then, she’s learned that colorful fictions can clean up a lot of life’s messes—and she learned from the best. Her mother, Alexis Avery, is the most imaginatively duplicitous private eye in Denver. When the mother of invention goes missing, Jane knows that only her acquired skills of deceit can solve the mystery.

It’s what aspiring lawyer Jane doesn’t know that’s left her blindsided. For starters, Alexis’s secret two-year affair with fellow PI Paul Gladstone, or her latest client—a sleazy and deadly gazillionaire architect whose exploits keep the tabloids in business. Sure, Alexis has carved out a niche for danger. But this investigation is leading Jane down a rabbit hole of kidnapping, bribery, blackmail, hired assassins, and murder.

Maybe Jane doesn’t know her mother at all. Maybe to find her, Jane has to face the truth. She just hopes she can recognize it when she sees it. It could save both their lives.

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