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Jennifer | 3551 comments There are three kinds of nerdy women in the world.
- The Sexy Nerd
- The Confident Nerd; and
- The So-Socially-Awkward-it’s-Painful-to-Watch Nerd.

You can probably guess which one I am. After witnessing me making a fool of myself, Chance Hoffman decided to take pity on me. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and totally out of my league… and for some unexplainable reason, he wants to help me. Who am I to say no? Besides, I need all the assistance I can get.

There are three things that make a woman irresistible.
- Confidence
- A Wicked Sense of Humor; and
- A Killer Rack.

Melany Fitzgerald had none of those things. Or so I thought… until I really got to know her. She’s the total package and she doesn’t even realize it. Now I’m stuck with the uncomfortable task of helping her land another guy, all the while trying to ignore the fact that I’m starting to fall for her.

She thinks she’s an ugly duckling and wants to become a swan. All I want is her. And I’m not giving up without a fight.

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Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 2 - (view spoiler)

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Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 9 - (view spoiler)
Ch 16 - (view spoiler)
Ch 20 - (view spoiler)
Finished - (view spoiler)

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Alaina (ameserole) Chapter 6: (view spoiler)

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Alaina (ameserole) Chapter 13: (view spoiler)

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Alaina (ameserole) Chapter 18: (view spoiler)
Chapter 24: (view spoiler)
Finished: (view spoiler)

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