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The Pearl of the Soul of the World (Darkangel Trilogy, #3)
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy/SF, Vampire takes "brides", protagonist follows her taken friend, becomes the vampire's servant. On the moon, but no suits needed. Might be part of a series, possibly with "pearl" in book or series title. [s]

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Kasper | 2 comments Seriously, some of what follows will be spoilers, moreso as I go on. Buyer beware.

The "brides" of the vampire are drained, but remain around in a frail, shrivelled state. The protagonist has to weave clothing from them with a device that makes fabric from her emotions. She initially weaves with pity, later going on to weave with patience.

She meets a dwarf on the grounds of the property, when her shadow falls on him. Dwarves in this book are stone in sunlight, flesh and blood by night or in shadow.

She runs off to a desert, meets a lion guardian of the desert as he fights against a pack of jackals. She notices that most of the jackals are illusions, warns the lion, thus helping him win.

There's an altar of sorts, lying on it she feels pulled to another place (teleporter?). She gets up and gets out. After a while in the desert, the sun has burned her pale.

The vampire collects her, apparently running around for a while has left her toned enough that he'd like her for a bride now? She finds out he's a vampire because some other villain has encased his heart in lead, cuts out the lead-covered heart, then cuts her own heart out and places in the (now ex) vampire's chest. The dwarf shows up, tsks at how she went about saving him, melts the lead off of the ex-vampire's heart, and places it in the protagonist's chest. Both are alive without complications after this.

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SBC (essbeecee) | 988 comments I second The Darkangel Trilogy. The The Pearl of the Soul of the World is the third book in the series.

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Kasper | 2 comments Thanks, that looks right. I did read quite a few books by Pierce in my teens, and the synopsis seems to add up. I'll have to re-acquaint myself with the books someday soon.

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