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A girl is in high school. Her life is unfortunately pretty average. Her dreams are stuck on the School Talent Show Stage and her youtube channel. She'll probably be stuck there for a while but she is pretty enough that most the guys at school like her. She doesn't know it but this one kid at school is stalking her. When she starts going steady with her long time crush, her stalker decides they'll both be miserable. Torture, kidnap, bullying, lies, social media, and blackmail aren't out of the question. What will turn out?

-You are both boys
-I am the girl
-Nothing past kissing. You say we'll just skip over it and I'll say anyone else? You understand me?

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Okay cool so any preference on the guys?

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no. ill work with anything. if i was a stickler this whole rp idea would be no fun.

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Lol okay it might take am while, I don't have any guys saved, but I needed some guys, and this is a cool rp idea, so it was a good excuse to make some and store them ^.^ tell me if that makes sense :)

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lol ya it does. ill warn you, my charrie chart is pretty simple for 1x1s. oopsies?

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do you wanna go first with charries or should i go ahead?

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You should, but I noticed one of your requirements is active, the only thing is, is that I takes me a few days to make cherries, so all I ask is that you give me time, I can't slop a character together you know?

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alright. you think we could just get the basics on right quick and you can work on details as we go?

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Sure but it still might be a while I'm on my phone and I have to go shopping with my mom :/

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Name: Becki Gee
Age: 17

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its alright. i had to go to a movie with my sibs. im back now.

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| Name | Toby Mason
| Age | 17
| Gender | Male
| Class | Crush

| Appearance |

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so is he her crush or is he the stalker? can you make a sheet for both? also do you want me to add on to mine?

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you don't have to, and crush, that's what I meant by class :) and I'm working on the other guy.

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alright. no problem, no problem :)

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do you like the crush? I can always change appearance.

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ya, hes fine. no, hes daaaaang fine. like leave him be.

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Haha XD okay

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what? hes hot

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no I know just your response, not everyone likes Paul :)

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lol paul?

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Paul Wesley the face claim :P

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ah yes

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| Name | Alex Griffin
| Age | 16
| Gender | Male
| Class | Stalker

| Appearance |

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sweet! who starts?

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Can you I'm not sure how to start this XD

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Becki walked into school earbuds in the background track to her latest song. She was getting the feeling of what she'd made before recording it tonight. She glanced across the hall to the locker of her crush. Toby was so hot. Toby had been in most her classes since seventh grade. She'd been crushing since freshman year. She had written 4 song about him. Not that anyone knew who she was singing about.

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Toby was opening his locker when he senses eyes on him. He looked around to find a girl standing near him, she was looking it at him with earbuds in. He waved at her, and smiled then turned back to his locker and picked up his leather jacket.

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She blushed and waved back. Crap. He'd caught her staring! How embarrassing! Becki grabbed her books and headed to homeroom. She dropped off her bag and headed out into the hall to sign up for this semesters talent show.

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Alex was hanging the lights for the talent show when he saw Becki walk in. He smiled, and waved to her. She was so beautiful, and she didn't even now it, she probably didn't even know he existed. He ran a hand through his dark hair.

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She smiled at some weird kid with way too many tats for her taste. Like one or two like Toby's was cool but the whole sleeve like-um, what was his name?- had was stupid in her opinion. Becki tried not to show her negative opinions though. She headed back towards homeroom, waving at Toby. So cute...

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Alex watched her leave, he had been thinking about asking her out for a while now, but he still didn't know how to go about it. He went back to the lights.

Toby waved back at the girl again, Toby had been between girlfriends right now, and this girl was pretty, he grabbed his books and walked along side her. "Hey." He smiled.

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Holy crap. Holy crap. Hoooooly crap. Toby was talking to her!!!! Ohmigosh. Oh, my gosh. OH MY GOSH! She didn't even no what to say. She'd never imagined he'd notice her! She'd never imagined him speaking to her! Becki walked with him trying to figure out what to say. "Oh, um, hi." Ya. She was smooth like butter. She was doomed.

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Toby kept walking along side her. "Do you want me to carry your books for you?" He asked politely. That was Toby, he wasn't cruel, and he always thought of others.

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Toby. Hot and gentlemanly. Was he perfect? She bit her lip, "Oh, its alright."

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Toby only stopped in front of her, "No really, I insist." He wasn't going to take no for an answer. He put his hands out in front of him for the books, while a big smile was plastered on his face.

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She blushed and handed them to him, "Thank you. That's really sweet." Becki followed him into class wondering why he had finally noticing her? She bit her lip, "You're Toby, right?"

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Toby Put the books under his arm and walked her to class. "I hope so, I mean that would kind of weird, I don't exactly look like a veronica." He instantly regretted saying that, it was so stupid, and he mentally kicked himself.

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She giggled, "No, but you good pull off an Alexis. You'd make a hot Alexis." She mentally facepalmed herself. A hot Alexis? Really? What was that? Some sort of almost insult? Definitely not a cute pickup line.

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Toby laughed and struck a feminine pose, and batted his eyes, "Why thank you." He said in a high voice. He quickly laughed and stood normally again. He was happy that she liked his joke, it made him more confident.

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Becki burst out laughing. She sat in her usual seat. He hadn't completed hated her comment. He'd actually kind of liked it. She grinned. He was fantastic.

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