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Yuki lead Lyra to her dorm room. "This is your living quarters. There are 4 different bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and everything you need to live. You'll be sharing this area with 4 other people. Right Now only you and and one other person are assigned to this dorm. Feel free to pick your room." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra walked to a room and said, "I'll have this one." She smiled and looked at Yuki.

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"Ok." Yuki said. A Name tag appeared above the door that said "Lyra's room." Yuki smiled and sat on the couch in the living area. "Katzu and I visit the dorms once and a while, so be ready for surprise trips. The secretary is on vacation, so we do her job and check the dorms." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright, nice to know." She said with a smile. "Much more roomy in this room then a lamp." She chuckled.

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"Yeah. The school might not seem big enough to have such huge dorms, but the dorm rooms are maintained with magic. Which is why I or another mage lead the students to their rooms. The magic won't activate otherwise and you'll just be in these small rooms." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright." She said in understanding with a small smile.

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"So. Lyra... How'd you do that clothes changing trick?" Yuki asked.

Phoenix~They/Them "Um...magic." She shrugged, "No biggie." She said.

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"Hm... I wish i can do that. I can change the color of my hair and that's about it." She said, turning her hair to a purple color and then back to silver.

Phoenix~They/Them "Cool. I might be able to do that with my hair but I don't know nor do I care about trying." She said.

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"Yeah... It's pretty lame." Yuki said. "Anyways. Lyra, Do you want to go do something? All my friends are currently busy, so I have nothing to do." Yuki asked.

Phoenix~They/Them "Um, sure, why not." Lyra said with a small smile.

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"Yay! I was getting worried that i might have to just do paperwork all afternoon." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Paperwork sounds so boring." Lyra said.

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"Right? Like why do I even need to do it, it's not like our school is associated with the government. As far as I'm concerned, It's just a waste of time. It's not like I have any higher ups in this school to give the paperwork to." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra giggled, "So, where should we go?" She asked.

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"Hm... We can always go to town. They have all kinds of fun places there and there's a concert there tonight too." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Cool." She said. "Alright, to town then."

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"Yay! I usually have a friend give me a lift, but princess duties and such, so we're just going to have to take a car to town. Although it's not as fun as flying." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra nodded and said, "Alright." Not questioning what a car is.

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"Ok. I'll text our driver then." Yuki said, taking out her phone. She texted the driver to pick them up outside the dorm building. "OK. He should be outside the building in a few minutes."

Phoenix~They/Them "Cool." Lyra said with a smile.

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Yuki opened the door for Lyra. "Mi'lady." She said politely as she held the door open.

Phoenix~They/Them "Thanks." Lyra said with a giggle as she walked out the door.

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Yuki closed the door after them. "You want me to just teleport us outside the building so we won't have to take the stairs?" Yuki asked as she left the invisible barrier surrounding Lyra's dorm, as if it weren't even there.

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((I'm going to go to bed, I'll reply tomorrow.))

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra said, "Sure, that would be faster." She smiled at Yuki, hoping she'd be her first friend.

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Yuki teleported them outside the building. There was a limousine waiting. "Can You drop us off just outside town? We don't want to attract attention." Yuki asked the driver. "Miss. The rules say you have to wear the school uniform when going out to town." The driver said. "Just ignore him, Wearing the uniforms outside campus is a whole lot more trouble then it's worth." Yuki said, holding the door open for Lyra. "Mi'lady."

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra nodded and entered the limousine and sat down in a spot. She smiled at Yuki but stayed quiet.

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Yuki sat down and closed the door. She changed her hair color to blue and put on a cat mask. She put in contacts and when she opened her eyes, they were now pink instead of blue. "Now I won't be recognized!" Yuki said happily to herself.

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra nodded and smiled, "Yep." She said. "Of course no one will know who I am since I'm new."

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"Yeah. Most the towns people don't recognize the students, unless those said people are seen hanging out with student council members. Or said students have bands or do something in the entertainment Biz. I wouldn't want bad people knowing who you are because I decided not to wear a disguise." Yuki said with a small smile.

Phoenix~They/Them "That'd probably know who I am because of the lamp I'm carrying around, something I dont want anyone to get ahold of." She said with a chuckle, "now if I wore the regular outfit they'd definitely know what I am."

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"Hm.. Yeah. I guess it's hard for Jinns to get around without being recognized." Yuki said, hanging upside down from her seat, her head touching the floor. "No one really knows I'm a demon princess, if they did, I'd probably not be welcomed. I can just imagine them throwing Holy water at me like idiots and it not working. They're faces would be priceless." Yuki said with a chuckle.

Phoenix~They/Them She laughed, "At least you aren't technically still enslaved inside a lamp, it is really cramped inside, I had no free will whenever my lamp was in the hands of someone. So if this lamp falls into the wrong hands that could spell trouble." She said.

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"Hm? That sucks. Hasn't somebody at least tried to wish for you to be freed? I mean. They'd still get 2 wishes, and then for their last wish, You'd be free. It's a win win for everyone." Yuki said as she looked up at her.

Phoenix~They/Them "Not really, never had one that cared for my wellbeing. Wishes for gold, riches, to be a king, the people who my lamp fell upon always ended up greedy, even if they didn't begin as greedy or their first wish wasn't greedy, then they'd waste their last two riches to look rich to impress someone, or to be rich to mock their enemies, that's why I found a way I can keep it out of people's hands. I concentrated and used my magic to make it so I can choose when I want to be in the lamp and I travelled. But that was all in a span of 1000 years." She said with a shrug.

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"Hm... Well people with short lives can be greedy. Honestly, when i think about it, 3 wishes is a lot. I mean. If someone had that power, it should be used for good, not to fill their greedy desires." Yuki said.

((I'd wish to end cancer... And that orphans get adopted and have a happy lives. I wouldn't even know what to do with that final wish. Ending world hunger? No thanks, that'd screw over the world in the end. Stop Suicide? If people want to die, that their choice. I'm not going to make their lives miserable by making it so they couldn't kill themselves.))

Phoenix~They/Them She nodded and said, "I'm lucky I wasn't stuck with a pervert, I dont even what to think he'd wish for." She shivered a bit.

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"Hm... So you don't like perverts? If that's the case avoid Katzu. Also Avoid Lily's boyfriend, Tsun. He might not be a pervert, but he's a werewolf, and a rude one at that." Yuki said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright, good to know, though I dont know who those two are." Lyra said with a chuckle.

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"You'll probably meet them eventually. Katzu is the student council vice president after all. He's also one of my best friends. And I hang out with Tsun's little sister and his girlfriend a lot, so you might meet Tsun eventually." Yuki explained.

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright." Lyra said with a smile.

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The limousine stopped and the driver opened the door for them. "Thanks Max. And remember, Max if father asks, I'm totally on that date with that spoiled snob, ok?" Yuki told the driver. The driver, "Max", nodded. Yuki offered her hand to Lyra to help her out the limousine. ((Like the Butlers do! XD))

Phoenix~They/Them Lyra exited the limousine holding Yuki's hand and smiled at Yuki.

((Why is Yuki being really polite like that, I mean calling her milady and stuff))

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((*Obviously because she's watched too much Anime* Yuki's just random. One minute she's polite and acting like some sort of butler *She's a huge fan of Sebastian from Black Butler*, the next she's acting like a kid at a festival.))

"Bye Max." Yuki said, as he entered the drivers seat. "ready to explore the town?" Yuki asked.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yes." Lyra said with a smile, "Of course."

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((Oki. I'll Post in the town Square.))

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