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Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
Magic Disaplines:
Stats, (rate your stats on a scale of 1-5. 1= average human, 5= beyond normal. exp. Str:1 normal human Strength, Str:5 can lift and throw a train's box car.)

Paradox: (pardox is the effect of magic backlash the higher your pardox is the harder it is to get retrabuted by casting a spell, but also the damage you'll take when it happens) (paradox has a chance of happening when a spell is cast that is out of the normal, exp.(ressurecting, or lighting sticking someone on a sunny day.) You can avoid it by exp. (A malfunctioning Transformer on a power line electrified a nearby person) if it's a reasonable thing that could happen then pardox is less likely to happen.)
Strength: (how powerful you and how much you can lift.)
Dexterity: (how easily you can slip away or your skill with slight of hand)
Endurance: (how much damage you can take before going unconscious or die.)
Intelligence: (do I have to give an example on this one)
Will: (how much your mind can handle the supernatural or attacks of the mind altering effects. before you sub come to insanity or the attack/spell takes hold)
Presence: (how much your character sticks out in a crowd and how much attention you bring to yourself, this also helps with convenience others to do what you want.)
Carrier: (High school, Collage, or job.)

Skills: (exp. Driving, hacking, hand to hand combat, medicen, ect..)

Merits: (passives that just happen, exp: animal Kin (animals are always friendly with you), natural born leader, or even ambidextrous. (can use both left and right hand equally).

be reasonable when making characters I wont hesitate to decline a character that doesn't make since.

message 2: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Kuntz (k2vworld) | 12 comments Name: Lara Crosslight
Age: 25
Gender: female

Appearance: She has platinum blond hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, which she keeps in dreads. Her eyes are a gold brown and she normally is caught wearing black goth like clothing.

Personality: She has a very strong caring personality, and tends to always smile, while going out of her way to help people. She is very confident in her abilities and carries herself like a leader, though must people would say that she is just bossy.
Career: Librarian

Magic discipline: Major discipline - matter
Minor - life

Strength 3
Dexterity 1
Endurance 2
Will 4
Intelligence 2
Presence 4
Paradox - 3

Occult knowledge
Minor understanding of human biology
Minor understanding of general physics
Minor understanding of mythical biology
Blacksmithing - specially weapon crafting

Quick casting: conjuring of weapons

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