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Alex My first quote is "I was born with water on the brain." on page 1 paragraph 1, this quote kind of confusion at first but after reading some more it was clear to me and now I understand what Junior was going through.

My second quote is when Junior said "I rolled around on the cold, frozen ground and laughed and laughed and laughed. I didn't want to laugh. I wanted to stop laughing. I wanted to grab Rowdy and hang on to him." on page 173 at the bottom of the page, Rowdy and Junior were talking about missing their sisters and Rowdy didn't want to admit to crying and missed Junior when he punched him. It was kind of a sad part of the story for me. Not just the one part the whole part about his sister being dead.

H.A. Byrd Laura wrote: "Great book! We always hear of the trials and tribulations that other ethnicities have, but very rarely do we read about native Americans. It’s as if people have forgetter about them."
Sherman is a great author. He has quite a few other novels and a couple of movies. I would recommend any of them.
As a writer he is a fine artist. He depicts life of tribal people today with a far-reaching accuracy.

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