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message 1: by edge (new)

edge  (baconnnnnnnnnn) | 15 comments Mod
yay photography!! (thank kaitlyn for this)

so you could make a thread all for yourself and post whatever pictures you took there. spamming is allowed. one rule tho; it must be yours. plagiarism is illegal.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you so much for making this, I appreciate it greatly! :D

2.4G Virus ( tigerstar amped up ) (24gvirusampedtigerstar) | 8 comments OK

I have taken meny photos with a Nikon DS1000

I've travelled to cypres, santorini, Athens and paris

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edge  (baconnnnnnnnnn) | 15 comments Mod
yo whats up. welcome to this inactive group!

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