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Debbie Hagopian Greetings fellow Arcan-aholics. As the series unfolded, there were so many unknowns and unanswered questions. What revelations do you hope get explained in the final book? I thought it would be interesting here to see questions other people have had.


These are my top questions:

1. Evie has defied the gods by A) Being w/Death and now pregnant w/their child and B) Killing the entire suit of Cups.
What ramifications will there be?

2. Matthew has asked Evie many times....What is it that you truly want? He says he sees it, feels it, and tells her to think, see far.

3. Matthew has also said "All is not as it seems. What would you sacrifice? What would you endure?" Gran later said the same thing about things not being as they appear. What happened or is taking place that isn't as it appears?

4. What is the significance of Evie repeatedly asking ... Real? Unreal?

5. Evie's blood. In PP (by Jack), in EK (by Lark) and in AR (by 3 of Sol's baggers), Evie's blood was ingested (by Jack & Baggers) or mixed (with Lark's). Will it be revealed in the last book to have had some after-effect like bestowing special power or skill?

6. Did Evie ever eat all 3 pieces of the Juicy Fruit gum Jack sourced for her in Poison Princess?

7. In Arcana Rising, why did Matthew immediately go to rescue Jack from the slaver's mine when Evie's smile broke? Matthew says he always does things for a reason.

8. Will we learn what the significance (if any) of the rosary Jack wears since his mom died? Why did Evie say 'Rosary' normally but then breaks it into 2 distinct syllables, "Rose-ary" ?

9. After Richter's attack in Dead of Winter, how the hell did Aric make it back to Evie so damn fast to save her from the lava/flood if they'd been riding in opposite directions from each other for over an hour?

10. Castle of Lost Time. Lost Time? Evie spent quite a lot of (book) time there in both Endless Knight and Arcana Rising. Was the time spent there actually lost time, not part of a present timeline? Or, is her time there meant to experience what has been forgotten? When I think of 'lost time', I think of missed experiences...time you 'could' or 'should' have been doing but something prevented it. Evie’s once mentioned that time spent there was like being on a continuous Groundhog Day loop, daily receptiveness without progression. But she's also that said time there were like dog years (1:7 ratio). Perhaps when Evie is in the Castle of Lost Time, she experiences now times from the past that had been lost, lost gaps of memories?

11. There's been many mentions of dizziness, spinning and vortexes. There has to be some significance, but still can't theorize what. Any ideas?

12. Tess died trying to reverse time again after Richter's lava attack. How far (if any) did she reverse time and what differences did it make in timeline going forward again?

13. Will the concept of TIME have some major underlying meaning to the entire story?

and lastly.....

14. Is Aric a natural blonde?

🌟Head in the Stars🌟 Good questions Debbie! You questions 1,3,7, and 8 are ones I have too. As for your 9th question though, it’s mentioned that one of Aric’s arcana gifts is super speed. Remember, he traversed quite a bit of territory to save the Evie from the suit of cups minions. And that last one: Aric is totally a natural blonde!😂 He’s Latvian I think? Somewhere from the far north I believe.

My questions are:
1. Will we learn more about the games? Like when they started and how the players were picked? Maybe a little background on the first game?

2. Will the child be Arcana too or regular human or maybe something more?

3. To expand on question 8 that Debbie had, what is the significance of Evie’s icon? Why does it appear on Death’s tableu and now Jack’s rosary? Why is her icon a white rose when the Empress has been known to use red roses and her hair turns red? Was she always like the Red Witch?

4. What in the heck is Matto up to?!

5. Will the gods reveal themselves in this last installment?

6. Is there more Death and the Empress than what happened in Aric’s current incarnation? Do they have more history before Aric and the last three Empresses?

7. Will we ever hear Aric’s Arcana call?! I really want to know!😫

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Yachiru All these are great questions! The thing is Matto was not interested in Jack AT ALL because he was "non arcana" however, something changed while Evie was with Death.

1. What did Matt see concerning Jack?
2. Who is Jack for reals?

I don't think Jack is just a regular human, someone mentioned that he could be a minor arcana so it would be convenient for them to have Jack there since Jack would do anything for Evie.

But what if Jack was a son of the Gods and he fell in love with Evie? What if he defied the Gods and decided to become human? Or what if he was a God and decided to be in the games to save Evie this time around?
Maybe that's why he has the rosary .... because his heart will always belong to Evie...?

Also the title of the last book.... could be part of Death's calling...?

I have read all of Immortals After Dark books by Kresley and I find that there are some similarities to those books... such as Matt ... we have Nix....

The annoying female characters... Evie... (Daniela the Ice Maiden in Deep Kiss of Winter was annoying AF) but Evie takes the 1st price.

It seems the character development for Jack and Aric were done great but for Evie it just went down the hole....

I really love both boys, i don't think Evie deserves either of them... but this is not about them... sigh...

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Jasmine Marie Lol I just remembered that Matthew has been gone for two books. Is he okay? Is his skin clear? Are his crops thriving? Are his grades up? Does he have 20/20 vision? I know for sure the sun ain’t shining . . . Watch me care about his well-being while he’s plotting to kill my baby Joules

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Debbie Hagopian First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!

Regarding Matt having 20/20 vision....most likely!! After all, he does boast all the time that he can 'see far' !!

Whenever I see the mention of the rosary Jack wears, it always reminds me of the way Evie says it. FIrst she says "rosary" normally without any inflection. Then she follows saying "rose--ary" as if 2 separate words. There has to be some significance, right?

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Jasmine Marie Yeah I always found the rosary thing interesting. When the cross on the rosary was first described as having a rose on it I was really intrigued. I grew up Roman Catholic and the rosary is really important to us. I have several, one even hangs in my room. But not once had I ever seen a rose on it. It’s always the crucified Jesus. So the uniqueness of Hélène’s/Jack’s rosary has fascinated me for years.

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Sue I want to know: In Arcana Rising, it is stated that Zara and Richter's lines do NOT Chronicle. How'd they know so much about the game, them? After all, Sol claims to have heard Evie's call clear the bump in Indiana....and as far as we know, HIS line doesn't Chronicle.

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hammerpixie On Day Zero, Zara's dad told her to go to his brother in Texas. I thought that meant the uncle knew about the Arcana game.

Maybe the Radcliffe's were hanging out with him on their ritzy yacht parties in the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe Gran was going to see Zara's uncle when she tried to kidnap Evie?

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hammerpixie Debbie
#5: re: Evie's blood... I wonder if Evie can make a person a familiar like Lark can do with her animals. Maybe that's why Jack can't die as long as Evie's alive. Cyclops left half of himself on the battlefield and still came back whole.

#11: re: dizziness...I think this is connected to teleporting. Maybe vortexes are references to the wheel of fortune or portals?

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hammerpixie Yachiri
I agree, I think Jack decided to re-enter the Tar Ro realm by "going in silent" - a mortal with no call sign and no weapons/powers except for whatever he could grab when he got there.

Jack infiltrated the Lovers camp by going "radio silent" and using a random fire extinguisher as a weapon.

Aric is also in the game "silent" (no call sign) and he gave up his armour and weapons to Jack because it was the only way to defeat The Hanged Man.

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Debbie Hagopian I recently started a re-read of the series and am currently reading Poison Princess again. A couple new questions came to mind....

1. Jackson showed up at Haven about 8 months after the Flash. He told Evie that General Milovnici’s army was heading West, likely towards Texas, and would soon be at Haven. He wanted to warn Evie to escape before the army took over the farm with her and her mom as their prisoners.
Did the army change direction upon finding Haven burned down and Evie gone?

2. When Evie awoke after she and Jack spent the night at Selena’s, Matthew gives Evie the vision of him trapped in his basement that was filling with water. She tells Matthew he should just break down the door to get out but he says he can’t...his reason being “the clock stops”.
What clock? And, why would his own actions to escape from the drowning trap set up by his mother stop the clock?

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Sue Deb, the army had to have changed directions. If they were in Louisiana, they found everyone up in TN or there-abouts.

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hammerpixie Debbie wrote: "I recently started a re-read of the series and am currently reading Poison Princess again. A couple new questions came to mind....

1. Jackson showed up at Haven about 8 months after the Flash. He ..."

It's likely the Lovers let Jack go just so they could follow him to Haven.

- Jack was on the run (on foot with no supplies or weapons), trying to escape an army of 3,000 men who had vehicles, two-way radios and every other tactical advantage.

- Aric had no trouble locating Evie at Haven before the Flash.
- The Milovnicis HATED the Empress.
- Milo prepared for the Arcana game for more than 17 years. He stocked a bunker and left his "children" inside their entire lives while he built a private army.
- Matthew said the Lovers came to Haven specifically for Evie.
- Gran said the Arcana would never risk attacking the Empress at Haven.
- Selena said she thought Evie's cluelessness was all an act to lure other Arcana.

What are the chances Milovnici didn't know
exactly where Evie was before the Flash?

If he did know, then the gunshots and men shouting
as the army approached further support this idea.

If Milo knew the Empress was at this particular farm (and how could he not?), why would the army practically shout their arrival? It only makes sense if the goal wasn't to kill her, but to drive her out.

The Lovers used Jack to lead them to Haven.
Jack used the Fool to lead him to Evie at the Hermit's house.
Death used Cyclops to lead him to Fort Arcana.
Sol tried to use Evie to lead him to Death's castle.
Lark used her falcon to lead Finn to the Castle.
Joules and Gabriel used Finn to lead them to Death's castle.
Evie used Cyclops to lead her to Death's cabin.

Did Mel use Evie to lead her to Jack's cabin? When Mel saw his house, Evie said she felt like she'd revealed a secret of Jack's.

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Sue I think Evie will have to endure going full on Red Witch. It took her a while to respond to Jack.

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Jasmine Marie Sue wrote: "I think Evie will have to endure going full on Red Witch. It took her a while to respond to Jack."

I think so too, and in the of TDC, it seemed like the transformation into the Red Witch was beginning.

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Sue That was what I was thinking, Jasmine.

After I logged out earlier, thought of something else. We all know Evie mentions she and Jack marveling at the snow. She also mentions bleeding out in the snow. Since Lark has faunagenesis, I believe Evie will possibly try her own version.

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Debbie Hagopian Something came to mind today as I was re-reading Endless Knight. Guthrie tells Evie "all good things" are coming her way. It triggered recollection that in The Dark Calling, a hand-painted sign said "Jubilee. All good things flow to us". Weird, right?

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Jasmine Marie Debbie wrote: "Something came to mind today as I was re-reading Endless Knight. Guthrie tells Evie "all good things" are coming her way. It triggered recollection that in The Dark Calling, a hand-painted sign sai..."

That is interesting! And creepy!

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Sue Ok, had some thoughts at work yesterday.

Remember when Evie was dealing with Stache and Hal? They mention The Sick House (run by Pentacles), and also The Sticks (reminds me of Styx). She doesn't get the connection to the Minor Suits!

Of course, The Cups are close by. NO mention of The Swords/4th suit. Any ideas?

And I am wondering if the swiss cheese holes could be something due to her dad. He 'is' from New England, wanted to move back up there. Who's to say he isn't/wasn't a Minor who got offed before the game started, wanted to end the game faster?

Also, Circe and Kentarche were always allies. Friends before Game One?

In regards to Issa: remember Lorraine could be lying about Issa's death, as she (L) stated Kentarche isn't the Cups favoured Card..... Any thoughts?

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Amelia Ok, I love when a writer make this: that their readers love a book so much that they need to create their own theories while they wait for the next book to come out. This for me, is proof that the writer is a very good one, as of course, it's Kresley Cole. The pity is that I emigrated to Spain many years ago and unfortunately here the books of KC or other great foreign writers aren't published. Of Kresley Cole they started to publish IAD and they left the series in half. Arcana Chronicles? Well, I don’t know anyone who has heard about the series here in Spain. Nor did I find any publishers that had plans to publish them in my mother tongue. So I had to get the books by Amazon and in English.
I love this country, it's incredible, but I regret that because of the rise of fascist political parties, we're going backwards and aren't betting on culture. Publishers are suffering great losses, and few books are published per year. And so, books for me as wonderful as Arcana Chronicles will never get to know each other in this country, something that saddens me a lot.
Okay, I'm sorry, I go straight to my theories, I just wanted you to know that, although Arcana Chronicles has not come to Spain, if it has come to me and what writers do to connect the whole world through their books is absolutely wonderful.

Well, regarding the series, I think that, for many theories that we let's do, KC will surprise us, always does. But seeing the cover something has come to my mind, can it be that the hole on the cover is clear evidence that Evie is going to unleash all of her Red Witch powers in this book? I mean, I don't know if anyone else remembers it, but when Evie confronts the emperor and he's about to kill Jack, she provokes like a kind of earthquake, moving the ground and creating a hole. And as far as the title goes, I have a little feeling that it will have something to do with Aric's arcana call.
Besides, maybe that guy Styx has something to do with David Green. It's clear, that Sick House in TDC was mentioned enough to reach the conclusion that it will be one of the great scenarios in the next book. Also, TDC looked like Aric's death sentence, it was as if KC was preparing us for his Death. "Take pity the poor man, he is so tired that the only thing that could save him would be death. It is not a sacrifice, it is an action in good faith". At least, I hope someone survives, such as Jack. He started being an unbearable character for me and now he is one of my favorites. He demonstrated that deserves to be. Along with Aric, of course, or Circe, Gabriel, Kentarch, Finn (if I remember that guy I will cry, that was a BIG injustice)

So in summary (because I don't know how I do it, I start writing and there is no way to stop and I do not want to turn this into a testament of the Bible) then, my theories are:

- The hole in the cover is a sign that Evie will unleash all her powers.
- Styx has something to do with Evie's father.
- Jack will save the party, as he's been doing lately.
- Tee will be born and Jack will raise him.
- The gods will make their appearance, maybe.
- Sol will surely die at the hands of the Emperor when he finally finds out that he has betrayed him.
-Circe will have no choice but to come to the surface. So, what will happen to her? Out of the water will no longer be a rival to the Emperor, don't?
- The castle Lethe will be attacked by the Emperor and also destroyed by him.
- Sick House will be the main scene of the last book
- Possibly (I hope not) Lark will be a big surprise, because she will betray Death.
- Issa is still alive, possibly this one in Sick House or the Emperor has her a slave.
- Somehow the unborn brother of Aric survived (maybe Jack belongs to his line?)
- Matthew knows absolutely everything that is going to happen and is fooling us like fools. (Never better said)
-Could there be any tarot card not recorded in the history? As well as a kind of insurgent who rebelled against the gods and they punished him by making his letter disappear. (I say, I don't know, to KC would expect everything hahaha)
- Maybe, Tee will be born and the emperor will kidnap him, then Evie will unleash all his powers and Aric will sacrifice himself.
- Obviously Aric is going to die, from the beginning he was condemned and even then I fell madly in love with his character. (The same thing always happens to me, and I've cried enough to don't shed more tears. THIS IS A INJUSTICE.)
And until here my theories, I didn't want to write so much and a little more and almost that I can write the book for KC hahah. Honestly, I see that many people are betting on a polyamorous relationship between Evie, Aric and Jack and I hope that is not so. I don't like Evie, in The Dark Calling she was unbearable, I couldn't stand in the sixth book of the series that the protagonist was so stupid. All the characters in the series have seemed to evolve except her. Therefore, both men deserve a much better person. What if I had to choose? Clearly Evie and Jack. From the first book it is clear that whoever Evie loves, (-although I doubt it, because it seems that this girl doesn't know what true love is-) is Jack. Her pain is much worse when she is not with Jack than when she is not with Aric.
So I only ask Kresley, if you're going to save Aric don't let him suffer, it would be so difficult to create a character that could really love him? It's just a piece of advice, there's still a book, you are in time to put in the last book a character worthy of Aric's love.

In short, one thing is clear, let's do the theories that we want, but Kresley will surprise us. So prepare the handkerchiefs because we are going to cry a lot. This is going to be a rainy summer with so much crying.

OH MY GOD! What a long text I have written! I'm sorry, this is me, I can't help it hahaha

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Sue Amelia, no problems about the long post. You had some good ideas.

I have a feeling that Sol is/will be in deep poop over the 'Baggers helping out' business.

Lark? She'd already mentioned in Day Zero that Aric is in her sights. Then again, so is Zara.

Something I forgot to add to my previous post: In PP, Evie had drawn the Hanged Man getting choked by vine, etc. Another prophetic drawing.....she got The Hanged Man! For some reason, why am I seeing an Infinity Sign here? We've 'arced back' to the first book, so to speak.

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Jasmine Marie I agree on a lot of your points Amelia.

I also think Sol is going to be punished by the Emperor, and if he survives, I think he’s going to ask Evie to protect him.

I hope Tee plays an important role in this book. A lot of the times when babies are introduced in the plot, the authors make it seem that the baby is going to save everyone and then nothing happens. I guess I’m hoping that he is able to stop the game somehow or he does play a big part in the plot-like you said, maybe he’s kidnapped. I think it’ll be really nice if there’s an epilogue (like how PP had a prologue) where we see Tee a little older. Maybe as a kid. But yeah, if something happens to Evie or Aric, I think Jack will step in and raise him as his son.

I also hope there isn’t a polygamist relationship because I think Jack and Aric need friends not lovers. Aric hasn’t had a friend in 2,000 years since his father died. He stated that Jack was the closest person he has had to a friend since then. While Jack said in TDC that he doesn’t have any close friends, despite him growing closer to Kentarch and Joules. Selena was probably the last person he considered a friend, and she has been dead for at least 4-6 months in their world. He never saw Finn again. His childhood and Azey friends are dead. If things had been differnent, he felt like him and Aric could be friends. I just feel that since they have both expressed their longing for friends that they should just remain friends. If a polygamist relationship does form I think it wouln’t be the same as Sol’s, it would be more of them sharing Evie.

I think it would be pretty cool if a hidden Arcana is introduced, especially if that card rebelled in their first life. I think Lark and Circe are going to be pretty weak in the next book. Lark will probably be really devastated over Finn and what the Hanged Man did to her, while Circe might be physically weak but maybe the sacrifice from TDC saved her and restored her strength.

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Jasmine Marie Sue, that was really cool with the Hanged Man’s death! Because as she was killing him she said “just like old times.” So when she had drew a man being chocked by vines in PP, it was a memory from a past life where she did kill him. But it also served as a connection where things that were mentioned in PP are becoming significant in later books and I love that so much. There’s definitely times of history repeating itself and things never really truly changing that kind of make it a never ending loop-infinity sign. While other times the characters are able to change.

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hammerpixie Amelia wrote: "Ok, I love when a writer make this: that their readers love a book so much that they need to create their own theories while they wait for the next book to come out. This for me, is proof that the ..."

Amelia, I love what you wrote. It's beautiful!
"... although Arcana Chronicles has not come to Spain, it has come to me and what writers do to connect the whole world through their books is absolutely wonderful."

I'm glad we can share all our crazy theories no matter where on Earth we are!

I agree with many of your ideas.

- FTG crater on the cover... yes, I think it'll involve Evie and a star going supernova. Maybe that's the Emperor's grave?
- Interesting you mentioned Styx and David Greene together. Greek mythology's River Styx ferryman is named Charon (Karen Greene?) Charon is also the brother of the death god, Thanatos.
- You think Castle Lethe will too. I think Jubilee foreshadowed it and it'll happen early in FTG.
- Issa is alive...agreed. Maybe Kentarch will sacrifice himself like the Lovers in the last game?
- Aric's unborn sibling...don't know why, but I think it was a sister.
- Matthew... I think he's kind of playing the Arcana game against himself.
- Evie...I think she'll be completely redeemed when Aric and Jack die and somehow merge. It'll show she loved every facet of her soul mate and wasn't willing to reject any part.

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hammerpixie Sue wrote: "Ok, had some thoughts at work yesterday.

Remember when Evie was dealing with Stache and Hal? They mention The Sick House (run by Pentacles), and also The Sticks (reminds me of Styx). She doesn't ..."

So Jubilee was hearts/cups, represented water and they favored the Priestess. They could read past, present, future in blood. Queen also had some amount of mind control.

If Sticks are wands/canes/batons, then they represent fire and would likely favor the Emperor, Sun or Magician. Maybe they had something to do with the Flash itself?

If Sick House is pentacles/coins then they'd represent earth and favor the Empress. Maybe since their radio ads sound like a "smarmy lawyer" , they have the ability to charm....persuasion...kind of like Guthrie's power? Maybe since they're so rich, they have something to do with cloning/reproducing wealth?

Swords suit represents air or mental abilities. They'd likely favor Death, Justice or Judgement. I think their ability will have something to do with nightmares, fog, memory manipulation.

Aric was called "king of the airwaves" and his breath gave Evie life. Fog seems to follow him most of all.

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Debbie Hagopian I have a question. In AR, before Gran kicked it, she said ... "Cards know it . . . beware the Fool . . . dark dealings". When Evie asks her "what about the Fool", the response is "The wild card! The gamekeeper".

So, what role does a wild card play in each game or is there one in each game? In a card game, a wild card is a playing card that substitutes for any other card.

Some other thoughts recently...
1. In DoW, we see that the Lovers clones were 'making' bagmen. Why do you think that was? I began to wonder if the Lovers were in the same alliance as Zara, Sol & Richter since Sol could control bagmen and they were working to create a bagman army of sorts. The army grinds on; a windmill spins.

2. Since beginning this series, Evie defends her actions against the Hermit and Hierophant as done in 'self-defense'. I just don't buy that. She really put herself into those situations. I would say she premeditated the Hermit's demise by the gardening she did before going to his door.

3. Castle Lethe...aka castle of lost time. Evie spent a great deal of time in that castle--to this point in the series, she's spent approximately 235 days (a bit over 8 months total). My question is was the time spent there lost? Real time passing? She once said that time there seemed like repeating groundhog days on a loop. Other times said the time was flying by. Seems the sun quit rising just before or after she first was brought there. With no sun to gage night & day, how were they able to know what day AF it was anyway? I just think the concept of time will play a major role in what is learned in the final book. In PP, Evie is told it begins directly at the end. KC author's note at the conclusion of TDK said the end is beginning. Time is an infinite loop or linear?

4. At the beginning of Dead of Winter, Matthew gives directions to Evie for how to get to Fort Arcana he says.... "—Follow the rushing water upstream into slaver territory. Find the soot valley, then travel its length. If you reach the mass gravesite, you’ve gone too far."
Mass gravesite? Was this an accidental slip of the future by Matthew or an oversite by KC in the storyline? To my knowledge, no mass gravesite existed until the end of that book caused by Richter's attack followed by Circe's flood. Yet Evie made no remarks back to Matthew for him to clarify what mass gravesite. Any thoughts on this?

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hammerpixie Debbie wrote: "I have a question. In AR, before Gran kicked it, she said ... "Cards know it . . . beware the Fool . . . dark dealings". When Evie asks her "what about the Fool", the response is "The wild card! Th..."

That mass gravesite thing could've been about the future. At the time, I thought it was a body dump site for all the Lovers' totrture victims and the army's daily executions.

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Amelia Oh Thank you very much everyone for your understanding.

And I loved the theories that each one of you did. Cause, at least it happens to me, when I finish reading a good book I have a thousand unknowns left in my mind to solve.

In addition, Hammerpixie the data you have given us, reminding us that the pentacles represent the earth makes my theory about Styx have something true. Why who better to support the Empress than her own father?

Another thing that I share with you, is that I also believe that it was an unborn sister and not a brother

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Amelia And Sue, clearly, from the first book we discovered that Evie could prophesy the future when she drew the end of the world before it even happened. Does anyone remember what else she drew? Because we might have the answers before us of what could happen in FTG and we didn't even know it lol
Imagine that the first book contained the end of the whole series in Evie's drawings and no one would have noticed ...

On the other hand however, why is the symbol of infinity repeated so much?
If we look for the literal meaning of this symbol it would be something endless, that has no limits, that never ends, we relate it with space, time and with mathematics; the mathematician Jon Walls called it lemniscate, while Bernoullin (I think it's written like that) called it lemnniscus which means bow, tie something like for example with a ribbon. REPEAT; RIBBON.

Something endless ... like the Endless Knight. Aric
Or a bow tied with a ribbon ... like the red ribbon that Jack and Evie have

As I understand, in the tarot, the infinite constitutes the balance of forces, is often associated with the magician's card and embodies situations that don't end, eternity and those spiritual powers.
It also represents duality, the union of two opposites, the masculine and the feminine, birth and death, day and night; the ying and the yang as mutually dependent forces that must be recognized and thus balance their opposing forces, for Hinduism represented evolution and returning to it the involution.
Opposite forces. Life and death. Evie and Aric again?
The magician? Jack?

I don't understand anything. All this is ... coincidence?

Coming from KC I doubt it very much.

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Amelia Jasmine I am 100% in agreement with you. Jack and Aric would be very good friends if it weren't for Evie

From this last book, it has given me the feeling that both men have some kind of connection. They understand each other, respect each other and even I would say that they aprecciate each other.

In another life, maybe, they might even love each other like brothers. But share the same woman? That's something, that normally, brothers do not usually do lol

And I also think it would be great if there was a hidden arcana. Why? Because it would be something that nobody would expect and that is clearly the essence of KC.

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Amelia Debbie, as I know, the wild card in the deck of cards is the Joker. And, surprise! The equivalent to the Joker in the tarot deck is the Fool. That is, the Fool is the wild card in the tarot deck.
So could Matthew be referring to himself? And why would he do it? To tell Evie that he is the wild card? The gamekeeper?

Hunters are related to the forest. Jack is nicknamed the Hunter. Does Matthew mean that he is Jack's protector and that's why he saved his life so many times? But why? I don't understand this kid! LOL

And with respect the "time" in the Castle Lethe...

Well, time is something really complex. And each person perceives time in a different way, influenced by their cognitive system and even influenced by their emotions.
To be understood, there're areas of the brain that are activated equally when we imagine something in the future that when we remember something in the past. This makes the lines between the lived and the imagined dims and that we can easily confuse recreations and projections with experienced "real" facts. At the same time, each time we remember something, we turn to that memory not as it originally happened, but as we remembered it the last time. We can deduce then that we constantly recreate our lives, we represent them with memories that modify what happened, but they seem to weave their narrative as if they were objective. If we add to this that the cameras of our eyes are crossed by neurons and the first image we see is already a memory of the moment, then it shouldn't seem strange that many people believe that we create reality and doubt the existence of a reality independent of the mind. -But and if it existed, how to perceive it?

Also, we have three fields in the psychology of time:
One of them is the circadian clock, tuned to measure durations around the hours of the day. It's formed by a nucleus of neurons located in the... hypothalamus?, and is in charge of the control of our waking and sleeping schedules, of feeding, etc. This is the famous clock that gets out of adjustment when we make a long trip by plane and causes the phenomenon known as "jetlag". Then we have the millisecond clock, capable of processing very short intervals with great precision. Finally, the cognitive clock serves to measure durations between seconds and minutes and takes care of our conscious experience of the passage of time.

That is, if we put everything all this in order, we can reach the conclusion that in the emotional state that was Evie perhaps she perceived the time differently but thanks to its circadian internal clock could get to distinguish when it changed from one day to another, just as we can each one of us.

Although the truth, nor scientists agree on the subject of time, some say it is linear, others that doesn't exist and that it's an illusion of the mind and then there are those who say that time is a circumstance, a instant, which is stored to be forgotten and thus be able to remember new memories ones that come.

And this, reminds me that in Greek mythology Lethe was the river of forgetfulness that allowed souls to drink their water to be able to reincarnate. (Although I suppose this information you already know)

Now, we are talking about KC, that is, that my scientific theories perhaps may not make any sense.

Also, the end in itself doesn't exist, an end will always be another beginning because life is a constant cycle where everything starts-ends-and starts again. But in the case of Arcana Chronicles ... How could this be applied? What is KC trying to tell us when she says that the end is beginning?

Honestly, I think it will be something obvious. And when we read it we will say: "Oh, was this? Wow! And here I was with scientific theories ... arcana geek!" loll

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Amelia One last thing and I don't say anything else (for today) lol. I think you may be right that Jack and Aric are the same person for a paradoxical reason lol
It almost seems an irony what this woman created with the names of these two men. But someone else has noticed?

If we put Jack with the nickname of Aric "Reaper" and pronounce it as "Ripper"

We obtain…

Jack The Ripper, the most feared serial killer in all of London in the 19th century.



At least for me, as a spanish speaker, the difference in pronunciation is hardly noticeable in the last syllables. In the first syllables, if it notice a little more. Even so, I pronounce it in my mind and keep making me laugh. LOL

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hammerpixie Amelia wrote: "One last thing and I don't say anything else (for today) lol. I think you may be right that Jack and Aric are the same person for a paradoxical reason lol
It almost seems an irony what this woman c..."

Wow, Amelia! You've given me a lot to think about today.

Props to KC for writing a YA fantasy/romance capable of sparking such deep conversation.

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Sue Pixie, The Sick House is run by the Pentacles. At least Lorraine stated that. She claimed that the Cups and Pentacles were in talks about merging.

I am surprised that Lorraine, being a psychologist wanna-be, wasn't one of the docs at CLC.

And Issa? She 'has' to be alive. I believe Lorraine said what she did to get Kentarch out of the way (due to his powers). Remember Lorraine said something to the effect that The Chariot isn't on her 'list' to win.

We also forgot that most of Matthew's DZ excerpt is redacted. Hmm. Remember what we 'can' read states 'I will give them another Matthew.'

Just a thought: We all know that A., despite being Death, brought Evie back to life in EK. Could he, and that's a big 'could', 'pass' his power of Death on to Jack?

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Jasmine Marie Yeah I’m not really sure if Death could pass his powers over, and I’m pretty sure Jack wouldn’t want them anyways. He did state that he finally knew how Aric must have felt like when he wore Death’s armor and he hated it. Unless Aric is able to transfer some of his powers like speed and strength and avoid passing over his deadly touch without consequence, it wouldn’t be beneficial for Jack.

Those theories on time are really cool! My brother once told me that we often reconstruct memories so the memories that we remember aren’t actually accurate because our brains are trying to fit in the missing pieces that we did forget to make a full memory. But yeah it would be really cool to see which version of time Cole is going to focus on.

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Sue Jaz, the reason I brought up the 'passing of powers' is: A is Death....takes life. How can he revive people?

I am wondering if the story will loop like an infinity sign.

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Jasmine Marie Sue wrote: "Jaz, the reason I brought up the 'passing of powers' is: A is Death....takes life. How can he revive people?

I am wondering if the story will loop like an infinity sign."

Yeah that always confused me too. And it wasn’t until recently where I think he just gave Evie mouth-to-mouth resucsiationd and since she was immune to his touch it worked....? I don’t know what other reason there could be for him being able to save Evie. The only other explanation would be that there are more to his abilities and to the Arcana world in general that we don’t even know about.

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Sue And how did A. know to begin Finn's incantation to get away from Zara in AR?

Anyone notice Vincent/Violet were reversed since PP? Could this man something over-all? Sure, Matthew 'reversed' in AR, and everything else went goofy in DC....

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Jasmine Marie Correct me if I’m wrong-I haven’t read the books in a year so my memory might not be accurate-but does Evie ever target Jack when she’s the Red Witch? She never thinks about killing him, but everyone else, she has thought about killing them. I think she does think about punishing him in PP, but that’s when she hated him. But after they became friends and fell in love, she never thinks that. But she did think that about killing Aric (at the end of EK and DOW) and Lark (at the end of TDC). If any of you guys remember the details about how she reacts with Jack when she’s the Red Witch (I know she depends on him to bring her back) let me know.

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Sue All I remember is he helps her come back. No mention of the Red Witch wanting to take out Jack. She also considered taking out Gabe in TDC.....'4 icons!'

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hammerpixie Thinking back through the times Jack/Red Witch encounters:

- Sugar Mill: Jack glimpses green eyes and red lips, but Red Witch stays dormant.
- Bayou Cabin: Jack glimpses something on Evie's face when she falls in the mud. For an instant she wants to use vines to "show him who really the power", but Evie tamps it down and Red Witch doesn't rise.
- Car Wreck Woods: Jack glimpses something on Evie's face, but Red Witch never rises.
- Hermit's Porch: Jack sees full on Red Witch. Evie sees Jack holding red ribbon, Red Witch recedes.
- Joules: Red Witch is ready to kill Joules outside Hermit's cabin. Evie sees Jack, Red Witch immediately recedes.
- Finn's Cabin: Evie sees Red Witch in bathroom mirror at Finn's stolen cabin. Jack busts in just as Red Witch recedes.
- Rock Shelter: Jack sees Evie's glyphs when they kiss. Red Witch stays dormant.
- Dolor Shrine: Red Witch rises during battle. I know she wanted to kill Aric, can't remember what she thought about Jack.
- Jubilee: Red Witch takes over in battle. Evie "wakes" beside Jack with rose petals in an outline around here.
- Castle Lethe: Red Witch rises during Hanged Man battle. It wasn't Jack in Death's armor that brought Evie back, it was Lark's tears.

It's interesting that the one time Jack wasn't able to bring Evie back after the Red Witch took over was when he was wearing Death's armor and carrying his sword.

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Jasmine Marie hammerpixie wrote: "Thinking back through the times Jack/Red Witch encounters:

- Sugar Mill: Jack glimpses green eyes and red lips, but Red Witch stays dormant.
- Bayou Cabin: Jack glimpses something on Evie's face w..."

Thank you for the breakdown! Yeah that’s a good point about the Lark scene. I think she says how it was Lark’s tears that brought her out of her Red Witch trance and then Jack helped with the rest.

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Sue Wasn't there some comment about A.'s armour protecting him from 'others'?

Just a thought about FTG: Could whatever is on the cover be where A.'s castle is/was?

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Sue Hey, thought I'd pop by and add something that has been 'bothering' me.

A. and Evie have often talked about change--changing the game, the cards 'changing' this time around, etc. However, has ANYone noticed Patrick is being a twit? Seems like he hasn't really 'changed', except for when he met Cally. He told Tarch (A's ally, for gods' sake!) he's constantly thinking of how to off A. He kept bringing up 'the warm and holy' Castle (in various terms).... And now he ghosted off with Tarch, who also lost someone he really cared about. Methinks there may be some problems there

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hammerpixie Yea, Sue. Also perplexing . . . he had the Temperance card's chronicles and never shared ANY info with Evie, Jack or anyone else we know of. Plus, Joules wasn't afraid of Circe AT ALL when he tossed the clone Lovers' remains down by the water's edge.

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hammerpixie Sue wrote: "Wasn't there some comment about A.'s armour protecting him from 'others'?

Just a thought about FTG: Could whatever is on the cover be where A.'s castle is/was?"

I just read Poison Princess and Endless Knight again.

I am 100% convinced that Death's armor was created by an Empress.

Evie said when Lark helped her remove the cilice, the barbs were growing into her skin like roots. This makes complete sense if the armor was made from the Tree of Life and infused with Empress power, exactly like the wedding ring Evie made for Aric/Death.

This would also explain why Evie couldn't scratch Death's armor and why the Devil was able to alter it . . . because he'd defeated Death and The Empress in the past.

Based on Evie's obsession and bad luck with birth control, she must've fallen to lust (The Devil) In an early game.

This might also explain why Jack felt claustrophobic inside Death's armor. He could've been the dead warrior entombed in the crypt where Aric found it. Evie said the armor on Aric in his first game looked "ahead of it's time".

What if both Empress and baby died, then Death ((Jack/Aric/Whoever) went back in time to try and change the future, (just like Evie was trying to do when Jack "died" before she found out Tess was dead). THAT Death could've died, leaving the armor in the crypt for the next Death (Aric) to find.

It's WAY too suspicious that we know NOTHING about Death in games 1, 2 and 3.

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Sue I see your logic, Pixie.

I had noticed that A. seemed to know how Finn's incantations start. How is that? Because he (A) has won so many times? He sure as heck doesn't have Finn's chronicles, as Evie burned them. But how would he go back in time? Who has Tess' icon? Gabe?

Patrick is still making me scratch my head. He can fall asleep/snore in the most unlikely circumstances, be-yatches about the 'warm and holy castle', and the bacon he and Gabe smelled.... I am surprised he knows NOTHING about how she was going to do him in, even though she also was wondering about 2 cards falling for each other.

I do believe he 'did' mention something from Cally's Chronicles, but I forgot what at the moment.

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hammerpixie Sue wrote: "I see your logic, Pixie.

I had noticed that A. seemed to know how Finn's incantations start. How is that? Because he (A) has won so many times? He sure as heck doesn't have Finn's chronicles, as ..."

I'm guessing Aric could've learned about the Magician's chronicles through Evie's memories. In IAD, KC's established that sometimes people can have memories that they just don't know how to access and then someone else can come along and read their past (ex.: Lothaire reading Declan Chase).

Joules said he inherited Calanthe's chronicles which might explain where he got the idea to take the Lovers' clones' remains down to the water's edge or why he thought Circe might've "insta-drowned" the Lovers and taken their icon. Did he read about this happening in a previous game?

Two things I noticed in EK . . .

1) if Tess had the ability to teleport/astral project/go intangible on Day Zero (and before), why didn't anyone seem aware of this later in the game?

Joules and Gabe either didn't know or pretended not to know.

Surely their attack plans for Death would've been different if they'd known Tess could go invisible or teleport.

Tess could've easily teleported and stabbed Death in that riverside battle. She could've easily saved Joules from Evie outside Arthur's. She could've saved Jack from the Lovers' tent. The list goes on.

2) Matthew says about Jack . . .
All his life, all false faces. Born of a false face. . .

I know we're supposed to believe this was a reference to Jonathon Radcliffe being deceitful, but that doesn't explain the "all false faces" part.

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Debbie Hagopian Sue wrote:
"I am surprised he knows NOTHING about how she was going to do him in, even though she also was wondering about 2 cards falling for each other.

Interesting comment regarding 2 cards falling for each other. Seems the gods got especially pissed when Evie and Aric "hooked up" at the satellite dish (broadcasting--ha ha). The hail and winds were their show of wrath. But Aric/Evie weren't the only major cards falling for each other. Joules and Calanthe; Finn and Lark. Gabriel had an unrequited attraction to Selena. So, why the big deal about Evie/Aric?. Perhaps because it resulted in a pregnancy that throws a wrench into the gods game plans. Or is it that Life and Death are opposites?

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Sue Love the humor!

As you stated, Life and Death are opposites. Maybe the gods didn't expect the pregnancy to happen? Speaking of which....Finn said he showed up with a metric shit-ton of condoms. Yet I recall Evie asking if Lark is sure she (Lark) is depending on Paul giving her the correct shot. Hmmm.

Also had a though about Matt. According to DZ, with all the redactions, it reads he'll give us another Matthew. Could he somehow mean Jack?

I did look up the passage in TDC, and Patrick tells Evie that Callie's chronicles mentions something about the Minor Arcana. The ONLY thing he divulges.

Still another thought about Patrick: Evie has continually been looking for the 'good' in people. She advocated for Gabe and Patrick at the end of AR; A. still leaves them on a mountain/hill. Evie also had a conversation with A. about her 'saving/sparing' Patrick in Requeim. YET---going through TDC today (yet again)---looks like Patrick is the 'loose cannon' in the alliance. Recall the part where he dubs Kentarch 'Tarch'. Patrick tells Evie 'he only gives nicknames to those he likes', and proceeds to call her 'tart'. Factor in all the mentions of the castle, the food, and that 'if he could bring back Callie, everyone would be fricasseed.'.........well, you see my point.

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