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message 1: by Winter, Group Reads (new)

Winter (winter9) | 4724 comments So I have more or less been in a reading slump all year long. Not that I'm not reading, but I find myself only able to focusing on pageturners, no classics or anything more heavy.

The reason for the slump is that I tend to alternate what I'm fully into between games and books. I have been reading like crazy for a couple of years and gaming on the side. And now I'm gaming like crazy and reading on the side.

What do you guys do when another hobby takes focus for a while? Do you roll with it or do you try to balance the two?

message 2: by Vicky (new)

Vicky | 69 comments I tend to just roll with it. I've been reading A LOT this year. Last year I was reading just Agatha Christie (for charity), which I think has kicked me into just wanting to soak up lots of different books. But the year before that I was hardly reading at all, cos there was just a bunch of other stuff I was doing instead.

Reading should be fun, not a chore. If you don't feel like reading, or only want to read fairly chilled relaxing stuff at the moment, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

message 3: by BlurryBug (new)

BlurryBug | 176 comments I had that a few years back I was just so committed to my job (I'm no longer in that position) that I couldn't handle having library books. I was lucky if I read two books a month. most of my evening was spent watching tvshows or working on side projects for work.
Readathons actually made me refall in love with reading. the community (especially here and on twitter) keeps me motivated.

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